Valhalla was invigorated. For so long he sat in that spherical shell. Now he stood on strong legs. He had forgotten how good this felt, and when it came time to build his ultimate form he would remember to make it with complete sensation. He looked at his hand making a fist before opening it staring at his fingers. For so long no arms or hands, and now… He heard Jai stir, he directed his attention to him.

“It is truly ashamed that you do not see wisdom in serving me. You have great potential that you will never see realized.” Valhalla said. Jai said nothing in return. He stood up then started running at Valhalla who in turn found humor in Jai’s action. “You are slow did you not see this the first time?” Valhalla bolted toward Jai creating a sonic boom after fifteen steps stopping right in front of Jai who was taken by surprise yet again.

Valhalla struck Jai across the face several times before Jai grabbed both of Valhallas arms, a struggle ensued. Valhalla began laughing again. “Your strength is no match for mine.” Valhalla said. Swinging his arms up then circling them out, down, the forward at Jai before striking him square in the chest double fisted. Jai gasped falling back then to the ground. Valhalla looked around at all of the soldiers who were unaware that he had escaped, they thought they were just watching the Head Hunter do its job. He detected a beeping sound in his communication radio that was linked to the Apaches. It only took seconds before he realized what it was.

“Morse code…? I underestimated you my dear Mr. Griffin…” An Apache turned toward Valhalla shooting a large burst of energy from the XA-22 cannon housed at its side, Valhalla side stepped the blast. Two more blasts came, he danced around those as well before getting hit in the back by another Apache which slowed him down. Another shot hit him in the torso causing him to take a knee. The Head Hunter was designed to take damage, but not of the electrical sort. Crackling and popping sounds came from the Head Hunters form, Valhalla was truly vexed. He understood now that the weapon for Subject Bullet was not only for Subject Bullet. The realization was humorous to him.

“How did I not see this…?” He asked himself. “The human error no doubt. Somehow there is some left within me.” Valhalla told himself. “I must purge it to be complete…” He stood up looking at the soldiers that surrounded him and Jai, then he directed his attention to Jai. “I would say another time, but you have only minutes left to live.” Valhalla took off into the sky. “Farewell Jai Simmons! Enjoy your last precious minutes!”

Valhalla flew off, the Apaches took up pursuit.

-Submit peacefully Bullet, this does not have to end badly for you!- Red Leader said, he held his gun pointed at Jai, Jai knew the weapon was created to stop him. Motion to his side caught his attention briefly, it was Shanika. She stood near the entrance of her apartment complex. Jai was nervous, Shanika was close to exposing that she knew him, he could not have that.


Jai raised a brow, it was the nanites, they were communicating to him.

“You can restore my power fully?” Jai asked them. It was not words that were spoken, more like clicks pops, and buzzes, but it was a complex language, Jai understood it fully. He had never understood the nanites, not like this. It had to be something Valhalla did, something he opened up, Jai was sure of it. A clearer link between Jai and the nanites inside of him, an unwitting gift from Valhalla.


“You can unlock all of my power? How about stopping this overload? That’d be nice.” Jai said.

As Jai held a conversation with his nanites the soldiers surrounded him guns at the ready.

=Zpp, zzzzz,blp…=

Jai’s face saddened, he lowered his head at the news.

“If you can’t stop the system overload then what good is the power you restore?” Jai said.

=zzrrp, blp….=

Jai nodded his head looking at Shanikia who took a few steps toward him. He understood it all now, they were in danger if Shanikia came to him. Jai ran in a circle hitting super sonic speeds after five steps. He struck each soldier knocking them unconscious all 62 soldiers within seconds. Red team, blue team, all of them. Jai stood in the center of unconscious bodies strewn all around him. It felt good to move like that again, even if for a moment. Jai hadn’t realized how much he enjoyed his power until now. Shanikia started to run up to him.

“No don’t! They have cameras all around us. Griffin Core will know who you are!” Jai said to Shanikia, she stopped only because she was startled, Jai’s voice came from within her head.

“Wha…? How..?” Was all she could muster, Jai smiled. The nanites reminded him that he only had 30 seconds left until critical mass. His face soured tears strolling down his cheeks. The mini cams filled the air around him recording every moment. His body shuddered as he took off into the sky. He screamed at the top of his lungs crying out in rage, everything would be taken away from him. His voice trailed off into the sky with him, mini cams in tow trying to keep up and failing at their task.

Shanika closed her eyes tears flowing uncontrollably. She felt motion in front of her and opened her eyes seeing a mini cam hovering right in front of her. Reaching out she touched it, the mini cam cracked and fizzled before dropping to the ground powerless and smoking. Shankia’s eyes calmed even as tears flowed. She reached down touching her stomach caressing it gently.

=zzzt, bip….=

She heard the sounds as clear as someone speaking english. It was time to go. Attention had been brought to her, but the nanites would look after her until the birth of the child. She turned and casually walked into her apartment complex to gather items.