The Call To Arms (Part 1)

American Warrior streaked across the mid afternoon sky flying toward an urgent destination. His arms were at his side to make it possible to cut through the wind currents easier. He was focused and determined. 

“What’s that casualty rate at now?” He said without moving his mouth. Through the nanites in his body he was able to communicate with The Eyes communication devices on a level that baffled them. All save for Professor Fredricks. The Professor was full aware that all humanites could do this with any communications device, and with other nanites. It was a special radio wave that only nanites could produce, yet nanites could make it possible for two way or more communication. Professor Fredricks had a special implant in his ear that gave him direct private communication with American Warrior via the nanite channel. This was classified information that maybe only the Professor and American Warrior were aware of. All public communication was through the communication chip sewn into the collar of American Warriors uniforms. General Reyes was watching American Warrior streak across the sky via two MC30’s. They were an updated much smaller and harder to see version of the older mini cam invented by Griffin Core science. The MC30 had cloaking tech where it could bend light around it making it almost invisible. All MC30’s had a built in PDA to scan any humanites they crossed. They were weaponless using stealth as its only weapon.

“The death toll is in the low 60’s but rising.” The Professor said urgently. “This guy easily took out over 30 local Texan police officers, the rest of the deaths are innocent bystanders.” 

“Any PDA readings?” American Warrior asked.

“That’s the thing, the MC30’s that were orignally dispatched burned up once they were 10 feet away from him. Only one was successful in attmepting a read but came back negative on all categories. Your accompanying MC30’s will try just an energy output reading to give me a better idea. This is something new I want to try, output readings are something I’ve been thinking about adding to the overall PDA scan. I feel that it might be equally as important as all other categories.” 

American Warrior raised a brow. “Still it’s strange that none of the MC30’s couldn’t pick up any nanite readings. Maybe this humanite can block PDA scans?” 

“It’s possible, but let’s wait and see once these little guys get there. Stay focused on the true task though Brent, whoever this humanite is he is powerful and has no regard for human life. Two women and one 8 year old boy are among the dead by his hands.” 

American Warrior frowned upon hearing who some of the victims were. This villian had to be stopped before he took more lives. 

“It doesn’t matter how much power this criminal thinks he has Professor, he has never come across the might of American Warrior!” American Warrior defiantly protested.

And at that American Warrior picked up speed traveling even faster toward Texas. He finally came over top of his intended target seeing a shirtless man with a radiating blue type of skin below calmly waiting. Local law enforcement stood back at a safe distance unloading a hail of bullets that all burned up disintegrating 10 feet away from him, the bodies of burned corpses littered the area around him.  The MC30’s immediately started scanning the villians energy output readings. 

“Holy!” Professor Fredricks said in amazement. It was enough to catch American Warriors attention.

“What is it?” American Warrior asked while he hovered high above the conflict below. Law enforcement officers took notice that he was there and started cheering and calling to him. He waved with a smile to them in an effort to calm. 

“I did an energy output reading on you to test this new scan, yours is of course 100 class as I suspected. Makes sense though, your energy output readings should be high because your body demands it so that you can have the strength and speed levels that your nanites create.”

“Yea…? And…?” American Warrior asked with slight impatience. 

“The Smurf below is kicking out a 500 class energy output! Do the numbers on that Brent! You are a 100 class, this guy is giving off readings that are on levels I have never encountered! If his output is that high, then we can only surmise that there is a strong possibility that his strength, speed, and God knows what else could be at higher levels than you!” Professor Fredricks said surprised. 

The information did not falter American Warrior. With arms crossed his slowly lowered about 6 feet from the blue skinned villian. He did it to prove a point. “It feels a little warm but his melting agenda is not harming my skin or uniform.” American Warrior stared at his adversary silently a few moments before speaking. “Why can’t you hear me?” He finally said out loud. He was trying to reach out via nanite communication, but failed. 

“It’s because he’s not a humanite in any way, shape or form!” The Professor said with shock in his voice. I recognize him now! He went missing after Griffin Core was shut down. The Eye had a feeling that my brother Horacio stole him. His name was Verdune Mathias. He was the first stab at creating a super soldier by use of atomic energy by Griffin Industries when my father owned the company. But his power was too uncontrollable so the program was shut down and Verdune was put in a special hybernation chamber where he remained for over 65 years. Be careful Brent, I’ve read the file on this guy years back!”

“Verdune Mathias, by the power vested in me by The United States Of America I order you to stand down!” American Warrior said firmly. The law enforcement officers cheered and whistled at his demand to Verdune. Verdune smiled, his eyes ignited red. 

“I used to be called that name, but now you may call me Fusion. And please tell the dear Professor that Horacio Griffin sends his regards.” 

Fusion extended his arm to American Warrior releasing a powerful wave of atomic energy. American Warrior instinctively flew upwards avoiding it. The surge of power struck the offficers instantly melting skin and taking more human life. The officers cried out in pain before falling to the ground into a steaming mass of flesh. None were left alive. 

“You evil bastard!” American Warrior cried out. 

“I intended for you to move so that I could clear the area of uneeded spectators. Now that that is done let me now break the symbol of America so that they all are aware of the impending doom that will soon befall them!” Fusion said confidently. 

It was only now that American Warrior could see the difficult task at hand. He told himself that he would emerge victorious.