The diner is buzzing with sounds of conversation blending together to make words that are not even discernible. Jai (Jay is how you say the name) sits slightly hunched over the diner barstool with fork in hand scooping up scrambled eggs from the glass plate into his mouth. It’s early morning, the diner is packed for breakfeast time. Waitresses dash about carrying large trays of food and drinks, it is a daily chaotic occurence at Joe’s diner at this time. Joe’s diner is known for their breakfeast specials for miles around. The door opens and a bell rings above the door, one of the waitresses near the door looks up seeing a woman walk in dressed in a black mini skirt  with high heels and form fitting black dress shirt. Her blond hair is tied behind her in a pony tail. “We have a few seats left at the bar hun, have a seat and we’ll get to ya as soon as we can ok?” The waitress says before scurrying off writing down the rest of an order on her tablet. The woman nods with a smile making her way through the diner grabbing the attention of men and even women as she strolls along holding onto a small black square purse that is strapped over her shoulder. She sees a seat is open next to Jai and causually sits down noticing him and smiles but he doesn’t notice. “Good morning…” She says to Jai before grabbing a menu off the table. Jai chews the eggs then grabs the glass of orange juice taking a few gulps he does not respond to the woman. Looking over the single menu page she says “Maybe I need to get what you’re eating. It must be that good that it makes you not at least return a morning greeting.” She laid her purse down on the table, Jai noticed this and stopped chewing making direct eye contact with the woman before looking at her purse. She got uneasy picking the purse back up hanging it off her opposite shoulder of Jai. He shook his head then took another sip of his orange juice.

 “Easy lady, not every black guy is a thief.” He said. He cut into the pancake with his fork then stabbed the cut off part putting it in his mouth while staring forward feeling a bit annoyed. The woman smiled half ashamed.

 “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.” She said. Jai continued to chew then picked up the cup of orange juice sipping it, he gave no response. “Look we got off on the wrong foot, let me pay for your breakfeast.” She lifted her purse reaching into it  quickly pulling out a small black handgun pointing it at the side of Jai’s face as he finished the glass of orange juice, the glass was titled all the way up his head angled to receive the last of what was in the glass. The woman stood up and pulled the trigger.  An unusual large energy discharge shot from out of the small hand gun impacting the side of Jai’s face sending him flying from his stool into a group of people sitting at a table near him. He struck the woman seated at the table with great force landing on top of her. Jai stood up the side of his face undamaged smoke rising from it breifly. He kneeled down checking for the womans pulse. He sighed with relief when he found she was still alive. 

“Subject Bullet has triggered, the blast was not enough! Need back up with higher impact weapons!” The woman said touching the communication peace in her ear. Jai stood up turning to the woman, a deep frown on his face, people around him scurried from fear of not knowing what was going on.

“I take it you’re from Griffin Core…” He said, he wasn’t asking the woman he already knew. The woman pointed the gun at Jai squeezing the trugger several times, the energy blasts from the gun hit Jai repeatedly with no effect. “Bitch you know that won’t hurt me! The nerds at Griffin Core saw to that!”  Jai ran at the woman at super sonic speed then grabbed her throwing her through the front window. He moved so fast she didn’t even have time to respond, all she felt was the caress of the air around her touch her face. Her body smashed through the window sending glass in all directions. When she made contact with the ground she rolled uncontrollably until she smashed into the side of a vehicle that was parked. She was thrown with such force her body remained lodged into the car door upon impact.  Streaks of blood rolled down from below the lodged body stopping at the bottom of the car door before dripping to the ground. Two men excited a black sedan with tinted windows brandishing guns. One held a long barreled weapon, the other a shoter fat barreled gun. They were agents of Griffin Core sent to track and put down Jai; his body was to be brought back to an undisclosed location for further study. The long barreled gun was a level twelve discharger, the female agent that shot Jai in the face; her gun was a level six discharger. And the short fat barreled gun was a level twenty. The various discharger guns were made to cope with Jai’s trigger affect. Jai could “trigger” his molecules to change making his skin tough enough to withstand harm from pretty much anything. But his body had to build up to the most invincible level over a time period. The other reason for the various leveled weapons was if by chance a too high of a level gun was used Jai’s trigger affect would speed up his molecules even faster making his skin invulnerable sooner. Jai stepped out of the window he just threw the female agent out of. He saw the other two agents rushing toward him. “You guys never learn do you?” Jai replied. The agent with the long barreled gun pointed the weapon at Jai but it was too late. Jai shot off toward the agent striking both of his arms so fast that both arms were severed completely from his  body, the gun fell to the ground both hands still clutching it. The agent cried out in pain the two stubs where his arms used to be gushed blood. Jai turned his attention to the final agent who wasted no time pulling the trigger of his weapon. Jai side stepped the electric charge that was meant for him and it struck the agent that was left with no arms. He gasped dropping to the ground as the charge stopped his heart and caved in his chest. Jai bolted forward punching the agent in the face with great speed causing him to jerk back before falling to the ground. 

Jai nodded his head in a disproving manner. The agents never had a chance. Once Jai triggerd, his body became invincible, and he could run or fly at blinding speeds. His strength also would increase to that of ten men. His body could be used like a living weapon, hence he was given the name Bullet by Griffin Core scientists. He could propel through an intended target by either flight, or running  both at incredible speeds and receive no harm or damage to his body. A valuable weapon indeed in the eyes of Griffin Core, but Jai had a change of heart and left the facility located in Hawaii before a new serum could be duplicated from Jai’s blood. Now it was a game of cat and mouse between the corporation and Jai, but it seemed Jai was the cat that was hiding, and Griffin Core was the mouse that was chasing.