It was over an hour drive from where Sarah lived to get to the coast. It was a very quiet drive which gave her time to think and clear her head. She wondered sometimes what was her grandparents thinking? An Egyptian male, and a white female having a child. Sarah would always listen to her fathers stories about being a child of mixed race. It was very difficult for him. He never saw his mother when he was a child and when he was old enough to visit her in prison she had already died. Sarah’s father felt that there obviously had been no love between his father and mother, it was only a sexual connection, and from that he was born. It was a hard life for him yet somehow he stayed positive. It was interesting, her brother Tony was far more vindictive than her father could ever be, Tony hated blacks. He associated with a group of friends that felt the same. She hated hearing them talk hatefully about blacks when they came around. It was Tony that told her that in the past whites ruled the blacks, and that they called the blacks niggers, he laughed about that. Now it was whites that were called the derogatory equivalent of nigger. Whites were sometimes called defect, it was short for defective. It was in relation to the fact that whites were the hardest hit after the vapors went across the globe from China. And now long after it was mainly the whites who were still affected by the vapors making it difficult to procreate. The jeep was driving down a road that was parallel to the ocean, it was a peaceful sight and it helped to soothe Sarah a bit. The jeep slowed catching her attention, it turned into a long winding driveway. She forgot her place leaning forward placing one hand on the seat in front of her for leverage. “I thought I was going to the military base where my father works.” She said, the officer in the passenger seat turned slightly looking down at her hand that was on the seat. Sarah caught sight of his distaste of her hand so close to him, she released the grip sitting back in her seat. The officer turned facing forward again. “This is the estate of Ugabe Sembela.” Sarah’s face showed surprise. “The Lion Of Africa?” She said taken by surprise. “The very one, as I said earlier you must be fucking the good doctor to be working for our nations pride. The protector of mother Africa.” The officer said it in such a way to convey disrespect. Over a few hundred years ago at the time there was a top secret project called Project Guardian. It’s goal was to make enhanced soldiers of incredible power capable of defending African borders single handedly. Various trial and errors occurred until the success of Ugabe Sembela. He was the first to survive the trials only sixty years ago. He was created from test tube born babies that were built to have abilities downloaded into them much like a computer. A fusion of humanity and tech. It was said he was immortal thanks to science, and his power was awesome indeed. His skin was genetically enhanced to withstand great damage such as bullets or even heavy duty rockets or high heated temperatures to below freezing, his skin could withstand it all. He had incredible super human speed. And his strength was unmatched, the African news channels had shown him tossing Arab tanks around like paper when they attempted to invade Somalia. Because of his leadership and how just the mere sight of him caused national pride he was given the title The Lion. The Lion was truly a patriotic symbol, children looked up to and admired him, adult males wanted to be him, while women wanted to be his wife. Yearly he has been voted Africa’s worlds sexiest man. There had been attempts by the Arabs to steal the technology that created The Lion, but all attempts had failed. It was believed but not confirmed that a North African nation had been helping the Arabs. To this day Africans in general detested North Africans. For the most part because of what was claimed the North Africans had done in the past. What was taught in African schools about the history of North African nations was the willingness to be considered white or Arab. It was felt that in the old days before the glory of Africa that North African nations turned their backs on their darker brothers and sisters. That a sense of superiority was felt and that North Africans looked down on the West, East, Central, and South Africans only wanting to claim black heritage after Arabs turned their backs on them after closing their borders to outsiders. It was known that even some North Africans called themselves Arabs not blacks. For what seemed the longest time people of North African nations had the possibility of being kicked out of Africa all together. But eventually Egypt and Morocco had some what proven themselves by defending the Northern African borders from Arab invaders and European pirates who would try to raid seaside towns for resources. For the African government this proved to be enough, but to the people it only meant the North Africans were merely defending their own territories. In modern times Africans who were not from the North had very little trust for their Northern brothers and sisters. The jeep slowed coming to a stop. Several red lights rose from the ground zipping about the jeep, the officer looked back seeing Sarah starting to become nervous. “Sit still girl! This is a security measure! Let the security system scan you, if you make any sudden moves the system might decide to eliminate you.” He saw that she kept trying to follow the red dots so he sighed with frustration. “Go ahead. Keep moving if you want to die bitch! I could care less if your half breed life was cut short!” He slowly turned forward in his seat. What the officer said started to make sense, she looked forward placing her hands on her legs sitting perfectly still as the lasers danced about the jeep, after several more seconds the red dots flickered to green. The officer looked over at the driver. “Ok we can go now.” The jeep began driving again moving up the snaking road away from the main road. As they continued driving Sarah saw an entire estate shimmer then appear all around her, it was huge. Ugabe’s private estate was hidden behind a cloaking device. “Ingenious isn’t it?” The officer said proudly. “Of course you will be bound to secrecy for what you are seeing. To break military law is punishable by death are you aware?” The officer said without looking back. “Yes sir, I was informed by my employer.” Sarah said. “Your employer? That has changed hands as well, you now work for the African government, all ties to civilian employment are severed. You will answer to doctor Kimbe, or The Lion only. Never forget that!” The officer said sternly, this time he made sure he looked back at Sarah to get a visual acknowledgement, once she nodded yes followed by a yes sir he turned back around facing forward. He adjusted his military cap then nodded his head as if to assure himself that he was truly a great man.


