Sarah got out of the jeep slowly walking back to the apartment, this day was a bit too much for her and she wondered if there was a way she could quit her new job. But she knew that was impossible, quitting meant losing her citizenship for sure, it wasn’t a law but her rating would be low which meant she wouldn’t be able to seek employment. Any white citizen that could not contribute to society would be forced to leave the country. She hoped she’d never have to see Hodari again. The look in his eyes terrified her. She looked up seeing her brother standing at the front door, he didn’t look too happy, in fact he was very angry. He quickly walked out to meet her shaking his head. “They fucking killed dad! Those fucking niggers killed him!” Tony said irately. Sarah’s eyes widened, reaching out she grabbed Tony by the shoulders shaking him, her heart dropping after what she just heard. “What do you mean? Where is dad?” She yelled. “I told you! Those niggers killed him! The coroner came to the house a few hours ago and told me! Those fucking nigger animals! I swear I’ll kill them!” Tony began swinging punches into the air, tears streaming down his flustered face Sarah took notice that people stopped to see what the commotion was. She fought down her emotions wiping the tears away. The use of the word nigger by a white person could get up to five years in prison, and even though they lived in an all white ghetto some might report what they heard in order to gain favor from the police. She grabbed Tony and struggled getting him inside. After a few hours she was able to calm Tony some. From what she got out of Tony, her father supposedly had a disagreement with a high ranking soldier, so the soldier killed her father. It happened early this morning before Sarah even got the call to work for the Lion from Dr. Kimbe. Why didn’t the coroner notify the family at the time of her fathers death? None of it made sense. She wanted so badly to quit her job, things were turning out to be difficult, the timing was bad, but she knew that she couldn’t. She couldn’t even call off of work to mourn the loss of her father. She sat back on the couch as Tony stayed seated at the edge of the couch both arms resting on the top of his legs, his hands balled into fists. Placing her hand on the side of her face she began to softly weep. Tony saw his sister. “This has got to stop sis, the niggers have gone too far!” He said. She nodded her head slowly keeping her eyes closed as tears steadily flowed down her face. “Can you stop using that word?” She said softly. “What? You mean the word nigger? Why would I do that? They’re a bunch of monkeys!” Tony said standing up defiantly while glaring down at his sister. Sarah looked up at him, her eyes were bloodshot and strained. “For starters if someone overheard you they could turn you in for a reward? Or have you forgotten that the government rewards whites with money for turning in other whites who use the N word? We’ve already lost our father, I don’t want to lose my brother!” She said desperately. Tony kneeled down in front of Sarah. “They want to finish what the vapors started sis! They want the white race wiped off the planet! Look at the movies! Ancient Romans and Greeks played by light skinned Africans! They try to lie to us and tell our children in schools that the ancient world was black! I’ve learned from Lewis that whites were the first humans, that we came from a totally different branch of creation called the Cro- Magnon! We didn’t even come from those black monkeys!” Tony was proud of what he was saying. “Tony I don’t like you hanging with that Lewis, I think he will get you into trouble! He’s bad news!” Sarah protested. “He tells me truth about our race, how is that bad news? We were once the great rulers over the blacks! We need to fight to survive and one day take our rightful place back from the niggers!” Tony’s eyes fumed when he spoke. Sarah gave a disappointed glance at her brother. “How can you say that when we also have Egyptian blood?” She said. Tony stood and began pacing back and forth in front of Sarah. “Aw come on sis, you and I both know Egyptians were white! Why do you think other monkey nations resent Egypt?”
“That’s not true and you know it! Dad told us both that Egyptians started off as a black kingdom eventually mixing with others over time.” Sarah objected.
“Lewis said that is all bullshit that the niggers want Egypt to be black instead of white! Egypt was always white, they only deny it to protect their own! Modern Egyptians sell out so that they can remain in Africa and reap the benefits of black privilege!”
“We have a father to bury, this is what we don’t need right now!” Sarah said standing up.
“We don’t need what? The truth? We need that more than ever now if we are to ever preserve the white race sis! It’s time to fight back!”
“No Tony, fighting back with violence will only ensure that we are eradicated. But you say white race as if we are not part of the human race! Whether you like it or not, our Egyptian blood is tied to black Africa! And our European blood is also tied to black Africa! The first humans were black! We are all related Tony through blood, all of us!” Tony’s face switched to a low eyed frown.
“Spoken like a true nigger lover!” He said calmly before opening the front door running off. Sarah protested but her words fell on deaf ears. He was gone before she even got out the door. She called out his name several times desperately, but he never came back. She walked back into the apartment slamming the door crying hysterically.