Football practice went well, JJ felt really good, more than usual. He had narrowed down the colleges that wanted to recruit him and he pretty much knew that he was going to accept Ohio States offer. This was it, after he graduated high school he was on his way to college which would set him up for the pros. He was hailed as the best all time running back of all time in any high schools history. For someone so tall he dominated the position. Most running backs were shorter and compact which enabled them to slip through the defensive line. But JJ just broke through anytime he had the ball, and his speed was phenomenal. Once he got open field no one could catch him. His hard work was paying off, and in time he would tell his mother to retire from working altogether. He would see to whatever she needed. She deserved that as hard as she worked and took care of JJ. He had just got done taking a shower in the locker room, he was the last one inside the locker room. He took so long in the shower daydreaming about his future wealthy life it was easy to loose track of time. Walking out of the shower he wore just his towel around his waist. Walking over to his locker he opened it pulling out his gym bag. He heard someone walk into the locker room door behind him but paid no attention other than that. 

“Jai Barret?” Asked a man behind him. JJ turned around to see Professor Fredricks in civilian clothes, hands in his blue jean pockets. The Professor adjusted his glasses. JJ looked him over briefly.

“Sorry, I done with recruiters. I already have made my decision.” JJ turned back to his locker pulling out his shirt that was hanging on the hook. He pulled the shirt over his head.

“Pretty impressive. Your record. You have been clocked with the fastest sprint ever recorded by any high school football player, let alone college or pro.” The Professor said keeping his distance. JJ now had his shirt on and reached into his gym bag grabbing his boxers then dropped his towel slipping the boxers on, his back still turned to the Professor.

“That’s what they tell me.” JJ said really not too concerned to maintain a conversation with Professor Fredricks. 

“Sports Hallmark Magazine said that you were a perfect blend of speed, power, and strength.” JJ turned looking over at the Professor. “I used to know someone who also had a perfect blend of speed, power, and strength. I haven’t seen someone like him since.” 

JJ stopped a moment, the energy in the room caught his attention. Reaching down in the gym bag he grabbed his socks then stood up looking at Professor Fredricks. “Oh yea..? And who was that?” JJasked. 

“His name was Jai Simmons.” The Professor let his words hang. The two men stared at one another silently before JJ turned around grabbing his gym bag and putting it back in his locker. Sitting down he began to put his socks on one at a time. “He was a great man that I bonded with over our time together. You remind me so far of him.”

JJ leaned down putting on his shoes but said nothing. Professor Fredricks waited patiently letting the silence speak for him. After a few moments the Professor decided to speak again as JJ tied his shoes. 

“Look I..” The professor felt pressure around his neck then realized that JJ was standing in front of him, one hand was gripping his throat. JJ had moved so fast Professor Fredricks didn’t even see it happen. JJ pushed the professor against the wall behind him. He brought his face close to Professor Fredricks.

“You have seconds to tell me who you are.” JJ said in almost a whisper. Professor Fredricks fought for air as he spoke.

“My name is Darren Fredricks. I helped your father escape from Griffin Core.” He fought to take a deep breath, upon hearing this JJ released his grip on the professors throat who then collapsed to the ground gasping heavily for air as he held his throat with one hand. He was hunched over using the other hand for support holding himself up. JJ looked down at him with a determined gaze. 

“Mom told me about you. She said what you said, about how you helped my father. But she said it was during an ambush in Iraq, nothing about helping dad escape some place called Griffin Core. She said you were a doctor in my dads unit.”

Bringing one knee up the professor put one hand on it for support as he slowly stood up. “She lied with good reason, but I assure you I mean no harm.” He stood up fully and took short deep breaths. “Man you’re fast!” 

An MC30 showed itself releasing its cloaking capabilities. JJ took notice. 

“What is that?” He asked angrily.

Professor Fredricks put up both arms in peace. “It’s ok, it’s only a personal camera that records everything. It is not a weapon.”

As the professor spoke JJ had already sped up to the MC30 grabbing it with one hand looking it over. 

“Please don’t destroy it. That’s government property.” Professor Fredricks said calmly. 

JJ looked up at him with the MC30 still in his hand. “So you still work for the government, do you still serve in my fathers unit?” 

The professor went to his pocket pulling out his wallet. He then pulled out his ID from his wallet extending his hand he offered his ID to JJ . “I am head of a classified department. And if you will allow me I will explain why I am here.” 

There was a slight disturbance in the air, Professor Fredricks looked down realizing he no longer was holding onto his ID, he glanced back up seeing JJ looking his ID over. But it was like he never moved. The professor stared on in amazement. 

“What is your interest in me? I was told not to trust any of you.” JJ said firmly. 

“And with good reason. But I assure you I am not here to cause you or your mother harm. Just hear me out and if you do not like what I have to say I will leave and never come back. No one else knows I’m here and they never will after I am gone.” 

JJ tossed the ID back to the professor who fumbled to catch it. It fell to the ground, he reached down picking it up then stood back up adjusting his glasses. JJ stared at him coldly.

“You’ve got 5 minutes to convince me not to kill you.” He said evenly.