To protect mankind from demons God bestowed special powers to select humans around the globe. During a time of peace between the demons and humans, the demons broke the treaty taking the demon hunters by surprise killing all but one. His name was Agampreet a strong Sikh warrior who grew tired of the war long before the treaty was even agreed upon. He retreated into the mountains of ancient India where he married living the life of a humble mountain farmer. When his brothers and sisters were slaughtered he was not aware. And in time the powerful tracker demon Vahn found Agampreet and his family killing them all. This was a great victory to the demons for the only way a demon hunter could thrive was through the family bloodline where the first born would inherit the power of demon hunter.

God began to regret giving humanity the power to fight demons and decided to leave humanity to thier own devices. The demons new goal was to devour the souls of every living being. After seeing that humans would be wiped from the earth God gave mankind a final chance through the descendant of Agampreet, a Pakitani woman living in London named Solitaire Venus Kirmani. She is the last demon hunter. But she is also on her last nerve so who knows how this will turn out. If she fails, mankind falls. And she’s ok with that if she can never find love. She’s driving the demons mad, they thought they killed all of the demon hunters, Vahn in particular is a bit irrate. He seeks out the last demon hunter to redeem himself to the Dark Lord. 

With all this regret and desires of redemption who has time to do anything else but fight and kill? And who has time for love? There’s only time to kill…. 

Well there is time for guilt though, a woman who is the final weapon of God who feels she isn’t worthy of the power, full of doubts. That makes for a dangerous weapon indeed.