Life no longer of value.

Love is the shade of death. 

So long ago when he was human.

Before they made him into this.

 He can no longer feel love, or any other positive human emotion; the human is long gone, stolen from his vessel long forgotten. 

Only this new name for what he was, a mutate; this was all he was now, his final human emotion that remains within is rage. Rage is the fuel for the machine.

Fusion sat at the edge of his bed made with special covers and cushioning that would not burn up upon his contact. A bed and a large screen television built into the wall shielded from his radioactive overflow. Hand motions are what changes the channel. The padding on the ceilings and walls were also created to absorb the overflow of energy that his body created. The padding had panels that used the overflow recycling it into usable energy for the Shadow Core compound. He did not need to eat or drink, his body had self reliant energy that kept him alive. 

This was no way to live. 

He was in continual solitude. 

The only time he felt alive was when he was killing. To see the fear on their faces knowing in their last moments it was he who took them from life. 

To be awakened after 73 years and being told that all that you knew was gone? How would you feel? No one to console you. No one to love. No one that knows you. 

Because they are all dead. 

No one that can know you in present day because if they stand 10 feet near you they will get radiation poisoning. 

And through all of that he decided to push away from humanity. 

According to scientists he was no longer human anyway. He was a mutate now.

 They all must die, for in every living face he saw the human he once was. In every woman he saw the softness of his soul mate Lenore that was now deaths lover. A softness that he could no longer touch, made him hate it. Even if he wanted sex as a recreation it would not happen. No woman would survive it, the mere touch of his hand would burn their soft skin. 

And Griffin Core, those bastards. They took an innocent French soldier from his family. Lied to him telling him that the tests that were being done on him were safe. They filled him with lies and told him that he would be the war ender against Nazi Germany. And then to be drugged before his power grew too dangerous and placed into a cryochamber and frozen, sleeping as the world outside lived and eventually died. 

And now Shadow Core comes along waking him, telling him what he needs to do.

 He would’ve killed them all but they have a weapon that can kill him. So for now he will do what Horacio Griffin asks, he will smile and act as if all is good.

And when the time is right they will all die. 

He will kill every living soul until all that is left is silence.