It didn’t take Horacio long to find a trail and start tracking the scent. After he discovered that all audio and video feed from the MC10 shut down after Professor Fredricks was in the vicinity of Walden High School it was just something as simple as scanning any and all security cameras in the area prior to the Professor being there, and also connecting the dots by checking any security cameras that might have been far enough away to keep recording. The Eye had black out tech that picked up advanced tech frequencies of up to 100 feet. On a hunch Horacio scanned all security cameras in a 100 to 200 feet radius, he hit the jackpot with a corner store camera that was pointing in the direction of the school. He didn’t see much, but it was enough to see Professor Fredricks going into the high school which let Horacio know even more that the professors interests were with someone in the high school.

“May I help you?” Sharon said forcing a smile. She couldn’t help but notice how well Horacio was dressed and groomed, it kind of threw her off. “Are you here for my son?” She asked thinking that Horacio was another recruiter.

“Why yes I am here to see your son Jai Barret? A recruiter?” Horacio giggled. He said it in a way that made it known he was suspicious. Upon hearing his name JJ walked up to the door standing in front of his mother, he looked Horacio over defensively.

“I’m sorry if you came a long way, but I’ve already made my decision on what college I want to go to.” JJ said calmly.

Horacio gave a look of interest at JJ before speaking. “How long did you think you could go on before someone would find out?” He asked. JJ shrugged his shoulders not understanding. “I’ll be honest, I would’ve never thought of coming here. But eventually someone else would’ve found out as time went on, my half brother was only the first.” He paused rubbing his chin. “Darren must’ve been desperate to seek you out. He was so sloppy and easy to track, the old Darren would not have been so careless.”

JJ pretended that he did not understand any of what Horacio said, Sharon stood in disbelief; she knew that something bad was going to happen. She pushed JJ aside to address Horacio. “You need to get off of our property talking this mess! Leave now or we will call the police!” She said defiantly. She was praying that Horacio would leave so that she and JJ could quickly pack and get out of town. 

Horacio wasn’t impressed. “So your son isn’t a humanite? Let’s wager and see!” He raised his arm opening his hand, his palm facing at Sharon. “If you’re right then you’ll both be dead. If I’m right chances are you’ll both still be dead.” Horacio’s hand started to slightly vibrate, Sharon was transfixed on his palm waiting to see what was going to happen. A blast of red energy shot from his palm racing toward Sharon. The red blast of energy exploded on impact, with JJ’s chest. A brow raised on Horacio’s face. He didn’t even see JJ move, and now he stood in front of his mother, his shirt in tatters from the energy blast when it made contact with his chest. The speed, and the indestructible skin, and he was black? Horacio’s eyes widened in realization as he looked over at Sharon. He played back files in his mind, the cybernetic portion pulling the required information that was needed at the moment. 

“The mysterious black female that was originally brought up in my questioning. They accused me of killing you!” He looked back at JJ his eyes still wide. “But if… Darren said that subject Bullet was not capable of procreation, he said he made sure of that!” Horacio took a few steps back. “Either my bother lied, or he was protecting Bullet.”

JJ stared at Horacio with rage, his fists balled. “Either way I’m here and it doesn’t matter.” As JJ attacked he hit the sound barrier from the sheer speed he was moving. Horacio side stepped as JJ rushed past swinging wildly missing his intended target. He slowed and pivoted on his foot coming back around picking back up where he left off. Horacio remained calm yet amazed at JJ’s speed. He was no slouch himself though, after all his cybernetics were created for going toe to toe with American Warrior, the most poweful of humanites. JJ had power, but what he lacked was the skill on how to fight, and how to better use his full potential. This was where Horacio could take advantage. 

Horacio kept darting back and forth, his electronic eyes tracking every move JJ did, and he was successful in avoiding every one of JJ’s punches. “I wonder if you have a time limit like dear old dad, and your power shuts off.” Horacio asked. 

“No…” JJ said disgruntled. Although he had not broken a sweat yet he had been failing at actually hitting Horacio. Frustrated JJ took a step forward that covered a short distance. He lunged out with his arm throwing a wide hay maker. Horacio watched the fist come, then ducked under it and bobbed back up reaching out placing his palm on JJ’s face with his fingers extended all around JJ’s face. Horacio let go with a powerful blast of energy. Enough to bring down a tank. Sharon screamed out at seeing her son violently tossed back from the power of the blast. He went through the front door exit creating a hole in the living room wall before ending by crashing into a neighbors house causing the house to partially crumble. Horacio turned his attention to Sharon extending his arm, he released another blast of energy at her. JJ appeared in front of her as if he teleported absorbing the energy. 

Horacio flailed his hands in the air dismayed. “You really are like you dad aren’t you?” He bolted at JJ throwing accurate strikes to JJ’s face and body. JJ buckled then took a step back from the powerful punches as he absorbed them. 

JJ snickered looking up at Horacio. “Is that all you got?” JJ wasn’t bluffing, he felt no pain from Horacio’s punches. He rushed Horacio at a much faster speed than before, Horacio’s electronic eyes were able to track JJ, but there was a delay now. JJ was just too fast, faster than her was moments ago. JJ threw several hundred punches to Horacio’s chest in mere seconds slightly caving it in. Then he ducked underneath Horacio grabbing him in a bear hug. Locking his hands he began squeezing. Pops and fizzes sounded off as Horacio’s body started to give in and break from JJ’s strength. Horacio pulled from his draining life system a powerful electrical charge. Grabbing both sides of JJ’s face he unleashed a high voltage sending the power coursing through JJ’s face. Although JJ felt no pain his body did react, but it didn’t have the extreme reaction his fathers did to electricity, but it did make him freeze up enough for Horacio to break free. Horacio’s left arm was broken, the cybernetics were inoperable. Only now did he realize his mistake of coming here alone, he should’ve sent Fusion. He quickly brought up his right arm upon which a panel at his forearm opened releasing 20 miniature missiles. The missiles flew into the air leaving a small trail behind them. JJ looked up and he knew where they were going. Turning to his mother he grabbed her and started zig zagging as the missiles struck the earth in a rain of explosives. Upon the final impact JJ lowered his mother to the ground. He turned to engage Horacio again but he was gone. 

“I saw him take off while you were avoiding the missiles. I couldn’t talk though because of the G forces you were putting on my body.” Sharon said gasping for air as she talked. JJ looked to the sky.

“That pussy.” He said. 

“Jai baby…?” Sharon said concerned finally catching her breath. JJ looked at what had her attention. As he gazed at his neighborhood it looked like a battle zone hit their street. Their house took heavy damage and so did the neighbors house behind them which looked much worse. JJ was just glad no one had been inside.


 Then he took notice of neighbors who were standing in awe, some recording on their phones all focused on him in disbelief. Then it hit him.

“Shit…” He said under his breath. He knew there would be no college foot ball at OSU. Nor would there would be a high paying pro contract. All of that was gone now that the world would know that JJ Barret was a humanite. 

From a local hotel room in Walden Colorado Professor Fredricks stared at a small screen. The MC30  that he let tag JJ had shown him the entire battle. He felt guilty about it all. Spying on JJ, and allowing the Shadow Core agent spot him. He knew that he would be followed. But JJ had to see what the world was up against. Now he would have no choice but to accept the professors offer. Professor Fredricks promised to heavily compensate JJ and his mother. Maybe that would at least make up for his secret intensions.