Real Name: Caira Fatima Blaque 

Alias: 86’d 

Species: Humanite 

Eyes: Light Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Height: 5’9

Weight: 138 Lbs

Country Of Birth: United States

Place Of Birth: Kingsbridge New York (Bronx) 

Current Place Of Residence: Hells Haven New York 

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Occupation: Assassin 

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) :

Strength: Class 30

Speed: Class 30

Intelligence: Class 50

Endurance: Class 30

Shell: Class 10

Projection: 0

Output: Class 50

P.D.A. Total: 200

Bio: Caira’s mother Fatima Emara was the second and last female of the 42. She was born in Cairo Egypt and eventually her services were used as a translators in the U.S. Army to hunt down terrorists in North Africa. Through hard work she finally was issued a visa and green card which she quickly took and came to America. Once she was freed by Valhalla along with the others of the 42 she fled to New York where she lived in the Bronx ghetto known as Kingsbridge. She worked as a waitress at a popular upscale restaurant where she met and fell in love with a Sudanese businessman. The two dated for four months at which point Fatima became pregnant. She was threatened at knife point by the businessman to marry him, but he already had two wives, Fatima wanted no such life. She killed him and collected a bounty that she found was on his head. She decided to become an assassin after this seeing how lucrative it was. When her daughter was born she took the O at the end of Cairo, and added an A as a reminder of the land she once lived and loved. She came up with the last name Blaque as a code reminder that blackness was not a weakness, it was a strength. Caira grew up learning all tricks to the trade of assassination from her mother. She is considered the best at what she does. Caira has no trust in humans but does not hate them as some Humanites do. She is very street and gritty. And very strong with a vice gripped mind. She’s not good or evil, but she tends to lean towards the side of good. To stay under radar she works and lives in Hells Haven New York, one of the most dangerous and poor slums of New York. 

Nanite Induced Powers: She can detect weakness and pressure points in humans and humanites alike and strike them with great precision. Her aim is dead on with firing a gun. Her accuracy with knives and swords is deadly. She also has cat like speed and agility, and more than adequate strength for handling the vast majority of contracts that she hunts.