Horacio sat in a fancy upper classed eating establishment at a small round table eating lunch. He wore his usual tailored suit. The eating room was full of patrons. He had a tablet in front of him watching the local news, the sound of the news seemed to bother some of the customers but Horacio didn’t care. A waiter came to him with a bottle of fine wine, Horacio briefly looked at the bottle then nodded the ok to fill his glass. Looking back at the tablet the part of the news that he’d been waiting for came on. He reached up to the tablet touching the screen to increase the volume as if it wasn’t loud enough already. He did this deliberately.

-Still no sign of the villain who calls himself Fusion since he appeared two weeks ago killing over 600 local Texas law enforcement officers, 843 National Guard, and 440 civilians.” The news cast showed censored footage of Fusion unleashing his power on police officers. “What is a concern to the White House is that Fusion made quick work of American Warrior, the mightiest of the humanites. The two clashed after Fusion had already killed 60 people. What is the White Houses next plan of action when Fusion returns? Will American Warrior be ready? Witnesses say that Fusion nearly killed American Warrior and he was forced to flee afterward. If this is true, then who will protect the American people from Fusion? Could this be bleak times for America?-

“Sir?” The waiter said placing the bill on the table. Horacio looked up perturbed as he wiped his mouth with a table cloth.

“Did you not see that I was engaged in the news broadcast?” Horacio said angrily. Patrons around Horacio stopped what they were doing taking notice of the scene. Many had already complained to the supervisor of the establishment and the supervisor rushed the check out to possibly influence Horacio to hurry and leave. That was a mistake.

“Sorry sir, I just wanted to alert you that I had your bill.” The waiter said nervously, something about Horacio made him nervous, he just wanted to be done with this situation. Horacio took his time chewing the food that was in his mouth, then grabbed the wine glass sipping it. Grabbing the bill from the table he addressed the waiter who was still standing there .

“Was it so important that you could not wait until after the newscast?” Horacio stood up glaring at the waiter. He reached out grabbing the waiter behind the neck pulling him toward his hand that held the bill then forcefully stuffed the bill down the waiters throat. There were screams of disbelief when Horacio stuffed his finger further down the waiters throat causing blood to spurt out of his mouth and nostrils. The waiter gagged fighting to get air, a man sitting nearby stood up along with two male waiters and together they jumped Horacio. With all three’s efforts no one could pull Horacio’s fingers out of the waiters mouth. Both waiters grabbed Horacio’s arm and with all of their combined strength could not pull the arm out of their comrades throat. Horacio looked at them both mockingly with a dark smile as if to say to them they were failing at helping their fellow employee before he leaned forward slamming the waiters head into the ground. Blood splattered everywhere as the waiters head caved in from the pressure of Horacio’s hand. The dining area was filled with screams as Horacio stood back up easily shrugging all three men off of him while flicking blood off of his hand. They all were knocked back falling to the floor. He raised his open palm to two of the men who tried to hold him down. A red blast of energy shot from his palm striking both men instantly turning their bodies to ash. At this everyone in the room panicked pushing one another, screaming and fighting for the exits.

Horacio reached down touching a button on his tablet. The tablet ignited into a great explosion leveling the entire building. From the smoldering rubble and and smoke Horacio stood unharmed. He looked at his suit sleeves, the fabric was unharmed, he was tickled pink with how well the new fabric worked. Truly brilliant. A fire truck came speeding down the street catching his attention when it was close Horacio extended his arm pointing it at the fire truck. Red energy shot forth from his palm striking the fire truck causing it to super heat melting it slowly, as the truck melted the firefighters hastily exited the truck. Some of the firefighters has serious burns on their bodies from the extreme heat that the energy source from Horacio’s hand produced. Police cars sped onto the scene, police officers quickly excited the vehicles and without warning released a hail of bullets that struck Horacio bouncing off of his body and face. Turning his attention to the officers he extended both palms unleashing his power upon them turning four officers to ash instantly. A news helicopter made it to the scene hovering above. Horacio looked around admiring his handy work before he slowly lifted into the air. He then took off flying away from the chaos he created. The news copter could not keep up.

“Sir we have detected two Air Force fighter jets that will engage within two minutes.” A voice said from a mic built into Horacio’s ear.

“So be it.” He said. He linked up his visual display with Shadow Cores computer tracking information and saw two blips coming directly at him, estimated time of interception was now one minute thirty seconds.

-Will you be maintaining current course sir? The planes will…-

“I know how long before they reach me, and they will be coming right in front of me to intercept, let them try.” Horacio smiled. As the time passed he saw off into the horizon the Air Force fighter jets quickly approaching. He picked up speed as they both opened fire.

-I got a fix on the target! He’s coming right at me! Shit! He’s…- The pilots words were cut off as Horacio impacted the fighter jet. Horacio cut through the plane like a missile, on impact the plane exploded. The second plane veered trying to make a come around, looking to his left he caught motion. It was Horacio keeping speed with the plane, his palm facing the window. A red burst of energy shot from his palm into the cockpit window, glass shattered everywhere, smoke billowed from the cockpit. The plane started spinning before it tilted toward the ground plummeting at high speed exploding on impact to the ground below.

-Well done Sir! I have information you will be delighted to hear! One of our operatives have found something interesting that The Eye has taken a shine to.- The operator said.

“Fine patch it through.” Horacio said. The information scrolled across the inside of his eye lenses. He smiled as he read. “Someone discovered my brother outside the compound all by his lonesome and could not apprehend him?”

-Yes sir, but his was only a tech. He didn’t know what type of hardware your brother might’ve been carrying on him for defense. So instead he released the only thing he had on him. An MOC10.- Said the operator. The MOC10 stood for Motion,Observation,Camera. It was the 10th model to be created since Shadow Cores inception. Its design was based off of the MC30. But it was much smaller being only the size of a quarter compared to the MC30 which was the size of a tennis ball.

“Hmm very clever, I will have to reward this tech for fast thinking. Hold while I finish completing the data transfer.”

Horacio slowed coming to a hover high in the sky. If someone where to be going by in an airplane to see a man hovering in the clouds wearing a tailor made suit would be astonishing to say the least. It only took Horacio mere seconds to digest the data. He glanced off to his right, his optics reading and calculating.

“So my brother thinks he may have found something of great importance in Walden Colorado.” Horacio directed his attention to the operator. “How did the operator observe my brother in Colorado?” Horacio asked.

-Actually he had visual conformation at the airport in Honolulu. The MOC10 magnetized to the outside of the plane professor Fredricks was flying on.-

“Darren took a civilian flight instead of a heavily armed flight transport? He obviously doesn’t want The Eye to know that he was going there.” Horacio’s mind fluttered with causes as to why his brother was being so secretive. “The MOC10 has not been transmitting any new information?”

-No sir, once it got too close to Professor Fredricks video and audio was jammed.-

Horacio smirked at the thought. “Ah yes, I should have suspected. I’m sure Darren has some sort of frequency blocker on his person. The tech was truly wise after all. Who knows what sneaky little devices my brother might have on him for protection.”

-Sir, 6 fighter pilots are being dispatched to your location, I just intercepted Air Force communications.-

Horacio kept his gaze in the direction his built in compass was showing him for Walden Colorado. He debated for a moment and decided that he’d have to go see whatever it was his half brother was doing there. It might be useful information.

“I’m not concerned with the fighter jets, I will have been long gone from this location before they even get here. Cloaking, going silent until further notice.” Horacio said. His body shimmered before going invisible, then he sped off toward Walden Colorado.