(After the Solitaire Venus short is completed)

18 years after the death of Jai Simmons, much has changed in the world. The 42 human trials of nanite subjects had their nanites awakened by Valhalla. After the fall of Griffin Core the 42 were able to escape and take on private lives in society. With their newfound powers some became heroes, others became villians. The villains wreak havoc on the weaker humans, the heroes fought against them. And now the offspring of both are trying to find where they fit into all of this. The short stories that happened come from what science calls the Genesis Event. This event occured once the offspring of the 42 came into early adulthood with thier powers maturing and began joining the battle for good, or evil. This event is the start of my super hero, and villian universe. The nanites are the cause of this boom. Here are a few of the titles (the names of heroes or villains to come from the Genesis Event in the order each story will be:

Kinetic Balance (Male Hero)

Pressure Point ( Female Hero)

Deviant (Male Villian)

Rising Son (Male Villian)

Reckon  (Female Hero)

Battle Boy (Male Hero)

White Rabbit (Female Villian) 

Zilch (Male Hero) 

Trauma (Female Villian) 

(These are the start of the heroes and villians during the Genesis Event. They are the offspring of the 43. 43 you say? Well yea, Jai Simmons (aka Bullet) was the 43rd. His offspring is included the 9 above. His sons story will kick off the event. When I used to draw I came up with this stuff but got too lazy to draw it all lol. The funny thing was this universe was thought up about six years ago after watching on Netflix about nanites and their potential. Each short story will be about one character only, other things will connect though since they are all in the same world. I hope you enjoy it.)

Thanks for reading

R. Sulli