The Professor explained it all to JJ. The true origins of his father. How Griffin Core hunted him down. How Valhalla attempted to recruit him as General of his humanite army. He also told JJ how he was able to find him and his mother. It wasn’t hard after he discovered headlines about a local Colorado boy who was breaking unheard speed records. 

“It was foolish you know to exhibit the speed and strength that you did on the football field.” Professor Fredricks said.

“I thought I wasn’t.” JJ said blankly. 

“I’m amazed that The Eye doesn’t even know you exist. The files talk about a black female who disappeared after the Bullet conflict in Florida, but it was assumed that Horacio killed her to keep things quiet, so I left it at that. But the football thing, you’d think they’d at least check into it to make sure you weren’t a humanite.” 

JJ sat down on the bench lowering his head in thought. “Mom thought it was ok to be a little better than other players so it would ensure that I got into a good college. I did just enough, I thought I wasn’t over doing it. It never occurred to me that I was putting her in danger. I still don’t. I keep the records at humanly possibly .” He looked up at the professor. “Now that you’ve told me all of that, why did you come here?” 

“Don’t you watch the news son? The mutate that calls himself Fusion?” Professor Fredricks said urgently.

“Yea I saw it on the news. He’s killed thousands of people in Texas. And he’s claiming to kill more if he isn’t left alone to rule the state or something like that.” 

Professor Fredricks sat down beside JJ. “He doesn’t want to rule just a state, his goal is global ambition. But he wants to wipe out all of humanity!”

JJ looked over at the professor, still hunched over. “And what does that have to do with me?” 

Professor Fredricks stared JJ in the eyes intently. “First I’d like to do a PDA scan on you. After that I can tell you exactly what it is I may need or not need.”

JJ looked confused. “PDA?” He asked.

“Yea, it means Power, Data, Analysis. It’s how I can check different categories to see where you register. I can explain more after the scan if ok.”

JJ stood up, his face serious. “Sure.” He said The MC30 hovered in front of JJ and started scanning. “How long does it take?” JJ asked.

“It’s done.” The professors glasses had a built in PDA display, he was reading the findings with a hunger. “My goodness…” He said licking his lips.

JJ walked over to the professor anxious. “What…?” He asked nervously. 

“Oh sorry. Let me read what the PDA readings for you are. Your strength is a class 600. Your speed is a class 1,000. Intelligence fluctuates between 88 to 94, which could mean you might be distracted with other things which makes your mind not so focused.” The professor saw that JJ felt he was rambling by the look on his face. “Sorry again, let me continue. Endurance is a class 800. Shell which just means skin toughness, is a class 1,000. Projection which is a humanites ability to generate power outward is zero. But the most amazing is the newest category that I added which is output. Your output is 600 class!” 

“I don’t understand.” JJ said calmly. Professor Fredricks stood up placing one hand on JJ’s shoulder. He was beyond excited. 

“You don’t get it?” He laughed hysterically. “American Warrior who is the most powerful humanite to date was a 486 and adding the new output which his output is 100 makes his total PDA 586! Your total PDA including the output is 4,088! Oh my God! This is just amazing!” Professor Fredricks began pacing back and forth before he heard JJ’s locker slam. He turned seeing JJ putting his back pack on.

“That’s all fine and dandy but it changes nothing for me.” JJ said.

“My son, you have the power to stop this villain! With the proper training we could tap into your full potential!” The professor said desperate.

JJ looked at the professor expressionless. “Changes nothing. I’m sure the government will find a way to stop Fusion. My goal is to make it to the pros in 3 years. The way I’ve been sought after by colleges? The pros are going to go crazy and I promise my contract will be the biggest amount ever paid to a player entering the draft. My mom will not have to ever worry about money again.” 

The two stared at each other briefly. “Your father was the same way about his mother. You’re a good man just as he was JJ. You sure I can’t change your mind? The world needs you.” 

JJ smiled a half smile. “So does my mom…” JJ turned and walked out of the locker room leaving Professor Fredricks to his thoughts.