Real Name: Valentina Maria Juarez 

Alias: Reckon

Species: Humanite 

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Height: 6’3

Weight: 148 Lbs

Country Of Birth: United States

Place Of Birth: San Antonio Texas

Current Place Of Residence: Los Angeles California 

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Occupation: Buisness owner, Mechanic 

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) :

Strength: 100 class

Speed: 80 class

Intelligence: 100 class

Endurance: 100 class

Shell: 100 class

Projection: 100 class

Output: 100 class (Output is a scan on how much energy a humanite possesses. The energy output determines how much power a humanite can create. The higher the output, the higher many categories will be.

P.D.A. Total: 680

Bio: Valentina was born to a middle class Mexican American family in Texas. Her father Rogelio Jaurez was one of the original 42 whose nanites were awakened by Valhala. He was never tempted to use his powers, only desiring a normal life. He owns a medium sized car repair shop that does very well in Los Angeles. To his dimay Valentina wanted to be a mechanic like her father, but he wanted her to be a doctor or a job that to him carried a title of respect and wealth. But to his surprise Valentina learned the business end of mechanics and when she graduated from UCLA she went back and forced her way into Rogelio’s repair shop. There was discomfort at first on Rogelios part until Valentina brought his shop up to date on new fresh ideas that really help take his business to the next level, they opened up a small chain of for other shops in the Los Angeles area thanks to Valentina. Rogelio was so impressed he made his daughter a partner in the business. Valentina is very aggressive, and tends to not like being viewed as a weaker of the two sexes. She is kind yet firm. She prefers to be called Val instead of Valentina. She is the start of humanites following American Warriors lead and going public with thier indentity. Her view is deal with it, or deal with her. She revels in making a bad day for those who doubt her hence the sad face she had sewn into her costume. Her father a devout Catholic is upset with his daughters costume choice feeling it too revealing, but is proud of what his daughter is. Val feels the costume is more realistic because it helps her move about more freely so men can lust after her while she kicks their butt. Of course that’s just a personal joke of hers.

Nanite Induced Powers: She has powers that rival American Warrior. Arguably she is the stongest female humanite besides the female villain Trauma. She can also send energy bursts to her hands that may not be able to be propelled but the power builds making whoever she strikes an unlucky foe sending them flying back. She is also able to break through any known metals because of this power. She is able to guage how much power is sent and channeled to her hands.