Just wanted to touch base and say thank you everyone for reading my blog! 

I just talked to a buddylast night who started reading Bullet, (in one setting wow) and is now reading The Genesis Event. 

He said he hungrily reads the blogs and character bios. He also said he is looking forward to seeing the world expand. He is an advid comic book reader like myself so this was awesome to hear this from him. He tends to be critical so I was like wow. 

So because of that I will be focusing on the full expansion of this universe of Humans, and Humanites, and Mutates. I was planning on blogging Solitaire Venus but will promise to get back to that at some point. 

I’ve been here for some time now so feel free to say hello and leave a comment. Nothing better than nerds talking about super powers and match ups, or power levels eh?

Well have a great day and thanks again for reading! 


R. Sulli