Jai felt so distant from the door in front of him. His body felt like it was slowly rising and falling. He fought to focus as the door opened. “Is it true, am I going to die?” He thought to himself. It was a lot to digest in such a moment. They walked through the door being greeted by two soldiers, one standing on each side of the hallway. They were holding guns that hung down on straps from thier shoulders. The X-289 was a close to mid range weapon that was thought to be able to stop Jai but not kill in case he attempted to escape the island. The X-289 was the first weapon created with a low charge that could hit a man and knock them out on impact. It was designed solely to be used against Jai. General Mace ran security on the island and he was very concerned about what Jai could do. So he went to another project on the island, Project Long Bow to see if they could create a weapon capable of keeping Jai in check and killing him if need be. Project Long Bow specialized in making high tech weapons for the US Army. They had various branches such as Long Bow Aplha who only worked on missles. Long Bow Spartan division specialized in guns. Long Bow Omega divisions responsibilty was the creation of better grenades that can be thrown or ejected from hand held weapons. Project Long Bow had yet to displease General Mace or the US Army for that matter. The weapons they created had already been in use for special operations missions. It took over a year for Long Bow Spartan to come up with X-289. The problems they ran into was Jai’s body could withstand impact from projectile weapons, and some of the test guns such as the Herucles 47 handgun was too destructive. The bullet upon impact unleashed an explosion comparable to ten RPG  launchers. But the damage it caused around the target area was too much so it was scratched. That’s when they went toward using concentrated electricity in high voltages. It was thought that even though Jai could survive an impact weapon an electrical charge would still slow him down and possibly even kill him with repeated shots. This was what the X-289 was created to do. The proffessor warned Jai of these new weapons for his own safety. The XA-22 a simular weapon but much larger was mounted on Apache helicopters that were on the base. This was in case Jai would attempt escape by boat, or just if they needed heavier firepower from above. Jai walked past the soldiers waiting until they knew they were out of earshot range, the next pair of soldiers stood at another set of doors a quarter of a mile down the hallway. 

“All this walking just to get to the proving grounds. Why can’t they just invent moving walkways like they have in the Jetsons?” Jai said forcing a smile. They had just passed a camera that was on the ceiling above them. Professor Fredericks pretended to find what Jai ammusing and he chuckled. The proving grounds was where Jai was always tested. Weapons off all sorts were used on him as he went through various testing drills. Today it would be were Top Army brass would be watching Jai perform. The Professor licked his dry lips, he did not like the stress his body was feeling. 

“We have a brief moment before we are to the guards, so try to walk slowly but don’t show as if you are trying to do so. Because once we are to that door we enter the proving grounds. So let me say what I have to without interuption. I know you have many questions and I am sorry for laying this burden upon you.” The Professor said softly. Jai nodded his head in agreement squinting his eyes fighting the urge to just run toward the guards and beat them to a pulp and break through the door and make a run for it. The only thing he truly wanted to do was see his mother. But he fought down the urge listening to every word that Professor Fredricks had to say. As the professor continued to talk things started to make sense with what he said. His voice and what he said began to slowly calm Jai. Both men stopped in front of the two guards facing them. 

“Morning professor.” Said one of the gaurds. 

“Good morning.” The professor said to the guard. “38799 Vector Niner Three.”  He said. The soldiers stepped to the side as the door slowly opened. The greeting the soldier gave was a safety protocol. Every time the professor and Jai entered the proving grounds a soldier would say morning to the professor. To say morning professor was code for, is everything alright? Is the subject Bullet in good mental standing? Subject Bullet has not taken you hostage? Do we have a greenlight to let Subject Bullet enter the proving grounds?  And Professor Fredricks response was 38799 Vector Niner Three which meant, yes I am fine. Subject Bullet is in good mental standing. I am not being held hostage and am not being threatned by Subject Bullet. There are no threats to letting Subject Bullet onto the proving grounds. Subject Bullet has no desire to the best of my abilty to escape the facility. If the professor felt threatend he would merely say 87, which meant he was in danger; or that he did not feel it was safe to let Jai enter the proving grounds. If the soldiers could not put Jai down with the X-289 then the air tight chamber would be flooded and everyone would be drowned. There could be no risk letting Jai escape, he would be too great a risk to national security or so the General felt. 

