Real Name: Proffessor Darren Marcus Fredricks 

Alias:  The Iris 

Species: Human

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Greyish Black

Height: 5’10

Weight: 153 Lbs

Country Of Birth: Great Britain 

Place Of Birth: London

Current Place Of Residence: Unknown 

Gender: Male

Age: 58 

Occupation: Head Of Operations At The Eye 

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) : n/a

Strength: n/a

Speed: n/a

Intelligence: Although he is not humanite, Professor Fredricks is gifted ranking as one of the most brilliant minds of science in current times. 

Endurance: n/a

Shell: n/a

Projection: n/a

Bio: Born to Cynthia Fredricks and James Griffin out of an affair, Darren was brought up living in societies elite and privileged. Altbough his mother was poor, his father was the owner and C.E.O. Of Griffin Core when it was based in England. James would not see his blood living in the slums of London. As Darren grew his love of science grew with him, at age 10 he was diagnosed with accute Autisim to the dissatisfaction of his father. But to Darrens credit he was also genius level at such a young age and for this James was greatly proud. He fueled his sons ambitions with limitless finance in the sciences. Darren graduated from Cambridge University with top honors at the age of 19 at which point James Griffin brought him onto Griffin Core where he started employment at the secret base loaned to Griffin Core in Hawaii. When James Griffin died his eldest son Horacio took control of the company and planned on firing his half brother until he realized Darrens worth when Darren revealed his breakthrough in nanotechnology. And although Horacio envied his brother he knew how valuable Darren would be to Griffin Core so he ended up giving Darren his own division. It was Project Aries. The projects goal was to have nanites give its host enhanced abilities making them a super soldier. For a time Project Aries was a failure with 42 of its test subjects with Professor Fredricks Golden Elixr formula. The 43rd subject Jai Simmons brought amazing results proving to the science world that Darren Fredricks dream of bonding nanotechnology and human beings was no scientific myth. He currently is head of The Eye a top secret organization that took the place of the decommissioned Griffin Core island that is funded by The United States Government. The goal of The Eye is to police humanites and to also learn more about how they work. The secret eventual goal is to find weaknesses that can be exploited. Professor Fredricks is not too keen on that idea.

Nanite Induced Powers: n/a