Horacio Griffin sat in his office that was built into the side of mountain. It overlooked the base facing east to catch the first rays of the sun that came up from the edge of the waters. He saw on the news about the conflict between the three Griffin Core agents and Subject Bullet at the diner in California. The news footage was of the bystander in the diner recording from his phone. The camera phone could only detect the first few seconds of Jai leaping into the air before disappearing. It could not be explained. The news making their own guesses the most popular was that some sort of teleportation device was used. No such device was used, the human eye, or the camera that captured the moment simply could not see how fast Jai moved. Horacio fought down the cramps in his stomach, he was on the verge of losing everything at Griffin Core. General Mace was on his way to discuss a new alternative in getting Jai back dead or alive. The longer Jai stayed free, the more public and ugly this would become for Griffin Core.

A red light lit up on a small console that was on Horacio’s desk. It alerted him that someone was requesting the use of the private elevator to his office. Reaching over he pushed the button that was flashing red then leaned back in his seat. His seat was large resembling more a throne than an office chair, but then again Horacio saw himself more like a king than the head of a business. And he could not allow Jai to dethrone him. A circular panel in the center of the floor in front of his desk opened, General Mace came up through the hole standing on a platform that pushed him up from the botton floor into Horacio’s office. The General hated it, but it was the only way up. Horacio Griffin stared at the General blankly. Horacio was a thinnly built man, his features were just as thin as his frame. Thin long nose, thin lips, and eyes that weren’t large but average in shape but long giving the impression they were thin. He wore a thick white mustace that looked something out of the old days of antiquity in England. His hair was white and neatly cut. His skin was a natural tan taking not from his fathers more pale British side but instead from his mothers light brown skinned Slavic bloodline. But not as dark as his mother, a blend of his fathers skin was in there making Horacio lighter but not quite as light as his father.

“My Grandfather Leonard Griffin started this business after the great depression. Griffin Industries made parts for vehicle manufacturers in America and England, my Grandfather saw a need and filled it. He became a millionaire from this venture. My father James Griffin decided to take the company in a different direction which was considered a risky move. He contracted for both England and America creating only the best cutting edge weaponry. Eventually America bid for the rights to be the only contract with Griffin Industries and for the right price this happened. From that era my father changed the name from Griffin Industries, to Griffin Core upon moving the business to America. This island was chosen in 1969 to be rented out to Griffin Core, we have been here ever since. From that venture my father became a Billionaire. My father surpassed his father in greatness, it is my job to do the same. Subject Bullet is threatening this course, what steps have you taken to resolve this matter?” 

The General may work for the United States Army, but he knew full well he answered to Horacio Griffin. Clearing his throat he spoke.

“I have surmised two weaknesses in as to why we fail and continue to fail to bring Bullet into custody.” The General said. His voice was deep and focused.

Horacio leaned forward in his seat fainting surprise in a mocking manner. “Two weaknesses? Pray tell.” 

General Mace crossed his arms behind his back and locked eyes with Horacio. “It is my honest opinion sir that Professor Fredericks is a security risk. He has class A clearance and I feel that he had if at least some responsibility in aiding Bullet’s escape. I request that he be put under surveillance, and that he be blocked from any information in our data systems in regards to the capture of Bullet.”    

Horacio Griffin snickered while leaning back into his seat and rubbing his chin. “So you dare come in here and accuse my half brother of being a traitor to Griffin Core?” His smile left his face replaced with seriousness. Both men stared down at one another. For a brief moment there was silence.

“Yes sir. I trully feel that Professor Fredericks had something to do with Bullets escape, and I strongly feel he will compromise our current mission!”  General Mace said firmly.

A large smile came to Horacio’s face, it was unexpected. “It’s good that you have the balls to say that. I too hold him in high suspicion, and have already had him put under surveillance. Nothing has come up thus far. I can tell you I have never cared much for Darren. We may have the same father, but his mother was a whore from the East end of London who my father spent a brief moment with. I feel that father cared for this ghetto filth only because he took full responsibility as a man should to take care of the love child that came forth from his adulterous trist.” For a moment he seemed distracted with thought, his eyes focused on the moment. He looked back up at General Mace. “At any rate the bitch hit pay dirt! My father pulled her out of the slums and into her own private estate.” General Mace felt this was too private of information but remained silent letting Horacio continue. “Professor Darren Fredricks owes everything to my father! If not for him he would not even be working for Griffin Core! I planned on firing him upon my fathers death you know; but he stumbled across many good ideas and became head of Project Aries. To be sure I was impressed with his works and findings, but I never trusted him.” Horacio glanced up quickly at General Mace. “Forgive my ramblings of my grand distaste for my halfing kin, continue with the second weakness. The first we are on the same page with.” 

General Mace continued without skipping a beat. “Bullet moves too fast for the human eye to detect. We send out human agents with weapons capable of taking down Bullet but they fail because they are too slow, too weak.” GeneralMace took a hologenerator out of his pocket and placed it on Horacio’s desk then pushed the center of the round silver object. A twleve inch high hologram popped up and began to slowly rotate. Horacio’s attention was now given. He studied the image with great curiosity. The image was a chrome thin frame of a robot. The body was streamlined arms at its side. It resembled the exact form of a faceless mannequin.

