Fusion sat on the floor, his legs crossed, hands rested on the top of each leg. This room and the solitude that came with it was truly peaceful. In here he was never reminded of what he no longer was. Sometimes he thought if he just stayed in here this was all that he needed.

 For over eight months he was left alone in this room, he requested that until he was called upon to just leave him be. The monitor on the wall in front of him activated, he opened his eyes seeing Horacio Griffin, his face showed purpose and a tinge of excitement.

“It is time my friend.” Horacio said.

“Of course.” Fusion said slowly standing. The silence and peace of the past eight months reminded Fusion how valuable it was. He was more determined than ever to wipe them all out. Including Shadow Core. Then he would have his silence, once he silenced the world. A panel door slid open exposing a long hallway that was very tight, it was created to control Fusions radiation leaks from seeping upward into the compound. The room he stayed in was six miles under ground. He would have to walk a quarter mile before walking into another room which lead upward. From there he could fly out. 

The wall to Fusions right lit up with Horacio’s image. The image floated down the wall following him, he was not amused. More sound to disturb his silence.

“My operatives have discovered a bunker under the White House, if they are alerted that you are coming, this is where the President will be. Burn it all to the ground, leave no survivors!” Horacio said. Fusion did not look at Horacio as he spoke. He kept telling himself to put one foot in front of the other so he could remain calm. He could not wait to silence the world, but most of all he could not wait to silence Horacio.

“Oh, The Eye has a new humanite slave. He may be a problem.” Horacio said.

“He will be no problem.” Fusion said not even looking at Horacio’s images. 

If it was his way Fusion would just stay down here in the silence, but he knew they would not leave him alone, this is another reason why they must all die. He stopped walking when he reached a wall, then a door opened in front of him, he walked into a circular shaped room. Looking up he saw slats opening one by one until he saw blue sky in the distance high above him. He flew upward his mind racing with ideas of destruction. Once the White House was done maybe it would be time to test this supposed weapon that Shadow Core could use against him. He would see and weigh his options. The image of Horacio on the wall lifted with Fusion as he flew.

“Go! Kill them!” Horacio yelled, his voice echoing in the silo. “Show them that they need to fear me!” 

Fusion excited the silo flying off high into the sky. “Fear you?” Fusion said to himself. “You will soon come to fear me before I put you to sleep! None of you will escape me!”