The two walked through the door, they stepped into an octagon shaped room. The walls were all metal, cameras were placed on each wall. There were no guards, the room was one large superconductor that could produce an electric charge in the same way the X-289 and the XA-22 could. The only difference was the entire room, walls, floor, and ceiling would flow with enery creating one charge all about the room. There were two more doors in the room. One on the ceiling in the center of the room, and the other door on the right of both men. The door in the center of the room on the ceiling was circular it went above ground where the proving grounds were. The door to the right went into the control room where the top brass waited for the professor. Professor Fredricks placed a gentle hand on Jai’s shoulder. 

“Men in rage strike those that wish them best. Please do not look to me for blame, I only had your best interest at heart. We will see one another soon.” Professor Fredricks said endearingly. Jai tried to hate the professor but he could not. He nodded.

“Until we meet then.” Jai said. The professor walked through the door to his right. Jai took a moment to collect himself then he walked underneath the door above him on the ceiling. The entired ground began to raise moving toward the circular door which slid open; Jai was moved through the ceiling door until he stood behind a white line. It was another tunnel a mile long. It was circular, there was an opening at the other end; sunlight could be seen at the opening. 

“When you hear the buzzer make your way outside.” It was the professor’s voice via an intercom. Camera’s were place every so many feet apart on both sides of the tunnel. The professor stood in the ready room, one large rectangular monitor was before him with several monitors placed lower to the control panel. The center monitor had Jai standing in the tunnel. Two workers were seated at the controls, Professor Fredericks stood behind them. He turned to address three men. One was the secratary of defense the other a high ranking representive of the Army, and lastly Mr. Horacio Griffin himself, the head of Griffin Core. 

“Gentlemen. When the buzzer sounds try to keep your eyes on Subject Bullet. He will run down the hall stopping just outside the tunnel. This monitor here…” He pointed to a smaller monitor that was beside the large center resting to the lower right. “Will track him once he stops outside. The main montitor will track Subject Bullet as he runs through the exit hall.” 

“So this guy is pretty fast if you’re calling him Bullet. So he runs about thirty maybe foury miles per hour? The secratary of defense said jokingly. Horacio Griffin seemed insulted but remained silent. Professor Fredricks smiled.

“Something like that…” The professor said as a timer on one of the monitors began counting down from twenty. 


The buzzer sounded, Jai responded accordingly taking off down the hall, moments into his sprint a thunder clap was heard. He stopped just outside the hall exit. On the camera it was not detected how fast Jai just went. 

“So what just happened?” Said the head of defense confusingly. He took several steps towards the monitor. “I saw Subject Bullet standing here.” He pointed to the main monitor. “And then he disappears with a loud boom ending up over there on that monitor! I can assure you Professor the American Government isn’t into funding magicians!” 

The professor remained calm. “For a time we had no cameras that could record how fast Subject  Bullet could run, not even when we slowed it down we could not detect his movement. But thanks to the advanced science of Griffin Core we were finally able to make a camera that did. Fortuantely the cameras that just recorded this event are those such cameras.” He turned to one of the workers. “On the main monitor play back the entire event, slow it down please.” 

All eyes were glued to the main monitor. The professor narrated what was seen on the monitor. “After the buzzer sounds Subject Bullet proceeds to run. After four steps he is running seven hundred and seventy miles per hour. That boom you heard?” He pointed to the monitor. “Freeze right there.” He then addressed the audience. The monitor was paused, Jai was in full stride running through a thin white oval cloud.

“He broke the god dammned sound barrier…” The  secratary of defense muttered in amazement, his jaw dropped eyes locked on the frozen image of Jai breaking through the sound barrier.

