General Ubu sat at his large wooden desk, fingers interlocking his chin resting on top of his hands. Ugabe, Hodari, and Ari stood patiently waiting in front of him. This was an early morning meeting Ari wasn’t a morning person, she would’ve rather been in bed still sleeping. She was just as tall as Ugabe and Hodari, but she was much thiner. Her hair was braided going back opening into a puffy Afro. She was strikingly beautiful, but then again all of the creations from the Guardian project were bred to be attractive. She had high cheek bones and flawless features of a woman from South Africa. Each guardian that was created was deliberately made from genetics of a different part of Africa to help unify. Ugabe was of West African stock. Hodari’s genetics came from East Africa, and Ari got hers from South Africa. From Zulu royalty to be precise. She had a flare for fashion, even in combat and was notorious for wearing tight fitting clothing. For this Hodari despised her, for him a woman should be silent, and obedient; Ari was none of those. He also disliked her because she was created with equal strength and speed. She could also release lasers from her eyes just as Hodari could. Since they were created at the same time many would refer to Hodari and Ari as the twins. She eyed a couch off to her left longing to just have a seat but she waited first to see what General Ubu had to say. Leaning back in his seat in melodramatic fashion he finally spoke. “With advisement from the parliament the president has decided to let operation 468 go into effect.” He paused waiting for the question, it was Hodari who spoke up. “Operation 468?” He asked.
“All of you were created for a greater purpose, it was not to be glorified body guards of Mother Africa you know. Mother Africa has the most powerful military in the world to protect her. All of these years were used to get the public behind you, to bring the nation together. And now that that has happened we can move forward with Operation 468.” General Ubu stood up, he was noticeably shorter than the three heroes. “For some time the parliament has wanted to expand our territories, the Middle East for starters.” General Ubu said.
“It was once considered to be part of Africa before white men called it the Middle East.” Hodari said.
“You are correct my son, Middle East is not a continent, it was considered a part of Africa in ancient times.” The general replied. Ugabe wondered if what the general was saying was just more propaganda.
“But now it is inhabited by millions of Arabs. What does the parliament expect to happen? For us to go to war?” Ugabe asked.
“Quite simple Ugabe, we won’t go to war. We will simply exterminate them! The three of you would swoop in and tear apart the Arab armies causing them all to retreat to a specific designated area. From there we would have you three back out then from a distance our scientists could use the Reaper on them thus riding the world of the greasy Arabs!” Only General Ubu and Hodari seemed enthused.
“The Reaper? The weapon that can shut down the human body within minutes? The weapon that even the president deemed too barbaric to use on another human being?” Ari said in a judge mental voice. The general showed his disapproval by the scowl on his face. The Reaper was a weapon created by Professor Mtumbo the leading scientists at the time in radio wave technology. The Reaper used radio waves to disrupt the human body before shutting it down. Originally is was used in the form of a gun, then it was upgraded to a canon. The tip emitted the radio waves outward. During the cleansing of North Africa of Arabs the Reaper was used on thousand of Arabs. The former president regretted using the Reaper and had any and all Reaper weapons decommissioned. The president felt that it was a weapon that killed inhumanely. The professor stepped down from his position as head weapons scientist. For years no one was brilliant enough to take his place. Qwame finally was recruited easily filling the professors shoes with his own brilliant inventions.
“That was the former president, not the current! And it was agreed that the Reaper would be used. But good news! The Reaper has been upgraded to satellite which makes it much easier to use. We just need to get them all in one area to make their demise possible!”
“And Qwame is part of this Operation 468? Was he the one who upgraded the Reaper?” Ugabe asked. Hodari glanced over with an irritated look at Ugabe.
“Qwame may be brilliant, but he is no warrior! Any weapons that he has made are mostly non lethal! To me he has been a great failure!” Hodari replied.
“Yet you sang the praises of his gravity ring did you not?” Ugabe said.
“His only great invention to be sure, a ring that gives the bearer the ability of flight, and protects the wearer with an invisible force field. Pure genius indeed, but it’s only one invention worth mentioning compared to his many other flawed ones.” Hodari grimaced. “If you aren’t up to the task then maybe father should just push the button now and put you out of your misery?” Ugabe kept his cool, now was not the time for such an argument. He had taken notice of a few important things this morning. He would keep this information to himself.
“I will do what Mother Africa asks of me without fail.” Ugabe said calmly.
“And what about your general?” General Ubu responded curiously. Ugabe made sure to look General Ubu in the eyes.
“Whatever must be done will be done as you or the president orders!” Ugabe said firmly. The General stared at Ugabe a moment before smiling.
“Good…” He said nodding his head. “Operation 468 will be put into effect in three months time. You will resume regular detail until called upon for the mission. Dismissed!” The General ordered. The three turned and proceeded to walk away. “Hodari, I want you to stay a moment. We have more to discuss.” The general said. Hodari stopped and turned with a smile.
“Yes sir.” He replied. The office door opened allowing Ugabe and Ari to pass through before shutting behind them. As the two walked down the corridor no words were spoken, but once they got outside that was another matter.
“It smells of something sinister Lion, I don’t like it.” Ari said.
“There’s nothing we can do, they have fingers resting on the button. They could just depose of us and start fresh with new warriors.”
“Those damn buttons!” Ari protested.
“Be patient sister, be patient.” Ugabe said while lifting into the sky flying away from the general’s facility. Hodari calling the general father, and General Ubu calling Hodari his son was deep on Ugabe’s mind. The General was from East Africa. Hodari was created from East African stock. It didn’t take a fool to realize the connection. And if it was true, the ambition of a general who controlled the entire army of the African Nation with the backing of his son who wielded great power? Civil war could easily break out. General Ubu had that kind of air to him, being leader over the military wasn’t enough. Ugabe knew he wanted more. It was apparent that Ari was against General Ubu, but would she be for Ugabe? It was time to start feeling out who would back him up.