Real Name: Horacio Charles Griffin

Alias: n/a

Species: Cybernetic human

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Greyish black

Height: 5’11

Weight: 392 Lbs

Country Of Birth: Great Britain 

Place Of Birth: London

Current Place Of Residence: Unknown 

Gender: Male

Age: 62

Occupation: Leader of Shadow Core

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) : 

Strength: 100 class

Speed: 60 class

Intelligence: 100 class

Endurance: 100 class

Shell: 80 class

Projection: 25 class

Bio: He is the half brother of  Professor Darren Fredricks (see Professor Darren Fredricks bio) and just as the professor was born into the elite privileged class so was Horacio. Horacio is the first born son of James Griffin, the owner and CEO of Griffin Core in the early days of the company. He was spoiled as a child, and carried that mentality into adulthood. He never married. He cares little for anyone, and feels that everyone is beneath him even other wealthy elite. Horacio was the owner and CEO of Griffin Core until the events of subject Bullet aka Jai Simmons who escaped the Hawaiin secret compound bringing attention to the news media upon returning to Florida where he grew up. Griffin Core alerted Jai’s mother upon his entering Project Aries program that he had died in a gun mishap on the Army firing range. They never intended on letting Bullet have a civilian life whether the Golden Elixr worked or not. (See Professor Darren Fredricks) Once the United States Government found out after Bullet had confrontations with Griffin Core agents, they threatened to pull the plug and shut down Griffin Core if Bullet was not back in custody. Desperate Horacio allowed General Mace to allow Valhalla to aid in the capture of Bullet. Valhalla escaped the compound as well and a slight battle between Bullet and Valhalla ensued. Valhalla locked down Horacio and General Mace in the War Room with no possible way of communicating for help. Horacio had the idea of using Morse Code which allowed the Griffin Core soldiers know that Valhalla had entered into the body of the Head Hunter robot that was fighting Bullet. The soldiers attacked Valhalla who was taken by surprise and heavily injured, he fled never to be found again. The United States Army (who orignal funded Griffin Core) arrested Horacio Griffin after the incident. He escaped while in custody awaiting trial. He is filled with rage over loosing Griffin Core and he blames his brother for it all. He started a new company called Shadow Core and has plans of world domination. His first goal is to bring his brother Professor Darren Fredricks into custody for crimes committed against him.

Nanite Induced Powers: Although Horacio is not a humanite, he did however undergo surgery upon where cybernetic implants were put into his body. With the few scientists that fled Griffin Core due to being Horacio sympathizers they were able to create cybernetic implants that they felt rivaled American Warriors humanite powers. These implants were then put inside Horacio. Horacio is now a blend of flesh and cybernetics, becoming more cybernetic than human.