Sarah was out in front of the mansion tending to the flowers, she was a bit annoyed at first when she was assigned this task. She was a house worker for the inside, never had she worked outside. But it was an easy task, and she was completely wowed by this place. The weather was perfect and there was always a slight breeze that came up from the ocean so it was never really too hot. She was kneeling on the ground gently sifting through the flowers and pulling out any weeds and correcting the soil afterwards. She had gotten a little dirty but this work made her feel good, that is what amazed her. She was used to working inside air conditioned buildings, this was a nice change. There was no one looking over her shoulder, in fact no one was even around. There was the occasional security guard but they never paid attention to Sarah. Leaning back she closed her eyes letting the sun rays touch her skin, with a smile she let the positive moment absorb into her. “I was under the impression that whites were incapable of being out in the sun too long, let alone enjoy it.” Sarah opened her eyes being taken by surprise from the deep male voice. She was even more startled to see Ugabe floating several feet above her with his massive arms crossed. Sarah staggered to her feet dusting the dirt from her knees and pants. She knew it was the great Lion who hovered above her. “This isn’t what it looks like, I wasn’t slacking sir!” Sarah said nervously while looking up at Ugabe concerned that he would be angry and fire her thus destroying he excellent rating. He softly landed in front of her, she quickly realized how large this man was. He towered over her but maintained a smile showing his perfect teeth. Ugabe lowered his arms. “I am fully aware that you were working, tending to my flowers. I was watching you as I descended, all the while you were hard at work. You only took a moment to soak in the sun.” He stopped smiling a moment with an after thought. “My comment on whites being incapable of being in the sun too long was not meant to be derogatory. You are the first white person I’ve met in person, while in school I was taught by my teachers that white skin is not capable of handling long durations of sunlight. Therefore making whites incapable of staying in the sun for too long comfortably.” Sarah tilted her head looking like an innocent child curious and intrigued. “Have you not had white servants sir before me?” She said, her voice shaking. Ugabe saw that she was very nervous, her fingers fiddled with one another and she bit her bottom lip repeatedly. “Please…” He said pausing briefly speaking soft and kindly. “My name is Ugabe, not sir. And you may call me by my given name.” He said with a gentle smile. “I have never had a servant, the General didn’t want anyone who was not military personnel around me. And the only whites that I’ve ever dealt with have been pirates…” His voice trailed off upon him knowing that Sarah knew that it meant he had only killed whites, not talked to them. Looking down a moment awkwardly Ugabe glanced back up at Sarah. “You are Sarah Emara the new house servant.” He said it in the fashion of a statement more so than a question. Sarah was surprised at how respectful one so prominent was speaking to her, it instantly put her at ease. It wasn’t often that a black person would speak to her as if she were an equal, but in Ugabe’s voice, and in his eyes Sarah saw true kindness. She realized that she hadn’t answered Ugabe’s question and quickly forced out a response. “Yes! Um..” She fiddled her words looking about feeling a bit shy now rather than her initial emotions of fear. “I mean I am Sarah Emara.” It was Ugabe’s turn to look surprised. “Emara… That is an African name, Egyptian to be precise.” Sarah’s face went from shy to instantly upset, she knew what questions would come next. “It means half breed!” Said another mans voice from above. Ugabe and Sarah looked up to see Hodari descending from the sky, Ugabe held in his contempt for seeing Hodari by smiling. Hodari was another creation from the Guardian project, everything learned from Ugabe’s trials was then used to make two other super humans. Hodari was created twenty years ago followed by Ari, she was the same age as Hodari. Hodari possessed the same abilities as Ugabe, but to the disappointment of the scientists Hodari was somewhat weaker than his big brother. But he was much faster, and was also given the ability to shoot concentrated lasers from his eyes thanks to specially made lenses that were organically grown then put into his eyes where they remained permanently. He wore a black loose outfit that had three red stripes across the chest. His nose was thin and long representing the features of his East African ancestry. Unlike Ugabe, Hodari was very arrogant and enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. Killing was what he enjoyed most, and he had the power to do it. His curly black hair was short, his eyes were light brown. He wore a neatly trimmed thin goatee on his face. Hodari resented the fame that Ugabe received, and was envious that he was not looked upon as Ugabe’s equal if not his better in his own mind. Upon landing Ugabe greeted him. “Hello brother, I see that you are enjoying Qwame’s latest invention?” Hodari kept his eyes on Sarah as he spoke, she lowered her head staring at the ground. “We are like gods in the eyes of men, the power of flight only magnifies our image of godhood.” He turned his attention to Ugabe. “I did not like the pleasant conversation that looked to be ongoing between you and the half breed.” Hodari went straight to the point. Sarah instantly felt the sinister vibes that came from Hodari, he was nothing like or nowhere as good and kind as Ugabe. “You are also mistaken brother, Emara is no African name. The name has roots with the greasy Arabs across the sea! I detest Egyptians as much as I loath Arabs! But I hate half breeds even more than I hate a defect! At least a defect knows their place.” Hodari walked over to Sarah he was very tall standing the same height as Ugabe. Placing a finger on Sarah’s chin he forced her to look up at him. “But a half breed…? Maybe a half breed thinks they belong. That maybe they have rights in the motherland, that maybe they are our equals.” He said coldly keeping his eyes locked with Sarah’s. “Enough! She is my servant, do not come here disrupting things Hodari!” Ugabe said irritated, but he held back showing his true anger over seeing Hodari scare Sarah, in his eyes it was wrong. Hodari turned breaking away from Sarah directing his attention fully on Ugabe. “Your mind is not well Ugabe! I overheard your conversation with Qwame earlier! Do you really feel that you are working for the wrong side? Is your mind turning traitorous?” Ugabe maintained his calm. “Mother Africa is my heart, her people I will protect with my dying breath!” Ugabe said determined. “That’s the problem, we were made to live forever. You won’t have a dying breath unless the president or the General orders it. I don’t deny your patriotism, but I wonder sometimes if your heart is too weak.” Hodari began to rise up from the ground slowly into the air. “My reason for visiting was to personally tell you that the General wants our attention in the morning, eight am. All three of us.” Hodari said. “What for? A mission?” Ugabe asked. “He didn’t say. But whatever it is I’m sure it will be for an enjoyable cause. You know how the General works.” Hodari flew off into the sky disappearing into the distance of the horizon. Ugabe kept his gaze to the sky his mind in thought wondering what the meeting with the General would be about. Sarah was in mental shock from the fear that she had felt being in Hodari’s presence, she knew that he didn’t care at all for her life. To him she was worthless, and if it was up to him he would’ve ended her life without batting an eye. Ugabe turned away from Sarah he didn’t want to be distracted. “You are done for today Miss Emara. I will have an officer take you home. You will be paid for a full days service.” He then walked away from Sarah leaving her stunned.