She stood in the shower head down, hair soaked clinging to her face. Water pouring down her face, over her eyes. Her mouth slightly open so she could breath comfortably. One hand upon the wall for balance, the other between her legs for pleasure. She needed a moment to get some release of all this pressure.

“Hello there?” Iggy asked. She was close to orgasm so she tried to continue. “What are you doing Dave?” Iggy said mimicking Hal 9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Solitaire closed her eyes tighter trying to complete her planned orgasm, her hand started to slow; it was too late. Iggy’s intervention had messed it all up.

“Damn I hate you Iggy.” She said cold and irrated nodding her head from left to right.

“I’m here to keep you on the straight and narrow is all. Masterbating in the shower will only cause you to become distracted from the mission. Not to mention you’ll get hairy palms.”

“I’m a virgin Iggy.” Reaching down she turned off the flow of the water from the shower. Pulling open the curtain she grabbed the towel off the top of the toilet lid near the shower. Drying her face she spoke out loud instead of telepathically, either way Iggy could hear her. “Not getting laid is a distraction! Ugh!!!!” She placed both hands to her face screaming into the towel as loud as she could. Pulling the towel up higher she grabbed her hair rubbing it to get excess water out. “I’ve become the female Asian Charlie Brown!”she yelled.

Stepping out of the shower she walked over to the sink, taking one hand she wiped the condensation from the mirror looking through the small slightly visible area she just created at her reflection. Her life was in shambles on any given day. Her parents moved back to Pakistan to take care of her grandmother a little over a year ago, she was very ill. They tried to get her grandmother a visa to bring her to London but it was taking too long. Most of her family lived in Enfield which might’ve been in London but not so close to where she lived which was in Wandsworth. She wasn’t going to quit her job at the library pack up and move closer to them, she enjoyed her job; it was the only thing normal in her life. Besides, she didn’t need her family coming into harms way. The demons were looking for her, and many were starting to track her to London. She didn’t need to go looking for them, they would all find her at some point just as the few had before. They really had a hard on for finding her, some mess about her being the last demon hunter and just little ole her being able to stop them all from being able to do the apocalypse really unnerved them. 

She fantasized about being overwhelmed by a vast amount of demons that killed her, it would be quick and painless. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about all this anymore. Of course it could never be that easy. While thinking about all of that she got dressed, dried her hair, and ate breakfast, it was a daily task. Walking out into the living room she glanced down at the dagger on the in table in front of the couch walking past it she rolled her eyes.

“I saw that.” Iggy said.

“Good!” Solitaire remarked while grabbing her coat off the hook that was on the wall near the front door. She opened the front door while struggling to slide into one sleeve of the coat. Stepping through the door she barely had her coat on as she pulled the door closing it behind her. The sounds of a busy early morning street rushed to meet Solitaire. The horns of honking vehicles, and the rush of tires sloshing through half melted snow on the road. She loved it here. 

“Miss Solitaire!” A man came rushing up, she knew immediately that it was her landlord Mr. Stibley. “I’ve been trying to reach you by tele and I’ve failed miserably at doing so. You are 30 days delinquent on rent. I’m afraid I will have to…” He stopped upon the waving of Solitaire’s hand. His eyes went blank, his face numb. She stood in front of him staring at his blank face.

“These are not the droids you are looking for.” She said.

“These are not the droids I am looking for.” Mr. Stibley repeated in monotone. 

“Move along.” Solitaire said with a smile. 

“Move along, move along!” Mr. Stibley said. She walked away leaving Mr. Stibley wondering what just happened. He stood there on the sidewalk looking about wondering why he was there trying to recollect why he’d even come over to his rental property. 

“You know that isn’t fair Solitaire.” Iggy said. 

“Oh shut up already Iggy, life isn’t fair.” She picked up her pace walking down the tight area of the sidewalk. The snow lightly falling to the streets below. 

“Do you plan on paying for rent any time soon?” Iggy asked.

“Of course, I just can’t afford it. Plus I’ve been busy doing the Lords work you know.” She said sarcastically. 

“Well maybe you should live where you can afford it?” 

“I’m gonna live where I want if I can’t live like I want. Besides living beyond your means is the new style, it’s the American way!” 

“And you live where…?” Iggy asked.

Solitaire pouted but it wasn’t real. “I’ll pay rent soon, just thinking of a few ways on how I can do that while still doing my job as librarian and demon hunter.” 

“Oh this should be interesting.” Iggy remarked. 

She looked at her watch, she had ten minutes to be at the library, the walk would take a little over fifteen to get there. Her boss would be mad for sure. Ah but her powers as demon hunter had their advantages. When her boss would complain he would just repeat that these aren’t the droids he was looking for and be on his merry way. Sure Solitaire was a little vindictive right now, but her life had been turned upside down two years ago after her power had been awakened inside of her. That day was the weirdest and she remembered it all so clearly. It was after her father gave her the Sikh dagger that he said was in the family for generations. Once she touched it her power awakened, and her life was changed forever. Ah but there were perks in all this. Subtle mind control of other people was one of them. She looked up at the cloud filled sky with a smile, white snowflakes littered her raven black hair. This morning was starting off beautifully.

“Thanks God for such an awesome life!” She said in mockery.