Jai looked around a final time to make sure all agents were down for the count, many bystanders had fled the diner as the confrontation between Jai and the agents ocurred. But once Jai took the fight outside, many people fled back into the diner for cover. All eyes were on Jai, people watching him silently, and wondering who the heck was he? And how did he do what he did?  Jai caught sight of a teenager raising his phone up, he knew that the teen was now recording him. “Damn phones!” Jai said to himself, it was time to go. He looked to the sky, air particles around him began to invisibly shift, Jai controlled the air around him now. Like a rocket he shot off arcing to the right leaving the diner and spectators far behind him. Flying never got old, this was something he always fantasized about as a kid, and now it was something he could do. Although he didn’t fully understand it, he was told by Griffin Core scientist Proffessor Fredericks that he distorted the molecules and particles around his body which allowed Jai to push through the air helping him to maintain flight. All Jai needed to know was that he could fly. In mere moments he had left the diner in California and was now flying over a mountainous range in Montana, he could travel that fast.  He spotted a small pocket in the side of the mountain and landed there high above the ground. The wind blew fiercely and frigid, but Jai could not feel it, it was part of the side affects of his power. His skin could not feel hot or cold temperatures.  The wind fiercely ruffled his sweatshirt, his breath could be seen fogging from his mouth and nose. The scenery before him started to calm his heart. Walking to the edge he sat down on the rocky cliff in reflection. Back to when this all started, that summer day when a Griffin Core representitive told Jai that he had been chosen along with just a few others for Project Aries. Jai was at Fort Benning and was soon to attend college, but decided to check out a call for what was speacial training for the select few who would be chosen. The pay rate was tripple his army salary and it was tax free. Not too many had rushed at the chance but Jai wasn’t so hesitant. He grew up in the slums of the Barret Gardens projects in Daytona Florida. Besides his grandfather Jai was the only one to escape the ghetto. His mother was very proud of this. The extra money would help, he would send money home from his army salary to his mother. With the acceptance letter from Griffin Core in his hand he ran outside the army office leaning against the wall, he speed dialed his mother, she picked up on the third ring. 

“Hello baby, how’s my army boy?” His mother said. There was always a tone of happiness in her voice when he called. 

“Good news mom, I got accepted for speacial training!” 

“Speacial training? As in college? Because I do recall you getting into the Army so that you could get your higher edjucation!” She spoke firmly and with concern. 

“And that is still the plan mama, but this little detour sets me up for the year. Besides it also helps me to send more money back to you.” Jai’s voice was excited. “Things are looking up momma.” 

“I know, I know.” Her voice softened. “My daddy joined the Army and ended up in a war that claimed his life. Besides your Grandfather you are the only Simmons to make it out of the ghetto. I just don’t want you to end up like daddy.” 

“It’s not like that, I’ll be fine.” 

“Oh, Jai Michael Simmons?” She used his full name which meant she was a little bothered. “There’s talk of another war in the Middle East with all this ISIS crap going on, not to mention the rumors of Russia, and Korea?”

“You worry too much mom.”  Jai tried to sound comforting. 

“Your Grandfather went into the Army for a better way of life and never came back, I have reason to be worried.” She then switched subjects to distract her worry. “So what is this special training?”‘

“I can’t say, it’s classified. But rest assured I was told it was for the betterment of the United State Army.” Jai tried to sound convincing. 

“So it’s so top secret that even you don’t know?” She asked.

“Pretty much.” Jai said laughing, his mother was not as amused. 

“So who is conducting this top secret training?” 

“It’s a private contractor that works for the Army, I was told that I’d be briefed upon arrival at the base.” 

“So this training won’take place at Fort Benning?” 

“No and before you ask mom I don’t know where yet.” Jai’s mood was starting to change. He was upset that his mother felt so guarded about this. But also he started to feel guilty. He was lying to his mother to some degree, but that was because he was sworn to secrecy. He knew that it was a private contracting company named Griffin Core that he would be training with. He was told by the representitive that Griffin Core specialized in making weapons for the United States government. He was also told that the next big weapon of America could possibly be him, but not without risks, but Jai would be well rewarded for his sacrafice and bravery. So the training also required certain testing. Admitedly at first Jai was concerned about this but after he saw how much money he would be compensated, his concerns quickly faded. According to the rep from Griffin Core if it all worked out Jai would be a very wealthy man, and he would be a very powerful weapon for America, it all sounded so tempting. But if the tests did not prove fruitful he could just return to the Army, but with a lot of money in his pockets. Way more money than what the Army was paying him to risk his life during a possible outbreak of war. He didn’t mind the pay from the Army because he knew that once he was done with serving he would have a better life suitable for getting married and starting a family. The only truth to what he told his mother was that he was not aware of the location of where he would be sent. When he asked the Griffin Core rep where was the base he would be traveling to they merely said it was undisclosed.  

“Well I suppose I should be happy for you instead of put down what you’re trying to do. I wish you only the best, you know this baby.” She said endearingly. 

“Thanks mom.” Jai replied. 

“So when does this dream job start?” 

“They said I need a week to be preped for the trip, so in about two weeks. I’ll know the actual date at that time.”

“Be sure to call me before you leave.” She said in a loving concerned voice that only a mother would sound like. 

“I will ma, I have to go now have some things to take care of before I have to head out.” 

“Ok Jai, love you.” She said.

“Love you too.” Jai hung up the phone and closed his eyes taking a deep breath. He just lied to his mother a final time. He knew if he called his mother before he left she’d be asking him where he was going, he could not do that. Jai told himself that he’d appologize to her for the untruths once he was done with this training. That never happened. He flew to a private military base owned and operated by Griffin Core two weeks later. He was put through many vigorous training routines before he was given a liquid that he was told would alter his body. He was told that possibly the serum would kill him, and if not the maybe there would be negative side affects. Two years into all of that he fled the Griffin Core compound fighting his way to freedom. Another year after his escape he was on the run from Griffin Core. He never did get to appologize to his mother. That guilt still stayed with him.