It is the year 2488. Many centuries ago the world economy collapsed bringing great chaos. To survive the United States, Canada, and South America combined to make the UA, the United Alliance. India closed its borders and unified with Pakistan become the Indo-Pakistan Nation. Other Asian countries fought with one another, Japan fell as well as other smaller nations. One the United States Unified with Canada and South America North and South Korea unified. The Middle East followed with bringing all nations together calling it the Muslim State. Most of the countries went through great hardships. Famine was the biggest problem. But the worst thing to ever hit all of them was a chemical vapor that came from China late in the year of 2198. The vapor swept across the planet killing millions. It took several centuries before the vapor cleared, but in its wake it left a horrible realization. Whatever was in the vapor affected most people of European decent. The problem? Europeans were quickly diminishing to the point that when people of other nationalities were staring to grow in population, Europeans with less melanin we’re finding it harder to have children. By 2242 white Europeans or any white person on the entire planet for that matter were an endangered species. On the other side of the scale was South, West, and Central Africans. Although on the scale most Africans seemed to have some sort of genetic defense against the vapors that spread across the earth, it was the South, West, and Central Africans who seemed to have a complete immunity. While other populations across the globe were affected these particular Africans never lost numbers and in fact prospered. Because of this while other populations were busy fighting famine, and sickness; Africa had started its newest renaissance. Advanced sciences in medicine and war made it possible for most of the African nations to unify, Morocco was against it but caved in under the realization that its citizens would be forced to leave the continent. Egypt initially fought as well but it was mainly a religious reason. But Islam was changing. In the wake of disaster Saudia Arabia cut off all Muslims who were not deemed of pure blood. This meant if you were not from their lands you were not one of true Islam. The borders were shut down and no one was allowed to enter. This was only due to the fact that resources were scarce. The country could not afford to feed others that sought out refuge. Newer branches of Islam took root in various parts of Africa. This helped to unify Egypt on a religious level, but West and South Africans remained very suspicious of Egypt because they had once sided with the Arabs. It was also this way for the East Africans. But in time all was forgiven, or so it was believed. The capital was based in Ghana, and although the president of Africa could be selected from anywhere in the unified lands, it was almost always that a president was selected from West Africa. That changed in the recent elections when finally a man from South Africa was elected to office. Africa continued to prosper making it the desirable land for others to migrate to. At first none were allowed to enter. To the common African it was believed that outsiders were inferior. That they were weaker, even in Christian churches it was preached that Africans, and in particular darker Africans were Gods chosen people. Science seemed to back this up unintentionally by proving that darker Africans had the strongest resistance to the vapors side affects. Anyone considered black outside of Africa was believed to be watered down and less than, anyone else was considered worse. Thanks to the churches there came a new movement, the divinity movement that urged Africans to realize that all of them were of divine blood directly from God. All save for North Africans. There was a new African saying “Humanity started out as black, and now it has returned to its origins. This is Gods doing.” Sickness and disease has been wiped out across the entire continent yet they do not share their strides in medicine or weaponry with the rest of the world. Indo-Pakistan has done well for itself as a nation but closed its borders to the outside world letting no one in, or out. China has become a radioactive wasteland in many parts, most of its citizens left going to the Unified Korea, or the small nation of Hawaii. Anyone who did not become part of those nations became nomads in Europe where there is no government whatsoever, only small factions that fight for resources and weapons. The United Alliance of the Americas shows promise but is still struggling to rise into full world power status, it had several of its own civil wars that took its toll on the nation. But now at least in modern times Whites are allowed to gain citizenship into Africa although it is under the label of a lesser citizen holding what is called C status. Whites don’t have access to what blacks have. Better jobs and education is reserved for blacks only. Jobs of servitude are the only employment whites can find. And for the ones that gain C status it is enough. Survival is what is important now. To settle down, and rebuild the white race, this is the dream of most that have survived. Marriage between blacks and whites is against African law, so whites have at least some chance to repopulate. But the government is heavy handed, they have learned from the past and see whites as evil, to have significant numbers among the whites would be a bad thing so measures are taken to control this. The whites aren’t even aware of this, this is a good thing according to the government, this is best indeed. And this is where our story will begin, in the white ghettos in the outskirts of Ghana Africa, the capital of the African nation with a half Egyptian, half white female named Sarah.


