After months of training with JJ, his skill had moved up because his determination finally kicked in. He’s sees now the urgency of the matter. Before Brent couldn’t see conviction in the young mans eyes, but now? Now JJ knew that he had to win, there was no other alternative. And although JJ had been making great strides for months now Brent saw the numbers, JJ still wasn’t coming up fast enough. He brought his levels up to around 280 per category, that still wasn’t his potential which was 500 per category or even comparable to Fusions 500 output. And should JJ fail? Brent didn’t want to think about it but he had no other alternative. He laid in his bed looking up through the glass on the ceiling at the full moon. Professor Fredricks said that American Warrior would have to join in the battle to give JJ a fighting chance at victory. That next time there would be no fight or flight. 

Brent played back in his mind what damages he received while battling Fusion. His skin melted away from just a mere touch from Fusion. The heat was so intense that it even destroyed nanites that attempted to rebuild damaged tissue. That was why it took some time for him to heal. On average an elite humanite like Brent if they took damage would be only seconds possibly up to a minute, no more. So many nanites were detroyed as they rush to heal parts of Brents body from the extreme heat of Fusion the nanites retreated away from the damaged areas in an attempt to protect themselves. This was why American Warrior started dying. An unheard of situation. A humanoid is immortal even the less powerful ones or what science calls the average humanites that carry no true elite power. This is because the nanites always rebuild. In a human body a man or woman grows old and dies. The human body starts to wear out. The namites inside a humanites body never allows this to happen to their host. The only thing a humanite could realistically die from was another humanite with greater power. 

Brent had lost his fear of death once his nanites were awakened by Valhalla. Valhalla, that was an interesting meeting for Brent to say the least. Brent was in his holding cell when he heard a voice inside of his head. It was Valhalla communicating via the nanites. He told him to go and be free, and that one day he would be called upon to serve the one who freed him. None of the 42 had plans of serving Valhalla and it was a sigh of relief when the Army told Brent that Valhalla went into a massive body shut down after taking too much damage from Griffin Core. He wondered if it really was the end of Valhalla, if it wasn’t that was  an entirely whole other world threat. 

His mind broke away from that thought and onto the present problems. Questions that haunted him. Would he be ready? Would he be strong enough? Would he die? All of those questions only came about due to fear. He hated what Fusion had done to him. Fusion planted fear and doubt into Brent, and they had strong roots. It was hard to let go of them. 

Tomorrow would be the ultimate test for JJ, Professor Fredricks told Brent to do the ribbon test again, but this time go all out. The professor  needed to see how well JJ would cope. If he thought the first ribbon test was crazy, wait until he went through this one. 

Brents mind kept replaying the same questions over and over in his head. So many times he wanted a normal life. He joined the Army to serve his country, but the end result was that he’d be able to work for the Highway Patrol back in Ohio once he put in his time with the Army. Then he’d get married to Sherry and they would settle down and have a couple of kids. He just realized he let her name slip into his thoughts. Sherry was a good woman. But she couldn’t handle Brent going into the Army, she told him the military was for poor kids with no alternatives for a better job. Brent came from a well to do family living in an upscale area. Even his parents were disappointed in his choice. His father wanted Brent to go to Law school and then join his fathers firm once he graduated. 

Sometimes Brent wonders what the hell was he thinking. Well anyway Sherry did wait for him to get out of the Army, she trully did love him. But when he joined Griffin Cores testing they told his parents that he died in Afghanistan, killed by a bomb that took out the tank he was driving. Brent never tried finding Sherry even after he went public with him being a humanite. He knew her too well. She wouldn’t have the slightest interest in him now. If she cared little for minorities, then she’d care little for a humanite even if it was him. 

He messed up big time signing up to be Griffin Cores lab rat, Brent was the 12th one to be tested on. His missed his old life back in Dublin Ohio. But that life was all but a memory now. Maybe it would have been better if he died in the battle with Fusion, he’d be gone and would no longer have the pain of the ghosts of his past haunting him. 

He just might get his wish this time. 

Looking over at the phone he debated whether or not to call his dad. Nah… It’s too late. Besides… Would he want to talk to his son? Or just silently be on the phone wishing his human son was still alive. 

The ghosts were always there reminding Brent of the former life he left behind. He was always busy saving the world, but who would save him?