Real name: Verdune Roc Mathias 

Alias: Fusion

Species: Mutated human

Eyes: White or red

Hair: White

Height: 6 ft 

Weight: 173 Lbs 

Country of birth: France

Place of birth: Le Mans 

Current place of residence: Unknown 

Gender: Male

Age: 109

Occupation: Super Villian

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) 

Since he is not a Humanite the only readings that could be done was his energy output reading or E.O.R. His E.O.R. Was an uncharted 500 making it the highest reading ever recorded. 

Bio: Verdune was the first recruit of Griffin Indistries when the company was run by James Griffin during the cold war while the company still resided in Europe. It was thought that Verdune could be used as a war ender against Nazi Germany. But his power seemed too dangerous, and his mental thoughts seemed to be fading to a more violent unrational way of thinking. It was theorized that Verdune’s mind was becoming poisoned by the atomic energy in his body. These combined reasons caused Griffin Industries to drug Verdune, then store his body in a hybernation chamber where he would sleep until a way could be found to sap his atomic power. 

Powers: Fusion can emmit dangerous levels of atomic radiation, and control where he wants to send it. His almost limitless energy gives him what Professor Fredricks believes is class 500 abilities across all categories.