They made love many times throughout the night, to Jai’s surprise he actually could get erect, and he could feel every passionate moment. Even his skin could feel touching Shanikia’s. He could not understand what happened, he had lost all feeling sensation in his body and lower extremities at the start of Project Aries. He could only surmise that his nanites were breaking down, he was not for sure. His body had no feeling for some time, the side affect of the nanites, Jai had given up on ever feeling the sensations of sensuality ever again. How cruel that only now he was able to experience this sensation. He found that he could not sleep, he just thought about morning and when it came how he would have to leave. He knew after seeing the news that he should’ve left at that moment, but he wanted to make peace with Shanikia, or maybe he was trying to talk himself into staying. The sun started to rise, Jai told himself maybe he could stay. He had something vested here now. Maybe he could find odd jobs to make money…

” Jai Simmons, we know you are here…!” A voice said over a megaphone overhead followed by the hum of helicopter blades vibrating the room then passing over. Jai quickly got up waking Shankia. Running over to the blinds he looked out seeing several Apache Helicopters flying about. He calmed slightly, good they did not know exactly where he was. The message was merely being sent out as the copters flew overhead. The message continued. “This can be done peacefully Subject Bullet. Just give up. We have a thirty mile wide, five mile high electric barrier. You will not be able to penetrate it without wearing yourself down.”

Shanikia rushed up behind Jai placing her hand on his shoulder firmly, there was fear in her grip. Looking over Jai’s shoulder she saw the Apache copters flying about.

“You were right! They’re here! Oh my gawd!” She uttered tears instantly rolling down her face in realization. 

Jai turned around closing the blinds, he gripped both sides of Shanikia’s shoulders staring intently into her eyes.

“Relax! I’m going to get dressed and try to slip out out here.”

“But you know they’ll catch you! No way!” Shanikia was desperate. She had finally found love, true love and now it was slipping away. Jai quickly walked over to the dresser grabbing his clothes. The message was on a loop continually playing. Shanikia watched Jai get dressed.

“If I stay they will take me and you. You know too much! I know how Griffin Core works!” He leaned down strapping his shoes. He thought a moment when Professor Fredericks had them specially made for Jai. Jai went through a pair a day when he was testing his running speed. The shoes would obliterate as soon as Jai took off running, he’d be barefoot at the end of the run. Those shoes were made from a resistant rubber that would last him for at least a few months. After Jai strapped his shoes he stood up. “I don’t want to leave you! All night I was finding reasons to leave, but only found reasons to stay! But I have to leave at least for now!” He walked up to Shanikia. “I’ll be back for you, I promise!” 

“Jai, we just found each other…!” She stopped upon hearing footsteps outside the window. Both of them ran to the window peering out. Heavily armed soldiers were spreading out on the street fanning into different directions. One group was coming to Shanikia’s apartment unit. 

“Dammit!!!” Jai cursed under his breath. He heard the soldiers down stairs. Jai could not go to the roof, the Apaches were flying all about. He could not jump without hurting himself, they were three floors up. The soldiers were knocking on doors on the second floor already, Jai could hear the soldiers excuse for intruding from the apartment below . They were looking for a war criminal; a terrorist who was once an Army soldier who was now on the loose and suspected to be hiding out in Barret Gardens someplace. “Shit!!!” Jai cursed under his breath, he regretted not leaving the night before. The soldiers were efficient, they were done with the second floor. Jai heard the urgent stomping of boots coming up the stairwell to the third floor. He could not be found or tied to Shanikia, she didn’t deserve this. He quickly grabbed Shankia kissing her deeply. He ran to the window opening it just as a knock came to the front door. He took a final look at Shanikia then he leapt out of the window. Shanikia ran to the window as the knocking became more persistent. Looking down from the window she saw Jai had landed without damage, tears streamed down her face, she knew what he had done. Jai took off into the sky, a sonic boom was heard. He struck the invisible electric barrier, his body froze up momentarily. He felt no pain but his body was starting to feel weak every moment he stayed in contact with the barrier. Kicking away from the barrier he hovered just below it. Two Apache copters swerved coming his direction. They knew where he was. Jai’s only weakness at the moment was large dosages of electricity, it drained him. And he knew those Apache’s were armed with XA-22’s; large cannons that could send out a powerful electrical charge. He knew this was his last moments on earth, he would not go down without a fight. He could feel the nanites slowly charging to critical mass. He knew that he had ten minutes at max before then. He would take as many of them with him that he could.