“Is this from the War God project?” Horacio askedhis interest peaked.
“Yes sir. After Nazi Germany fell the United States offered citizenship to many of the scientists who were employed by Hitler in exchange for their services. One of those scientists was Professor Edgar Englehardt. His services were procured by the Marines. His crazy ass had this idea to have robots cleanse Germany of all Jews and any other ones deemed unfit by Hitler. Although the program showed a high sucess rate a few higher ups including the President himself ordered the Marines to shut it down. It was deemed too insensitive. It was belived that Professor Englehardt was too crazy. Griffin Core of course took him in and went invisible with a new program with Englehardt spearheading, it was named as you are already aware, Project War God.  The original body was designed in 1978 and is much more bulky and it was very slow, this model was designed in 2001. New tech has been contiually added.” 

Horacio took the hologenerator and inserted it into a USB connection that was built into his desk. A large screen instantly dropped down in front of them. It turned on showing the Head Hunter. Waving his hand over the top of his desk a holographic image appeared of a keyboard on the top of his desk. He began typing in information. “All specs are loaded onto the hologenerator?” Horacio asked the General.

“Yes sir. The Head Hunter is fully capable of tracking down and either taking Bullet into custody, or if need be killing him.” General Mace said. The information of the Head Hunters capabilities began sliding down the monitor.

“Nice! It has flight capability?” Horacio said almost excitedly. He fought down his excitement so as to look contained.

“Yes sir, built in Null field generators placed in various areas of the frame make it able to hover, the Head Hunter can reach speeds up to 700 miles per hour in actual flight. It can break the sound barrier, which is still not at the level of speed Bullet can fly. But it has something humans don’t.” 

“Digital eyes that are able to track his motion.” Horacio added as he read over the specs of the Head Hunter.

“And motion fast enough to respond and calculate with incredible precision. It also can lift over two tons. That will be an advantage to Bullets strength of only ten men.”

Horacio continued to read on. “Impressive, the Head Hunter can run at maximum speeds of 320 miles per hour. I can definitely see how this can work to our advantage!” Horacio said not being able to control his excitement. General Mace was pleased that his idea was so agreeable to Horacio Griffin. Now if Horacio would only agree with what he was about to say next.

“Professor Englehardt is brillaint, his ideas and even how the Head Hunter should be weaponized was very valuable. I would like for him to be part of operations in bringing Bullet in, of course with your permission sir.” 

Horacio went into an uncontrollable laugh before catching his breath, General Mace waited patiently. “There is no way the old man would still be alive.” When he looked at the serious silent face of General Mace the smile left him. “He is alive isn’t he…?”

“Professor Englehardt found a way to download his conscience into a speacially made eight inch computer orb. We have the entire base firewalled against him, he can only go and see what we allow him.” Said General Mace.

Horacio stood up from his seat deep in thought. “I really need to be in more touch with the various projects that go on here. This is… This is amazing to say the least.” Horacio turned to General Mace. “I want to speak with Professor Englehardt, I am still unsure that human consciousness can occupy anything other than a human body. Not that it isn’t possible, but I need to see.” 

The General walked over to Horacio’s desk. “May I access you computer sir?” He asked. “I was  hoping you would ask to talk to the professor. He has been waiting on a closed line for us.”

Horacio Griffin looked to the screen, he walked up to it. “Proceed…” He said patiently waiting. General Mace typed in a clearance code then a few access numbers. The screen switched from specs of the the Head Hunter to a silver orb resting on a table. Various small colored dots lit up randomly on the surface of the orb.

“Wie geht es Ihnen?” The orb spoke, the voice was a distorted digital sound. Horacio remained calm showing no emotion.

 “Es geht mir sehr gut. Und Ihnen?” Horacio replied.

Ah you speak Deutsche quite well Mr. Griffin.” The professor replied in English, there was a distinct German accent.

“And you speak English quite well. But if I might ask, what does a speaking computer need of a German accent?” 

“I truly do not need the accent, but call it a part of my old humanity that clings to speaking this way. If you like I can speak without it.” The professor replied. 

“No please remain speaking as such Proffesor Englehardt. It seems you are doing a great service to Griffin Core it is the least I can do.” Horacio said.

“You are too kind Mr. Griffin. Please, call me Valhalla, I have discarded my old name for it belonged to the old shell. This new far superior shell at least deserves that.” Valhalla said.

“And a well suited name indeed…” Horacio paused. “Valhalla we have much to discuss. General Mace has brought to my attention that you have valuable views on how to bring Subject Bullet back into our custody.”  

“Let us talk to one another, let us learn each other so that we may come to an understanding. And when you are convinced that I am who I say, we will work together on retriving your lost goods eh Mr. Horacio Griffin?” 

Horacio smiled nodding his head in agreement. This was starting to get interesting for Horacio. Just when things were rock bottom a way to catch a pair of wings and fly again was at hand.