What is the Genesis Event?

 It is a certain place in time when the first generation of the offspring of the 43 start becoming heroes or villains. The name Genesis Event was coined by Professor Darren Fredricks, the creator of the nanites, and the golden elixr, the formula that is in all humanites. It was a time when the children of the 43 started being seen by their actions of heroic or evil deeds.!

What is the time placement?

 The time placement is either a few years before, during, or up to ten years after the battle between Kinetic Balance and Fusion. A battle that resulted in a massive amount of innocent casualties.  

It is safe to say that if the time line of the rise of The American Warrior was the period that helped humanites decided to come forth and be known, then The Genesis Event is the period that influened more humanites to become heroes. 

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All of these stories are part of the same universe!