Real name: Brent Tarrence Locke

Alias: American Warrior

Species: Humanite

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Height: 6’2

Weight: 197 Lbs

Country of birth: United States

Place of birth: Dublin Ohio 

Current place of residence: Undisclosed 

Gender: Male 

Age: 43

Occupation: Super Agent of The United States Of America. 

P.D.A. (Power. Data. Analysis) :

Strength= Class 100

Speed= Class 100

Intelligence= Class 86

Endurance= Class 100  

Shell= Class 100

Projection= 0

Output: 100

Bio: After the 42 were freed by Valhalla they all fled and started private lives in the United States. But after the combined terror attacks of ISIS dubbed Beggars Night (Due to being activated on October 29th) that took the lives of over 200 thousand American men, women, and children across the country; Brent went public. Formerly in the Army he returned to the surprise of his superiors and offered his services to his country. He was the first and so far only humanite to go public with his identity. He was given the Codename: American Warrior. 

Brent was sent to The Eye for training where Professor Fredricks the inventor of The Gold Elixr was put in charge of him. After only 6 months of training, American Warrior emerged dealing an unmerciful wrath on ISIS cells across the United States clearing out all known terrorist activty within only one year. This was done single handedly. The White House was impressed, the American people hailed American Warrior as the symbol of freedom. Common view of humanite heroes changed for the better due to American Warriors efforts on terror. 

Nanite Induced Powers: American Warrior can fly and move at incredible speeds. His skin is near invulnerable, and his strength is unmatched by other humanites being the only  known class 100 in many categories. 

Note: the invulnerable skin that all humanites possess can range from 05-100. A humanite can however can create more damage to another humanites shell depending on thier class of strength, speed, or projection. No humanite villian has yet to bring bodily harm to American Warrior due to his high level of power ranking.