American Warrior looked back at the fallen police officers who were alive just moments before cheering him on, the sight of thier lifeless burnt bodies brought tears to his eyes. 

“You cry for those who only cheer for you because you do their bidding. You forget that not long ago humans feared you and wanted your kind dead or in custody.” Fusion spoke calmly, evenly. 

American Warriors head quickly whipped back his eyes fuming staring at Fusion with distaste. “You try to separate human from humanite as if I was once not human. I was born human, that will never change.” 

Fusion nodded his head in disagreement. “And when you decide to settle down, have a wife and children? Your offspring will have nanites in their blood as you do. They will be humanite. And humans will fear them even if secretly in their hearts. This is the human way.” 

American Warrior landed on the ground slowly walking toward Fusion. “You speak with fear, there is no true ration in your words because they are tainted Fusion.” 

“I was forced to undergo painful radiation treatments, I begged them to stop yet they did not. And once they produced a powerful soldier as they intended, they feared me. I was poisoned then put in a frozen prison chamber!” Fusions voice started raising in anger as he relived the moments he spoke of. “All that I ever loved has long since died! Horacio Griffin freed me, I am thankful for that. Now I can pay back those responsible for my pain!” Bright white streams rolled down his face coming from his eyes. The pain and suffering that he had endured showed, so much in fact that it caught American Warrior off guard. After all American Warrior was not a cold hearted man.

“If you feel that you were done wrong, who is it that you wish to pay back? The ones you wish to seek revenge on are long dead.” American Warrior motioned his arm all around him at the dead victims. “None of these innocent people were part of that agenda, what was their crime?” 

Fusions face went blank. “You still do not see.” He mumbled. “You are a pawn as much as I once was.” 

Fusion closed the distance bringing a hail of punches down upon him. He was much faster than anticipated. Fusions fists struck American Warrior across the face leaving melted imprints of his fists on his flesh. American Warrior side stepped the remainder of Fusions barrage  moving back a safe distance. His nanites quickly repaired his damaged skin. Rubbing his face where there was once damage he became fully aware of something he had not experienced since he was human, pain. 

General Reyes voice came though the comm link on American Warriors collar. “Take this sumbitch down fast Warrior, I don’t like what I’m seeing.” 

“Yes sir.” American Warrior said calmly. He rushed Fusion quickly striking him, it was his turn to inflict a barrage. It was apparent Fusion was no trained fighter, he did not know how to avoid any of the punches. His head jerked from left to right as his face was struck by American Warriors fists. Bringing up both hands he opened his palms facing them as American Warrior releasing a powerful wave of atomic energy. This time American Warrior could not avoid the blast, he was too close and Fusion was too fast. The blast struck him dead in the chest burning away his shirt, and melting his flesh. Fusion did not let up, he continued to release more power causing American Warrior to stagger back bringing his arm up in an attempt to shield himself for the atomic force Fusion unleashed. The flesh on his arm started to melt and burn, his strength was quickly waning. It was clear that this day American Warrior would fall. Professor Fredricks looked on in horror.

“Get out of there Brent! That is an order!” The Professor yelled out.

“But the other innocents..” American Warrior said weakly. He rushed Fusion pushing through the rush of atomic energy both fists closed stirking Fusion with a powerful double fisted blow sending Fusion hurtling back into a building. The nanites were slow to rebuilding American Warriors damage, it was too much, too fast. He could smell his own flesh burning, his blood boiled from the heat of Fusions atomic power. He had never felt such pain. 

“I’m looking at your vitals Brent, you’re dying! Get back here asap! You’re no good to the innocent if you’re dead! Live to fight another day!” The Professor said. 

Not aware that Professor Fredricks was speaking General Reyes sent an MC30 close to American Warrior hovering near his face. He could no longer communicate via the comm link that was on American Warriors collar, it had been destroyed when the shirt burned up. 

“You have to end this now! At all costs!” The General ordered. His voice booming from the MC30’s mic. 

Fusion emerged from the rubble unharmed. “You see Brent Locke? You are nothing but a pawn.” He said cooly. “Let me send you off in a heros blaze of glory so that America can remember the pawn they once so loved, who did their bidding to his last dying breath!” 

American Warrior looked away, his mind swimming with doubt, and shamefully fear. 

“Brent, please retreat my friend. Live to fight another day!” Professor Fredricks said. The Professors words were his excuse, his out. He shot up into the sky not looking back. Fusion began laughing loudly not taking up pursuit. He caught site of an MC30 that was not in stealth mode hovering near him, directing his attention toward it knowing full well he was being watched. He stared coldly into it. “You will all fall…” 

(End prologue)