Real Name: Jai Jay Barret 

Alias: Kinetic Balance

Species: Humanite 

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black 

Height: 6’2

Weight: 248 Lbs

Country Of Birth: United States

Place Of Birth: Walden Colorado 

Current Place Of Residence: The Eye compound

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Occupation: Super Hero

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) :

Strength: 500

Speed: 500

Intelligence: 500

Endurance: 500

Shell: 500

Projection: 0

Output: 1,000

PDA Total: 3,500

Bio: (See J.J. Barret for other personal information) After training with The Eye under the tutelage of American Warrior he was given the name Kinetic Balance by Professor Fredricks after the professor said that JJ was a perfect balance of speed and power.

Nanite Induced Powers: Kinetic Balance can move at incredible speeds, and has incredible strength much like his now deceased  father Jai Simmons better known as Bullet. After discovering Kinetic Balances output was a record one thousand, Professor Fredricks can only surmise that Kinetic Balance still has only scratched the surface of his power. His is currently the most powerful humanite in the world.