Part 4

There was chaos once I got off the freeway, even more so than what I’d seen when I was on it. The hail of gunshots rang out in the night sky, screams of victims and their prey filled the air, people yelling out for loved ones and so on. I was surprised that I didn’t see a bunch of cars driving about, maybe everyone saw the mess on the freeway and decided it was best to stay inside like the message on the radio instructed. I saw people fighting off the infected while they stood in their yards, and on the streets, these were my neighbors. As I passed house after house some houses were left undisturbed while others would have small groups of infected rampaging through various areas, I could mostly only see shadows but I knew by the jerky motion of the silhouettes they weren’t human anymore. One of the infected saw me and ran from one off my neighbors yard directly at me, I quickly glanced down the street seeing my place, standing up on the pedals I pushed the bike onward. The infected ran towards me, my bike hummed past him just barely while he reached out desperately to grab me with one arm. “Tim Larkin?” It was my neighbor, Tim was infected, he was one of those mindless things now, damn. My bike coasted down a small hill, my place was at the end of the street. My eyes were wide while Iooked around for other infected who might take up pursuit, but there were none besides Tim who was still chasing after me waving his arms about almost to protest angrily and with full rage he wanted to tear me apart. I slowed down then hopped off the bike pulling the baseball bat I took from the car out of the back of my pants where I had it tucked in. I kept looking around my eyes trying to pierce wherever the lamp posts could not penetrate the darkness. It was amazingly quiet, almost as if the infected hadn’t really come down this far yet, but from my wife’s text I new this was t true. I could hear the frantic breathing of Tim as he rushed toward me, he sounded out of breath yet his rage filed him on toward me. When he finally reached me I was amazed to find that he was out of gas he half heartedly reached out to grab me with both hands while trying to gasp for air. I side stepped striking the outside of his extended arm then followed up with a swing to his face. He gurgled from the strike before falling backwards to the ground. I stepped forward bashing his head in until I saw no motion. I composed myself catching my breath, I could not afford to be weak and out of breath when I entered my place. Turning back around I looked up. 

The lamp post in front gave off a haunting glare. I saw that the front door was open, the kitchen light was on. We lived in a duplex, it was on the right by the alley. I looked down the alley to make sure there wasn’t any activity before proceeding. Seeing that the glass storm door was broken I hurried up the stairs onto the porch  then opened the door desperate to see my wife and child alive and well. The front room was somewhat dark, the only light came from the kitchen. I could tell that something happened here, chairs were tipped over the place seemed unsettled. I walked into the livingroom I felt a tightness deep within my stomach.
A stool chair was tipped over laying on the rug, I noticed my daughters favorite toy laying a few feet away from the chair. That toy, it was the first toy my wife ever got her. She saw it when we were grocery shopping and although we were broke she had to have it, Aesha said Nia would absolutely love it. And once again she was right. Maybe it was the color, or the shape, or maybe how the dinosaur felt but Nia loved it. Her favorite past time from 2 months up to her current 4 months was to chew on Dinnie’s head. (Pronounced Den-e) Oh by the way my wife decided to call the toy Dinnie. I originally called him Donnie but my wife said Nia needed a female companion; a best friend that should be of the same sex. So Donnie had a sex change operation and became Dennie the Dinosaur. I thought Dinnie sounded like a guys name but I never said anything about it. 



And if you had to change Nia’s diaper she would have a fit when you had to take Dinnie away in order to take care of business. It was adorable to watch, seeing that toy on the ground flashed a few good memories in my mind. That smile Aesha gave when she would see Nia holding Dinnie, her laughter echoed in my mind. I’d almost forgotten the shit that was going on around me. Funny how just looking at something evokes such strong memories. Come on snap out of it Nico, I told myself. It was time to see where my family was hiding. I didn’t notice it at first but once I stood over Dinnie I saw little red dots on the toy. 


It was in small amounts on the carpet and on Dinnie. 

My mind blanked out for a second from the sheer fear that took the place of any sane thought. It was blood, but who’s blood? I took deep breaths fighting desperately to calm down, I was literally battling to keep bad scenarios of what might’ve took place here, tears flooded my eyes. I saw blood dots trail away from the toy onto the carpet and into the livingroom. I heard the sounds of animalistic heavy breathing coming from the alley beside my place, my instincts took over and I rushed into the kitchen. 

If I was going to have to fight more than one infected I wanted a combined cut and melee effect. From what I saw the infected were still susceptible to injuries like any other human being. I could cut an artery and they’d bleed out and weaken, then I could bash their fucking head in. I could also go for the eyes, if they couldn’t see they couldn’t attack, not to mention if I stabbed the eye it was a sure fire way to end their life quicker because I could puncture the brain. I picked a knife that was sleek and not too bulky, I was looking for speed. After that I flicked off the light in the kitchen. Crouching I made my way back into the livingroom. I waited as I heard the scuffling of several sloppy footsteps walk by in the alley. After a few minutes the infected passed by without incident. The hallway light upstairs was on, it beamed down showing the small trail of blood on the steps leading up. I was so worried, I didn’t hear Aesha or Nia. Placing my hand on the door that lead up the stairs I said a little prayer for God to prepare me for whatever was next.