The short story Divinity came about due to a conversation I had with two African Americans and one East African. They had all come to the conclusion that because of my diverse background I wasn’t truly black. And it was also added that due to my wife not being black it also put me on the outside of blackness. Yet I was told during the debate that blacks can not be racist. I felt exactly that. How dare someone tell me what I am. I have always identified myself as a black person. My conclusion is this story. I honestly feel that if blacks ruled the governments there is a big chance they’d be doing the same damn thing white people do to us. Even more so with Africans. Many of my friends are African and they truly feel that Africans shouldn’t mix with non Africans. Years ago I was engaged to a beautiful Eritrean woman, her father shut down the engagement on the point that I wasn’t African, and more specific Eritrean. The short story Divinity deals with these situations of Racial and national pride along with many other situations that have affected my life as a person of color with a diverse gene pool.