General Reyes stood with his arms crossed behind his back staring down at the base below from his office, the former office of Horacio Griffin before the United States Army seized the base back from Griffin Core. That was 18 years ago during the events of Griffin Core failing to recover Subject Bullet after Bullet escaped from the base in Hawaii. That whole mess became public thanks to the media. But that wasn’t the reason the Army seized control of the base taking it back from Griffin Core. The White House had discovered that Bullet had flew into outer space where his body exploded from the nanites within him going critical mass. That was duable damage control, but what was unforgivable was the fact that Proffesor Englehardt alias Valhala escaped the compound entering the shell of the robot Headhunter and was already gone before anyone could calculate where he had went. Valhala was a true security threat, but had never resurfaced in over 18 years. It was believed that his new body had suffered too much damage and that now his metalic form was rusting away somewhere. 

Things had calmed down after the Army took over the base, and that’s when the Humanites surfaced bringing a whole new dangerous element to the world. They were humans that were part of the original 42 test subjects of Project Aries who were given The Golden Elixr. A liquid formula that had nanites in the serum to boost the human body to super human proportions. The test failed 42 times, the namites never activated in those subjects, but subject 43 was different. Not only did the nanites activate they gave him great speed and power but at a price. Jai Simmons was told that the namites would eventually overload and cause his body to explode and after a time this did occur. He was the only test subject who’s nanites went overload, some speculated it was because of the sheer power that he possesed. Of all the test subjects he would have been the most powerful had he been alive. Thanks to Valhalla the 42 subjects had the dormant nanites inside them awakened. 

When the 42 went into the world the vast majority  went into hiding and started normal lives creating families. But a few saw thier new power as a means to become rich and powerful so they turned to a life of crime. No ordinary man or woman could rise up against a humanite so a few of the 42 stood up against the evil. So came the rise of true super heros and villians in the world. No longer comic book lore, they now were real. The United States trully had nothing to combat the humanites and fear of them started to grow until the White House brought in the half brother of Horacio Griffin, Professor Darren Fredericks, the inventor of the nanites that was in every super human. Professor Fredericks was also head of Griffin Cores Aries Project and personally gave each of the 43 the Golden Elixir serum. The professor was put in charge of the former Griffin Core base which was now called The Eye, General Reyes was head of security. 

With the leading expert in nanite tech on the side of the United States government things started to calm down. Weapons were made that could work against the humanites, and one humanite became the symbol of America six years into of what Professor Fredricks called the Genesis Event. The time and rise of a new type of human being. Humans of course did not like being the weaker species and they started hating even the good humanites envious of their power and imortality. But when the largest terrorist attack that made 9/11 look small in comparison happened on American soil, the humanite American Warrior was sent in to clean it up. Single handedly American Warrior wiped out countless terrorist cells in America ridding the United States of terrorist threats in only one year. Because of American Warrior the view on humanites changed to a positive. Because of this new generation humanties came forth as heroes to help humanity, to make a better world. And now there were humanites that had seen how they were viewed by humans, and thier hearts grew bitter giving rise to even more villians. If it were up to General Reyes he’d just find a way to kill of humanites, to him they were all a threat. 

But President Carson had an agenda, he was wise. He knew to threaten the humanites could possibly cause the good ones to switch sides. And until Professor Fredricks could create the perfect weapon that could kill them all it was futile to go to war with them. General Reyes sighed heavily with the weight on his mind.