It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Jai stood behind a white line waiting for the green light from Proffessor Fredricks. He stood in front of the proving grounds, a nickname given it by one of the soldiers at Project Aries that just seemed to stick. The base itself was in a hidden location on a small island not far from Honolulu. The base was leased to Griffin Core via the United States Army. As long as Griffin Core produced the high tech waepons for the army that they had been producing, the island was theirs to use. There were many top secret tests that took place on the island for the advancement of warfare. The top was Project Aries which was the attempt to create super soldiers in various ways. Jai was not the only specimen for this project. Cybornetics  was also being tested with soldiers who were amputees they were phase two. Jai was the only one from phase one whose body accepted the liquid named gold elixir type fourty two. There were no deaths so far from the other fourty one who had taken the elixir in its various forms, the elixir was changed or tweaked each time it failed to work for each recipient. All were under observation until further notice. Jai though took quite quickly to the newest concoction of the gold elixir and just in a matter of days he started to exhibit changes. The first was the increase in his strength. Then his skin began to toughen sporadically at various times. Sometimes his skin would be normal then it would be so tough that nothing could penetrate it. This was discovered when Jai complained about a numbing sensation on the surface of his skin, and when a doctor went to inject a needle for a blood test the needle broke. They found that no needle could break through Jai’s skin, then hours later his skin was normal and a needle could be injected. 

Weeks later Jai lost all sensation in his skin, even when it was normal and could be penetrated by a needle. His sense of touch was lost, even the sensitivity in his lower extremities. This was too much for Jai to handle and he fell into depression. After months of therapy he was able to cope, Proffessor Fredricks promised that he would find a way to cure Jai’s lack of sensitivity.  Jai’s depression faded to some degree and training resumed. While jogging on the track one morning Jai had his first trigger. Proffessor Fredricks called Jai’s ability to change the molecules in his body a triggering affect, not long after Proffessor Fredicks used the word trigger regularly in regards to when Jai would activate his power. The trigger on the track field caused Jai to excelerate at such a blinding speed he ran into the security wall crashing through it. This was when the proffessor discovered that when Jai triggered he not only could run at super sonic speeds, the trigger affect also made Jai’s skin toughened. His strength was always above average though even when Jai didn’t trigger. Proffessor Fredericks determined that Jai possessed the strength of ten men. Jai quickly became the spearhead focus of the Aries project, Jai was making strides in controlling his power. Over that following year Jai could control when he wanted to trigger, and he was able to use his super speed and invulnerability in deadly force. A soldier said after watching Jai perform in a training simulation “He’s a human bullet.” After that Jai was given the codename Bullet. 

But with all of his new found powers came limits. Once Jai triggered he could only maintain his power for two hours maximum, lessening and becoming weaker losing speed, and invulnerability  then it would instantly shut off like a light switch. It took fifteen minutes exactly before he could trigger again and in that time his body was vulnerable. No matter how hard Jai tried within that fifteen minute period to trigger he could not; and in a few cases he would get a rush of pain through his body if he tried too hard during what was called his cool down period. If that occured, it would take much longer before he could trigger again, once it took thirty six hours before he could trigger again after he tried to during cool down. Through his training Jai learned to trigger for short durations then shutting down. If he did this his skin would stay invulnerable for twelve hours, but he had no super speed. He was learning more and more about his powers thanks to Proffessor Fredericks. The two had an incredible bond, the proffessor treated Jai like his son, and Jai looked up to him like a father. In the moments of fear that Jai had upon taking the golden elixir the Proffessor was there to guide and calm him. It was a genuine relationship of trust. Proffessor Fredricks saw Jai truly as his son, after all he was the leading scientist on the creation of the golden elexir, so in essence he gave birth to what Jai was. He felt it was his responsibility to guide and comfort Jai. He was there to help Jai understand what he was becoming, and how to help him control his newfound ablities and to explain to Jai what and why he could do what he was able to do. The proffessor made Jai’s transition from what he was to what he had become much smoother and bearable. 

It was a bond that the proffessor never intended, but as he watched Jai’s dedication to honing his skills, and to the courage Jai displayed such as when his body started to produce side affects it touched a sensitive chord in him. If this situarion happened to him, he knew that by now he would’ve had a nervous break down. Jai reflected on the conversation he and Proffessor Fredricks had earlier this morning on the walk over to the proving grounds. Jai was feeling quite good. They both walked down a white hallway via an underground tunnel. Jai couldn’t help but notice the proffessors depressed attitude. 

“So top brass from the Army is going to be here today so they can see what I can do? I’ll be sure to do the Aires project some justice.” Jai said to try to shake the proffessor from his mood. He glanced over seeing that it did nothing. Proffessor Fredricks quickly looked around cautiously before speaking. 

“I’ve come to admire and respect what you’ve done here Jai, and I’ve learned much about you in the time you’ve been here. You are a fine human being, and you have suprised us all with your dedication to the program.” 

Jai didn’t like how this was sounding. “So what’s up PF? You sound like you’re doing my eulogy.” Jai forced an uncomfortable chuckle. 

“As we contiue to talk maintain normal body language and try to smile from time to time. There are cameras all along this hall, but they can not hear us talking. Promise me that you can do this before I go any further with what I have to say.” His eyes roamed about the hall spotting the cameras. 

“You’re starting to concern me man, I…” The proffessor quickly intervened as Jai spoke. 

“There’s no time for this! Either say yes or no or I will disengage from the conversation!” He forced a smile as if Jai had just told him a joke. Jai felt a tug in the pit of his stomach then nudged the proffessor in the side of the arm followed by forced laughter. 

“Good.” Proffessor Fredricks said with a smile. “I have to speak quickly. Today you are to make an impressive show the top Army reps so that Griffin Cores contract can be continued for another ten years, although after they see what you can do, funding could very well go on for many decades to come. But anyway, it was discovered two weeks ago that your blood is causing a chain reaction. Everytime you trigger it brings you that much closer to your body shutting down. I’m so sorry my son.”

They both stopped at a large silver door Jai couldn’t belive what the proffessor had just said to him. Finally he was starting to feel better about what he had become, and he felt that after today he would be the symbol of American defense. He started to speak when Proffessor Fredricks hushed him. 

“Wait until we are through the doors, there will be guards on the other side.” The proffessor said quickly and under his breath. Jai started to feel numb, this can’t be real.