It was 2026. A portal was breached by scientists in England who were attempting to create a black hole. The portal released demons from another dimension into the world of mankind. The initial onlslaught was horrific. The demons killers were in the millions, they were firece and desired the taste of human flesh. No weapon could harm them, this supernatural force swept across the planet wiping out entire cities. All was presumed lost until one man who crossed over from the portal entered our world. He was a powerful mage with supernatural power that he called the Devine Spark. His name was Argo. Argo went to war with the demons wiping out small numbers of them here and there. Through Argo a city was rebuilt with a magic barrier created around it that kept the demons out. The city was named Urbania, and for a time Argos himself went out in search of the pockets of humanity that still hid from the demons hunger. And for a thousand years those survivors that were brought to Urbania prospered eventually growing in numbers. Argo showed the humans how to build weapons that would hold the demons at bay, but the weapons could not kill them. It was then that Argos went deep into the soul of every inhabitant of Urbania until he found only three out of thousands that had the abilty to call forth the Devine Spark. The Devine Spark once triggered gave its user imortality. Argo trained the three of his pupils for close to a hundred years until he felt they were ready to go out and do what he had done. The walls of Urbania had began to weaken and needed his constant attention, his three soldiers would now have to go forth into the world of demons seeking out humans that has survived and managed to stay under the radar of the demons. It wasn’t long before humans looked up to the three, and they were given the title Prophets of Argo. All of the prophets had supernatural strength and speed that helped them wage war on a physical level with the demons. The Devine Spark was their weapon that evened the odds of many against but a few.  This is their story, a story of prophets and demons.