Did you ever sneak out at night as a teen? Yea so did my brother and I. But one time it didn’t bode well for my brother Gino or me for that matter. At that time I was 15 Gino was 17. He said we had to sneak out at 11 pm that Friday to go to a house party. So we were able to slip out of our bedroom window via the ladder we took from the garage prior and yea the party was “Da bomb” but as teens sometimes do we had bad judgement and got a little drunk. Well little as in baby Dinosaur little. I’m not condoning teens getting drunk mind you, just telling what happened to us and the outcome of it. We staggered up the driveway and stopped checking to make sure that all was good. The house was still dark, all were still in slumber. My brother climbed up first I was right behind him, the logic had come back to us now that our night of fun was over. We just wanted to get back in the house. As my bother pushed the curtains aside and climbed into our bedroom window I was happy that we didn’t wake anyone up. I was just ready to go to sleep, that peach schnapps wasn’t doing too well on my stomach. I looked up hearing my brother say ouch. He was yanked into the darkness his leg quickly disappearing behind the curtains. “So what does the bible say about disobedience?” Oh crap it was mom yelling. I heard slapping sounds as mom yelled. Mom was dangerous, she had the keen senses of a deadly assassin, and that deadly silent stalking that surely she learned from the Koga Ninja clan. The slaps went into a full fledge beating that only a mothers skill could inflict. I heard Gino crying out for God to protect him, we learned that sometimes if we cried out to God or spoke out loud to Jesus mom would calm down. “You should’ve asked God if it was a bad idea to sneak out of my house late at night!” She yelled. “And is that booze I’m smelling!” Your little negro butt was drinking! Are you a man now? Oh God please hold me back from killing this negro!” Mom was furious! The beating continued while I was frozen in fear on the ladder. I didn’t know what to do. If I went into that window I was next. Tears started to roll down my 15 year old cheeks, I was so mad that I left the house, and wished there was a time machine that could take me back to that moment when my brother asked me if I wanted to go with him, I would just warn the dumb me from the past not to do it. Then I hear mom yell: and where’s the brown one at?!? Lord help me if that boy is still out this late!” It was at that moment that I decided to walk back down the ladder. My mind raced for some feasible lie that I could give to prevent the massacre that my brother just endured. There was nothing I could think of. I walked around to the front door that sinking feeling in my stomach of immanent doom. But if I was going to get my beating, I wanted it in the bright lights of the living room. I rang the door bell, what seemed like an eternity finally passed when mom opened the door. She had a belt in her right hand. “Oh it’s the other man of the house…” She said. She stepped to the side opening the door more. “I love you mom.” I said quickly in desperation knowing full well God couldn’t save me and most likely decided it best not too. Yea I got my butt whooped at 15. But we had a great mother who tirelessly was there for us, even when we didn’t think she was. I’m the man I am now because of a woman. Thanks mom.