She looked at her son fondly, a deep emotion of seeing him overwhelmed her heart, you would have thought this was the first time that she saw JJ since he went to The Eye compound eight months ago, when she was also sent to the private island estate. They talked via video chat at least five times a day, on other occasions it was easily twenty or more per day. Touching the screen Sharon placed the other hand on her heart.

“I miss you so much JJ, I wish that I could reach through this screen and just give you the biggest hug!”

JJ stood in front of the monitor his arms crossed staring deeply into his mothers eyes. The early morning rays slipping into his window in bright slivers. He refused to get emotional, not this morning. Soon he’d be doing the ribbon test again, in an hour to be exact. He knew it would be an all out battle, in fact the professor told him it would be a battle to the the ribbon, keeping it, then bringing it back tying it around the pole on the proving grounds. He wanted to talk to his mother for support but without telling why he needed her support, it would only worry her and he didn’t want that.

“You look great Ma. Have you been fully enjoying the estate?” He said with a large proud smile. He had reason to be proud, he finally was able to give his mother anything she wanted.

“Of course, it’s beautiful here. I could do without the security I see from time to time pacing the island, it reminds me that things aren’t normal.” She smiled awkwardly.

“I’d say it’s more normal for you there mom that my last eighteen years in Walden.” JJ laughed. “And the security is there for your protection. Pro Fed said that he will be installing an automated defense system on the island but said that soldiers will still be required to make sure no systems get hacked and so on.”

“I know, I know. All for my protection.” She stared at JJ’s face reading it. “So how about you? What’s going on?”

JJ cracked a smile. “Me? Everything is all good on my end.” He paused a moment. “I got to see dad yesterday. Pro Fed showed me trial videos of him.”

Sharon smiled sourly. She didn’t want JJ seeing how hearing what he said upset her. She missed Jai, he was the only man she loved, and the only man she made love to. After Jai’s death she never planned on loving another.

“Your father was amazing wasn’t he?” She asked. JJ nodded yes.

“A total bad ass. I was proud to see him in action. I don’t know if I’ll ever be that good.”

“You don’t have to be baby, you only have to be as good as you.”

“Yea.” JJ said looking down.

“So how’s progress?” She asked. She made sure to really study his mannerisms, you know how mothers do to make sure you’re telling the truth.

“Really good actually, my numbers keep rising!” JJ said excited, and he was telling the truth. Sharon nodded her head satisfied.

“I still don’t like the idea of you going up against Fusion. I saw news footage of how he tore American Warrior apart.”

Sharon had good reason to be concerned, besides she never trusted government agencies, there was always a hidden agenda.

“No worries Ma, I got this.”

“I wish it was back like it was before all of this mess.” Sharon said.

“Sometimes I do to, but it is what it is. Look at the plus to all of this, you’re living in paradise.”

“But at what cost?” She said with a numb look on her face. A red light started beeping at the top of JJ’s screen, it meant he was being called to the proving grounds.

“I gotta go Ma, I’ll hit you up later.” JJ kissed his hand and with the same hand touched the screen to his mothers face. With that he turned the monitor off and the smile on his face quickly disappeared replaced with seriousness. He was being summoned to the proving grounds. If any doubt was left he must shed it now, that would only slow him down. It was time to prove to himself he was like his father. He would be a total bad ass.