He sat in the back of the chopper alone with his thoughts. Leaning back against the wall of the chopper his mind was in deep thought. His bald head was shiny, his skin a dark coppery brown. Thick eyebrows rested above green eyes the shape of lopsided diamonds. A pronounced broad bridge trailed down to the tip of his nose. His lips were full and round. He was very handsome, but at the moment his face was very troubled. He was Ugabe Sembela, The Lion Of Africa. He took a deep sigh bringing his hands together interlocking them. He was no longer amused with his title. He no longer wanted to be the hero of a nation. What he originally thought he fought for he started to question. He was told that he fought to bring peace, he was supposed to be a symbol of unity between mankind, but all he had seen was racial injustice. He turned a blind eye at first, but over time he couldn’t ignore it. The world outside Africa was in need of the sciences inside of Africa to help bring mankind up uniting them. But the government saw it differently. White men could not be trusted, Americans were half breeds not worth the effort, Asians were ambitious only in killing one another; the list of excuses that Ugabe was given started to leave a foul taste in his mouth. He was told that all other races looked down upon the African, and that had things been different; if Europe was as Africa is now, the whites and the other races would have united to wipe the planet clean of the black race. Back when he was in school he had been taught that black was considered the lowest of the races centuries ago, and that all other non white races fought for the admiration of the whites by spitting on the blacks. Even if this was true Ugabe felt that blacks must now show that they were not as the other races had been in history towards his people, or his nation. For him the way things were had to change, it was no different back in history, the only difference was that blacks were the ones treated as such. It wasn’t right. “ETA five minutes Lion.” Said a voice from a built in mic inside Ugabe’s ear, it was Qwame, the tech who worked closely with Ugabe. “Yea, ok…” Ugabe said sounding distant. Qwame picked up on the conflict in Ugabe’s voice.
“You ok bro? You’re about to strike a European pirate ship in a few minutes, get your head into the game!”
“My skin is impervious to damage, and this mission is low level. I’m only here to test out the new gravity ring you created.”
“Ah yes the power of flight by a human being without having to fly in a machine. It will revolutionize warfare yet again. We won’t need ships to carry soldiers, they’ll be able to fly with the aid of my trusty gravity ring!” Qwame said proudly. “And although your skin is pretty damn tough we don’t want to take any careless chances. Sure I’ve seen heavy artillery hit you as you casually stroll through the battle zone. And I’ve also witnessed rockets explode on impact upon your chest and you just wave at the enemy unharmed with a smile afterwards. But you just never know what weapons they’re building out there to counter African tech.”
“It’s just a Euro pirate ship, they always carry centuries old weaponry.” Ugabe stood up showing his imposing six foot four inch muscular frame. He wore a earth tone brown form fitting uniform. His shoes were high top military boots that matched the color of his suit. Walking over to the side of the chopper opened door he looked out over the sea as it flew silently high above the waters. Ugabe placed one hand on the bay door staring out. “Can I ask you something personal Qwame?”
“Yea go ahead as long as it’s not about my sex life because right now it’s not doing so well.” Qwame jested.
“You ever wonder if what we’re doing is really helping? I mean as in helping the world? Or are we just bullies keeping non Africans in check?” There was a brief moment of silence before Qwame spoke.
“I had to check to make sure we were on a private secure channel, you do know that General Ubu likes to listen in sometimes.”
“So…” Ugabe said.
“What you just said could be considered treason bro! Let’s keep it off that conversation, besides its showtime! Get your head in the game!”
Ugabe sighed deeply realizing that maybe it wasn’t the right time to talk about what was on his mind. He wasn’t really worried what General Ubu thought, but he did have control of the kill switch. The kill switch was in an undisclosed location and with either the President or General Ubu’s order the kill switch could shut Ugabe down literally. It was created just in case, Ugabe was a powerful weapon, and weapons needed to be controlled. It was the one aspect of his life that he hated. To know that someone could merely push a button and shut him down bothered him. He was virtually indestructible, yet he could easily be defeated at the push of a button. He nodded his head in disgust. The pirate ship could be seen in the distance cruising on the water.
“Ok let’s see how well your gravity ring works.” Ugabe said raising his right arm looking at the black ring that was on his middle finger. He leapt out of the chopper taking off like a missile toward the pirate ship.