Part 2 



I screamed at the top of my lungs, we hadn’t moved whatsoever in the past 2 minutes. I stared at the endless line of unmoving vehicles in front of me before looking back down at my phone. I quickly grabbed the phone and pushed the speed dial, again my wife’s phone went to voicemail. I scrambled to read Aesha’s text message, her words only made the desperation in me build. The added sound of horns honking and people yelling all around me didn’t help. “Fuck!” I yelled out. Wait, I couldn’t do this, I had to calm down. My wife and child’s life quite possibly depended on me staying calm. I could tell that there wasn’t anyone at the radio station, the radio personality’s voice was now replaced by The Emergency Broadcast System message. From what the looped message kept repeating was that there seemed to be an epidemic of people who carried some contagious viral disease that caused them to exhibit violent behavior. The violent behavior included confronting non infected people and beating the shit out of them, raping them in some cases, and or even killing them. The message instructed everyone to stay inside, and if you were on your way home to not engage one of them. Mindless violent behavior, what the fuck? Where these infected people a type of zombie? Sure they might not be dead, but they fit the discription of what I’d seen in movies and on TV. Looking around I told myself to think. Think dumb ass! I saw a bike attached to the back of a car on a bike rack a few cars up. 15 miles from home, I could get there faster by bike. I got out putting my phone into my top shirt pocket. I took notice that the moonlight was pretty bright tonight, looking up I saw that it was a full moon, I don’t think I’d ever noticed such a large moon before. I played in my mind how I was going to do this, just walk up and take the bike? Or ask them. If I asked them an argument could ensue. Nah just take the damn bike! I finally made it to the car and tried to yank the bike off, but it was locked to the rack. The driver noticed what I was trying to do and looked out of the driver side window that was rolled down. “Hey asshole!” He yelled. He opened the door and started to walk back toward me, his vehicle was still idling. I didn’t have time for this, my family needed me, this guy was going to get an ass whooping. I stanced up with my guard preparing for his attack when I heard God awful screaming coming from the left of us, it sounded almost animalistic but I could tell it was a humans voice. A man had jumped the divider in the center of the highway coming right at us. He didn’t seemed right, his body motion was impaired and jerky. The guy that got out of the car was closest he turned just as the impaired man reached him. Without even exchanging words the man that jumped the center divide leapt at the other guy landing on him then clamping down with his teeth on the guys neck before pulling back ripping flesh away. Blood squirted from his neck as he fell to the ground. “Holy shit!” I said out loud, I’d just realized that this guy was one of the infected that the radio was warning about, no ordinary guys would do this type of shit. The infected guy stayed on top of his victim beating the crap out of his chest like an angry gorilla or something. The poor dude just started gurgling and shaking violently. I ran to the other side of the car catching a glimpse of  a baseball bat on the front passenger seat. I also eyed the key on the key chain in the ignition that could unlock the bike. I reached in grabbing the bat, then slid in halfway reaching for the keys with my right hand. It was a balancing act turning the keys to the off position. Once the car shut off the infected stopped what he was doing and quickly looked at me through the driver side door that was opened. I stopped keeping my hand on the keys trying to slowly pull the key out as softly as possible. The infected just remained mounted over top of his victim staring at me, his eyes showing no true signs of intelligence with a blank look in them. I kept fidgeting with the keys while maintaining my eyes on him. I finally had to look at the ignition switch to see what was so hard about getting the keys out. I felt uneasy like this, my body over halfway into the car with my legs sticking upward and out the passenger window while I lay on the passenger seat belly down. I saw a release button then pushed it and pulled out the key, I looked back out at the infected we stared each other down for a few seconds. I didn’t move in an attempt to not cause him to take action. I started to slowly move my arm that was holding the keys to better hold myself up, as I squirmed ever so slightly I dropped the keys on the floor mat, the keys made that sound when they make contact with each other. I froze looking back up at the infected. His head started shaking with rage…

I said fuck it moving quickly to grab the keys, upon getting the keys I wiggled backwards the infected stood up and raced towards me, screaming.  He placed his hand on the door of the car while I continued to still wiggle out, the sound of a gun rang out, the infected jerked from the impact of the bullet falling to the ground. I was finally out of the car looking in the direction I heard the gunfire. A huge overweight white guy was standing there, he was holding a black handgun. “What the hell? You saw what he did to that guy right? I had to shoot em! What the fuck!?!” I walked around to the back wasting no time unlocking the bike from the rack glancing over as I did at the lifeless corpse of the infected man who just a few seconds ago wanted to kill me. A group started to amass around the car while I took the bike off the car rack. “He’s one of those infected, I heard it on the radio!” Someone yelled out. “Just what the heck is going on does anyone know?” Some woman asked nervously. There was a flood of conversation going on now since traffic wasn’t moving. My phone vibrated and flickered showing that my wife had just sent a message. I opened it desperately and read it. The light from my phone illuminating the area around my hand in the darkness of the night. 

Her text read: I shut off all incoming calls, they’re in the house! I took Nia upstairs we are hiding! If you are close please hurry!”

That was all I needed to keep my focus, I put my phone back in my shirt pocket and began excusing myself through the crowd with the bike. Across the highway on the other side, the direction that the infected dude came from originally was the familiar screaming sound again, this time it sounded like too many to count. I was amazed how everyone just stood there waiting to see who was coming with the exception of a few who took off running. I hopped on the bike and started riding through the crowd knocking people out of my way, something bad was going to happen I could feel it. I only looked back once seeing a large crowd of infected crawl over the concrete divider in the middle of the highway. They  ran at the crowd of people and began tearing into them filling the air with blended screams from the infected and their victims. I heard gunfire again ringing out only twice before he was more than likely overwhelmed by numbers. I pushed harder down on each peddle to pick up speed. Finally breaking through the crowd I had a clear shot down the side of the highway, I didn’t look back again.