Sarah was so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open. Yesterday’s events of losing her father, and then her brother leaving drained her. She waited up all night for Tony to return, he never did. She feel asleep on the ride to work but it didn’t get enough rest, when she was rudely awakened by the officer it was a terrible reminder of how exhausted she really was. Her first task of the morning was to clean Ugabe’s private bathroom. Her battle with slumber was halted by the surprise of the sheer size of the bathroom. It was a large circular room with two adjacent rooms. The first attached room was where the toilet was, the second was a dressing room that connected to his bedroom. In the center of the main room was a large tub that was level with the floor and was easily as larger than Sarah’s bedroom. In fact this bathroom was larger than her whole apartment, it made her wonder why such space was needed just to bathe. There was a very large rectangular window with white drapes to the side of the bath. Sarah walked over to window opening the drapes. Pushing a small button on the wall next to the window slowly the window opened sliding to the right disappearing into the wall, a nice steady ocean breeze caressed her face. To feel the morning sun on her skin was a form of meditation brining instant calm. Closing her eyes she stood at the window raising her head to the sky the sun rays embraced her. She took a deep breath then exhaled slowly keeping her eyes closed. She felt a shadow of someone moving in front of her while her head remained upward. Startled she opened her eyes seeing Ugabe floating just above her right outside the bathroom window. “I’m starting to see that what I learned about white people and sunlight was greatly exaggerated. This is the second time I’ve seen you enjoy the sun.” Ugabe said softly and calmly with a smile. Sarah stared at him a moment not even realizing that he said something. “Miss Emara, your eyes show that you are very tired, I would even say that they look vexed, there is much weight behind them.” Sarah blinked with a blankness to it. All of the stress finally caught up to her. Her head titled as her eyes rolled back. She fell to the ground unconscious. The stress of it all finally caught up to her.


“I never understood the animosity that the races have for one another, in the end the sad part is we are all one big family; yet most don’t see it that way.” Sarah’s father said to her. She was but eight years old sitting upon his lap. His hands were worn and it showed that he had worked hard. Sarah looked up at her father concerned.
“Why did mommy have to leave us?” She asked. Her father forced down the sadness showing it only briefly on his face. He didn’t want to tell his daughter that her mother left because she couldn’t handle the pressure of being married to a half Egyptian, half white. She was ostracized at work constantly once it was discovered that her last name was Emara. So she left it all behind, including her name. She left a note apologizing for her weakness but she had to leave. So instead of telling his children the truth, he told them that their mother had no choice because she was dying of a terminal illness that she could not afford to fight. He did not realize it but that started Tony’s decent into hate for the blacks. They could not help and they allowed his mother to suffer, it showed that they could care less for the life of a white person. After that he endured the racism from Africans once they learned of his last name. Sarah’s father caressed her head gently showing a smile.
“It is just how life works sometimes princess. Sometimes life can be hard, and other times it can be worse. But we just have to work through it. And yes we may be mistreated for who we are, but you must remember; racism is an ugly thing. If one endures racism, they must also be sure not to be tainted by it themselves.” He brought his daughter close to him embracing her with both arms. “Hate can not cure hate.” He said. Sarah stood a few feet away watching the old memory play out until the image of her father disappeared. She realized now that she was dreaming before her own image disappeared bringing darkness. She stirred before finally opening her eyes, a nurse was looking down at her. Looking around Sarah noticed that she was in a very large bedroom. She tried to get up but the nurse put her hand on Sarah’s shoulder pushing downward, Sarah was still far too weak to fight.
“You must rest, it seems your body as well as your mind are under extreme duress.” The nurse said. Sarah glanced about the room.
“Where am I…?” Sarah asked weakly.
“You are still on the Lions estate, you have been for the past sixteen hours since you fainted.” The nurse replied. Upon hearing this Sarah began to try to get up.
“I am so fired! Oh no…” Sarah said. The door opened, Ugabe walked in, he was wearing a white loose fitting casual African outfit instead of his combat uniform.
“I am your boss, you still have a job.” Ugabe said kindly. Sarah weakly kicked back the satin sheets.
“I could get in so much trouble for this! Sleeping in a black persons house of the opposite sex is forbidden!”
“No that rule applies only to white males. Besides, there is nothing romantic going on here; Tingella is my witness as well as your nurse.”
“But maybe she won’t agree of my being here too.” Sarah said looking at the nurse nervously.
“Tingella is most trusted, she will keep this matter between us.” Ugabe walked up to the bed looking over at Tingella. “Please excuse us a moment.” Ugabe said said to the nurse. She nodded before walking out of the room and shutting the door behind her. Before Ugabe had a chance to speak Sarah wasted no time once the door had closed. “Why are you so kind to me?” She asked firmly. Ugabe smiled at her. “There is no hidden agenda behind my kindness. It is how it should be, you are human and so am I. Should we not respect one another?” He said. Sarah smiled sourly. “Until you I was never treated with respect by a black person. I mean some were nicer than others, but I was always reminded in some way that I was less of a person. And if they ever found out that I had Egyptian blood?” She scoffed. “I would be threatened or spit on.” She slowly sat up crossing her arms while laying against the large headboard of the bed, Ugabe saw her frustration. “I am sorry for how my fellow Africans have treated you, hopefully some day this will all change.” Sarah looked over at Ugabe. “I can hear in your voice, you want to make these changes yourself. You would have a whole nation against you.” She said. “Not all Africans agree with how things are. Granted many enjoy the benefits of black privilege, but change is coming.” Sarah scoffed again, Ugabe looked at her surprised. “Why do you laugh?” He said surprised. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never heard a black person say black privilege, most blacks deny that it even exists.” Sarah said.
“Just because many deny that it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.” Ugabe said, Sarah looked at him studying his face, she saw no animosity in it as he spoke.
“I suppose so.” She replied. “I know I don’t feel well, but the longer I stay, the worse it could get for me.”
“Nothing will happen to you, I am the Lion of Africa. No one will question your presence here. No one will even know.”
“The nurse knows.” Sarah said nervously.
“You worry too much Miss Emara. Relax and get your health back.” Ugabe causally walked away with a gentle smile on his face.