So the reader can better gauge an average humanite, or tell when a humanite is elite, how does one know besides the obvious? 

Let me break it down by category:

Strength: All humanites are stronger than regular humans, a class 10 is the less stronger humanite. But class 10 strength is still able to toss around 3 or four adult males at one time and not break a sweat. For instance a class 10 could lift 500 lbs with relative ease. Most humanites that are being born are ranging in the class 10 area of strength. Others range higher, then there are the elite class which is 80 or above. 

Speed: You will start to see how the averaged humanite will rank at class 10 in most categories. A few but rare may rank at a class 5 on any given category. Elite class for this ranking starts at 80 or above. 

Intelligence: The average class for a humanite is 15. This is due to the nanites in their system that aid in gathering information and sending it to the brain. Humanites just think quicker, or process more information than humans because of nanites assisting. This class level is determined on how quickly, and how often nanites assist. Nanites in classes 30 or above send constant information, and contiually seek data even while the host is asleep. This is why higher classes of this category do well against opponents who might have a higher class in strength but not in intelligence. A humanite with a lower class rating in this class does not mean they are stupid, not by any means. It just means how active the nanites are to seek, and process information while the host is at rest. Granted higher classes are able to think faster on their feet in dangerous situations. 

Endurance: The average for this category is 10. Elite classes for this are 80 and above. The higher the class the longer the humanite can endure exercises, or battles. 

Shell: The average for this class is a 10. A class 10’s body can withstand damage from blunt weapons but feel some pain. Knives can penetrate the skin but it is like stabbing kevlar. Bullets as well can penetrate the skin. Class 20 and above are bullet proof, and can withstand damage from blunt weapons or knives and swords. The higher the class the more powerful the weapon has to be in order to create any damage. There is no known weapons that can damage a class 100. But other humanites can possible damage a class 100 if they are 50 or above. 

Projection: the average class for this class is zero. Projection is when the body is able to release energy as a weapon through the hands, eyes, or mouth. Most humanites are not capable. Some do have projection abilites in the since that they can channel power through the hands or body but not release it like a projectile weapon. 

Output: The average class is 10. By checking a humanites output class level it gives you an idea of potential. If a humanite has a class 50 for instance in the output category but no other class reaches 50? That means through training that humanite can reach 50 in all categories. Or maybe if they feel threatened or feel fear certain categories can spike higher. Just because a humanites categories might be lower, the true threat is in how high is their output levels? 

In closing add all P.D.A. Categories to get the total. A class 200 may not be much of a match for a class that is higher, but who knows? Did you check what was the highest levels on the humanite?