Real Name: Kale Terrianne Limmerick 

Alias: Trauma 

Species: Humanite

Eyes: Green (when using projection they are white) 

Hair: Blond

Height: 6’0

Weight: 152 Lbs 

Country Of Birth: United States

Place Of Birth: San Antonio Texas

Current Place Of Residence: Unknown 

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Occupation: Villain

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) :

Strength: 100 class

Speed: 100 class

Intelligence: 100 class

Endurance: 100 class

Shell: 100 class

Projection: 100 class

Output: 100 class

P.D.A. Total: 700

Bio: Born to one of the only two females of the 42 that Valhalla awakened Lisa Limmerick was romantically involved with Rogelio Juarez (See Valentina Jaurez) when both fled Griffin Core. They both relocated to San Antonio Texas and although lived in separate homes remained romantically involved. Lisa became romantically involved with a woman months later that enraged Rogelio who felt betrayed and disgusted. He broke off all romantic ties which broke Lisa’s heart, for she felt that there was nothing wrong in loving one man and one woman. She wanted both. She further resented Rogelio when he married a year later and then two years later having his first child Valentina (See Valentina Maria Juarez bio)at which point she hated Rogelio for never coming back to her and marrying another woman and furthermore having another womans child. Lisa was 6 months pregnant with Rogelios child when he left and gave birth to Kale. Lisa instilled hatred in Kale giving her daughter an embellished version of why Rogelio left. Resentment grew for her father and sister Valentina. Both Kale and Valentina grew up going to the same schools and were very competitive toward one another, Kale though had more of an obsession at being better than Valentina just merely being competitive. But then Rogelio moved his family to California to grow his car repair shop when the girls reached close to high school age. In the early days of The Eye the organization went out in search of the 42 and bring them into custody, only one was ever successfully found. That was Lisa Limmerick. She fought to the death refusing to be taken into custody. After that Kale saw humans as inferior animals. Her only goal is to be as wealthy as possible drowing her pain in her riches that she steals from humans.

Nanite Induced Powers: Although her mother was a humanite her power was rather weak which is why she was able to be found by and killed by The Eye. But the combination of two humanites having a child gave her daughter Kale considerable power. She has super speed and strength unrivaled by most humanites. And she is able to release great amounts of energy from her eyes with destructive force.