To determine power levels of each humanite The Eye encountered, Professor Fredricks designed a machine that could track the nanites abilities and read the power output of the host. The PDA was a scanner that read various power levels of a humanite, each category started at a class 5 because even the weakest humanite was a class 5 across the board. The levels peaked at class 100 which would be the elite power levels, these different categories are:

1. Strenth- 05 to 100 Class

2. Speed- 05 to 100 Class

3. Intelligence- 05 to 100 Class

4. Endurance- 05 to 100 Class

5. Shell (Term used for outer skin vulnerabilities) – 05 to 100 Class

6. Projection (This is for is a humanite can emit an energy source from either hands, eyes or other areas of the body) – 05 to 100 Class

The numbers from each are then added up to a total which give the humanites power level output. For instance, if a humanite has the below stats:

1. Strength- 45

2. Speed- 20

3. Intelligence- 15

4. Endurance- 25

5. Shell- 10

6. Projection- 0

The total for this humanite would be: Level 115. If a humanite had a power output of 240 they would obviously be more powerful, but this doesn’t necessarily mean victory for a higher level humanite. If the intelligence class of a 240 is say an 8, and his shell is a 5, it might level the playing field. As you read The Genesis Event you might encounter characters talking about classes and levels, this chart will help you grasp power levels of different humanites The Eye or other characters may encounter.