The dust settled, chaos changed hands from the battle between JJ and Horacio Griffin, to neighbors who began grouping in massive numbers on JJ and Sharon’s household. Many were furious with the fact that JJ was a humanite with extraordinary skills yet he played high school football. Others thought that it was JJ that brought this destruction to their town. It was starting to get ugly until The Eyes warships ascended on the town of Walden Colorado.

With Professor Darren Fredricks in the lead, soldiers were dispatched to control the crowds and keep the media out. They worked very quickly. Sending out MC30’s all over town to block any electrical transmissions The Eye set up a temporary camp at town hall. They knew at some point they would have to face the media. And this particular situation would be a media frenzy. But Professor Fredricks had no plans of being there when all the news media showed up, they had P.R. that would take care of that.

Without hesitation he went up to JJ and Sharon with a small group of soldiers behind him. JJ and Sharon were standing in their front lawn as the professor approached. Soldiers had already successfully cleared the crowd at least in the area of Sharon’s house. The professor addressed Sharon with a heartfelt smile.

“It is a pleasure to meet you miss Sharon Barret, or do you prefer Shannika Williams now that we know who you are?” He extended his hand in greetings, Shanikia looked at his hand then crossed her arms. JJ stepped beside his mother guardedly.

“You might’ve helped my Jai escape, but you were the one responsible for putting those things in his body.” She said coldly. Professor Fredricks forced a nervous grin seeing JJ balling his fists.

“I can assure you that I never thought that the nanites would go critical. To be honest I never thought the nanites would activate in any of the trials, not for years to come at least. Jai Simmons was a glorious surprise to say the least. And over time we became very close, and that is why I felt it was the right thing to do in helping him escape. And now I am here to help you both.”

JJ tilted his head back slightly being suspicious. “The way you helped my father?”He said firmly with accusation.

Professor Fredricks looked around at the large group of people that the soldiers were attempting to send home. He adjusted his glasses with the push of one finger. “Let us go inside for a moment and talk in private. It may calm the people down more if they don’t see you out here right now.” He gestured toward the broken front entrance of Sharon’s house.

“Calming the crowd is not our concern. My son fought to protect his mother. These people are quick to forget that we are neighbors. They let fearing something they don’t understand control their actions. Right now I could give a rats ass what they think!” Sharon said distressed. “Say what you have to and get on with it!” 

Professor Fredricks knew it was best to just give his offer and let the chips fall where they may. He decided the best route was to talk to JJ first. “You said you wanted to take care of your mother Mr. Barret? We can do this. She can be taken to a fine estate where she will never have to work again. She would live on a private island in an undisclosed location with everything that she desires at her finger tips.” He pulled up out his mini tablet swiping the screen and walked over to JJ showing him the island and the estate where his mother would live. JJ looked on silently, he was impressed but did not show it. Sharon stood with arms interlocked saying nothing watching both men intently. “Your mother would have peace and security and anything she desired.”

“Nothing is for free what is the catch?” JJ said.

“Who said I am agreeing to go anywhere?” Sharon interjected.

The professor looked over at Sharon adjusting his glasses. “This would be your wisest alternative Miss Barret. Shadow Core will try to seek you out any place else. You would not be safe. The man who confronted you and your son, he is my brother. I know him all too well. After what JJ did to him? He will seek revenge on you both.” 

“Your brother?” JJ asked. Professor Fredricks glanced over at JJ. 

“Yes but that story is for another time.” He went back to flicking on the screen showing the estate. “The island is a perfect temperature year round. The grounds of the estate is incredibly large. Inside the estate there are over 50 rooms. She would have servants and anything else she needs that would make her stay comfortable.” 

JJ kept his eyes on the screen while he talked. “You talk in singularity, as if I would not be there with her.”He said. Professor Fredricks looked up at JJ locking eyes with him. 

“Stipulation for this contract would be you training at The Eye as I stated previously Mr. Barret. The world desperately needs you! I feel that you are the only humanite that could stop Fusion. He will strike again and when he does more lives will be lost!”

JJ smiled sourly. “Now I get it. I already told you…” 

“Yes I know what you said Mr. Barret, but please understand that without your aid the world would suffer, your mother lives in this world too. Of course your services would not be for free. You would be offered a defense contract at the tune of 1.5 billion dollars. That on top of your mother living on the private island would be included.” 

JJ and Sharon both could not contain what they just heard, JJ was first to speak. “1.5 billion dollars?” He said staggered by the thought of so much money. That’s when Sharon was able to contain herself. She walked over standing beside her son looking defiantly at the professor.

“The amount is so high because of the risk.” She said. 

“Yes I’m afraid so Miss Barret. But I really think JJ has a high percentage chance at winning!”

JJ was ready to agree but wanted to play it cool. Even if his life was at risk his mother would be well taken care of. That’s all that mattered. “What’s the percentage? Spit out a number.” JJ said.

Without batting an eye Professor Fredricks said “98 percent chance of victory.” 

Sharon and JJ both seemed to relax. “A walk in the park then. Let’s do this.” JJ said. Sharon looked at JJ she was still cautious, and very concerned. This was her sons life they were talking about in percentages. Even if there was a 2 percent chance he would fail was not enough. 

“JJ I don’t think…” Sharon started to say.

“It’s a done deal ma.” JJ said cutting her off. “Take my mother to the island, write up the contract, and let me read it over in its entirety before I agree to sign it. If the contract is everything we talked about, then it’s on.” JJ extended his hand to Professor Fredricks who smiled widely as he took JJ’s hand shaking it.

“Agree Mr. Barret.” Finally they were getting somewhere. The world had a 50 percent chance of making it now. Sure he exaggerated the numbers of JJ’s success rate but he needed JJ in his corner. JJ was the only shot they had of defeating Fusion.