Real Name: Shanikia Williams

Alias: Sharon Barret 

Species: Human

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Black

Height: 5’6

Weight: 165 Lbs

Country Of Birth: United States

Place Of Birth: Barret Gardens Florida 

Current Place Of Residence: Walden Colorado 

Gender: Female

Age: 42

Occupation: Daytime bank teller. Nighttime cleaner.

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) : n/a

Strength: n/a

Speed: n/a

Intelligence: n/a

Endurance: n/a

Shell: n/a

Projection: n/a

Bio: Shanikia  and Jai Simmons had a relationship for a brief time (See short story: Bullet) and thought that possibly the relationship would be much longer if a cure was found for Jai by Professor Fredricks that would prevent the nanites from going critical inside of Jai’s body. But Griffin Core finding Jai in Barret Gardens caused him to trigger his power a final time to escape so that they would not find Sharon and his unborn child. After those traumatic events the nanites took over and helped keep Shannika sane and her emotions in check until the birth of her son JJ. She moved across country to Walden Colorado where she had changed her name to Sharon Barret. The last name was to always remind her where she found true love, and where her son was conceived. Her only ambition is to see her son live his life as he wishes. She mistrusts any government agency and blames them all for the death of Jai Simmons. She is always haunted by Jai Simmons memory and at times feels that he is still with her. 

Nanite Induced Powers: Although Sharon is not a humanite she did have nanite abilites during her pregnancy with JJ. The nanites that traveled from Jai Simmons sperm thus help creating JJ Barret was inside of Sharon’s womb. Those nanites helped increase Sharon’s perception and intelligence to genius levels which in turn helped her to survive and stay undected by the government. She was able to hack in various government agencies and create a new identity. Her strength and speed were also enhanced during pregnancy. Upon giving birth she lost all of these abilites.