“Yes, but then he proceeds to accelerate much faster running at speeds of over one thousand miles per hour. Our digital scanner clocked Bullet maxing at over a thousand before he was forced to stop at the end of the tunnel.” Said the professor. 

As the video continued to play the secratary of defense talked in amazement. “So you’re saying this sum bitch can run up to a thousand miles per hour?” 

“No, I’m saying he can run much faster.” Professor Fredicks responded. Horacio Griffin smiled widely but said nothing. 

“How fast?” Asked the secratary of defense. 

“We really don’t know.  He has yet to tap into it fully yet, but we have seen no barriers thus far in his speed acceleration. The only barriers are the limits of the tunnels we test his speed in. We don’t have enough room to see how much faster Subject Bullet can run. In essence we run out of track.” Professor Fredricks said, the secretary of defense was truly curious and interested in finding out more about Jai. He was totally taken by surprise. Horacio Griffin knew that funding would continue quite possibly for as long as he wanted it too after Jai’s display. Griffin Core had wowed the Army with various weapons but the weapon had never been a human. 

“Such speed could be used for surveillance missions, the possibilites…” The secratary of defense said under his breath. ” I never knew this was humanly possible. How…?” The secratary of defense uttered. He was dazed by the moment. Professor Fredricks turned back to the main monitor.

“Please put the live feed of Subject Bullet on the main monitor.” The professor said to one of the workers. The monitor switched to Jai patiently standing where he had been before at the exit of the tunnel. “Send in the ATD’s.” The professor said to the worker. ATD was the Automechanic Tank Destroyer. They were tanks that needed no human driver inside the tank. Each pilot sat in another location and they were able to drive the tanks remotely as well as use the tanks advanced weaponry. Three ATD’s came into view unleashing a barrage of missiles. Massive explosions took place with briliant lights and smoke. Once the smoke settled Jai stood unscathed. The secratary of defense almost salivated. 

“He is didn’t take no damage?!? After all that!!!” The secratary said excitedly. The professor raised his hand to hush the secratary of defense. 

“Wait…” The professor said. The secratary of defense glued his eyes on the main monitor realizing the show was not over. Jai bolted toward the center ATD running through it, he spun to the right running through the second ATD then doing the same to the ATD on the left. All three ATD’s were smoking before one after the other they exploded. “Subject Bullet can propel himself at great speeds into his targets. His body for a duration is indestructable. Thus he can cause great damage to anything he crashes through.” The professor replied. 

“Like a missle…” The Army rep said in realization who had been silent up until now. 

“Or a bullet…” The secratary said under his breath. 

Jai had done what he was supposed to. And the time had come for him to do what the professor instructed when they were walking up the proving grounds entrance. Jai focused his power altering the air around him. Professor Fredericks tried not to show how anxious he was. He hoped Jai could do what he showed the professor days ago. It was the newest discovery that no one save for theprofessor  knew about. As the secratary continued to talk excitedly about the limitless possibilities of such a weapon Jai finally relaxed the professor who kept his eyes glued on the screen. Jai shot off into the sky like a rocket going out of view of the cameras. The secratary praised this latest display of Jai’s thinking that it was part of the show. Horacio Griffin walked up beside the professor his face cold and callaced. 

“Was subject Bullet supposed to do that? I read nothing in the briefings that he could fly…” Horacio Griffin said in controlled angry tones. Professor  Fredericks yelled at the workers to send out the Apache copters in persuit of Subject Bullet, but he knew that the Apache’s would not catch up to him. He turned looking at Horacio Griffin surprised. 

“That’s because we didn’t know he could fly sir. But we will retrive Subject Bullet!” The professor said. That was weeks ago, Jai smiled in reflection. The professor had helped him time a perfect escape, Jai would be eternally grateful. The sun was starting to set. Jai laid back onto his crossed arms. It was time to rest, then a new plan of action when he woke up.