Chapter One: Unexpected blessings

The alarm went off, Sarah kept her face buried in the pillow digging it in deeper trying to get far enough down to cover her ears, maybe then she wouldn’t hear the alarm. She was just so very tired. She worked fourteen hours yesterday and at this very moment she wasn’t really caring if she got up out of bed Even though that would mean she could possibly lose her job at Right Away, a popular company among those near the coast. Right Away was a personal servant company that also specialized in house cleaning. Sarah was a personal servant for a wealthy family that lived near the coast, she had been for the past eight years since becoming a citizen. It really wasn’t a bad job to her though. The pay was better than most jobs whites could get, and she also was allowed to keep tips. The only problem was that the family that she primarily worked for always asked more time from her. She’d heard horror stories from other women that they would be asked to do sexual favors others had even been molested or worse. But not Sarah. She worked for the Kimbe family. Aswad Kimbe was a well known scientist that worked for the governments military branches. Sarah didn’t know exactly what his job entailed other than that but it wasn’t really important to her. And right now she was exhausted. She knew that it could mean a wright up, and wright ups mean half a point would go on her green card. If a C citizen had problems at work like say they didn’t do a good job, missed too many days, or was even late then points would go on their green card. If thirty points was collected on the card then it was possible to lose citizenship. That was funny actually because no white person that Sarah ever knew in her twenty one years of life had ever become a true African citizen. Whites were given either C one, C two, or C three status. If a white person was a C three that was as good as it got. A person of C three status got higher paying jobs. Nothing like the jobs blacks had mind you such as doctors, government jobs or any jobs that paid incredibly well. A C three might be able to get a better paying job but it was still a job that you would never see a black person doing. Sarah currently was a C three with high marks. Her father had a lot of influence with that, he was a C three and once Sarah turned fourteen he begged Doctor Kimbe to take her on as a house servant. Her father was already a servant at the military facility for Dr. Kimbe. Dr. Kimbe and Sarah’s father seemed to be very close so it wasn’t too hard for him to influence the doctor to hire Sarah. Thanks to Sarah’s fathers good standing she was able to start at a C two status of employment, however since she started work for such an exclusive client her pay rate quickly increased and within just a few years she her status was raised to C three. And although they made a decent living it was still only a decent living for a white person. The cost of living easily swallowed up the weekly credits earned. Sarah heard her wrist phone ringing now blending in with her alarm. She quickly sat up looking down at her wrist at the caller ID. She knew the phone number, it was work. She answers it it immediately while she cleared her throat. “Good morning!” She said trying to sound like she’d already been up. “You have been offered a new position.” Sarah new by the voice that it was Keela her supervisor. Keela was quick and to the point, her voice didn’t try to hide her distaste for talking to a white person, she didn’t even kindly respond to Sarah’s morning greeting. “If it all possible ma’am I’d like to keep my position with the Kimbe family.” She said. “Your position would still be under Doctor Kimbe, and your pay will increase to two hundred credits extra per week.” Keela was giving Sarah good news but the tone of her voice was irritated that she was giving such good news to Sarah. “I might also remind you that this is per request of Dr. Kimbe himself. To decline would be foolish, as I’m sure you already know.” Keela said sounding more upbeat only because she was threatening. Sarah scooted to the edge of her bed rubbing the back of her neck. The pay was really good, plus she would be working alongside her father it seemed. This was perfect. Not many whites were offered such pay. “I would be honored, when do I start work?” Sarah asked forcing herself to sound upbeat. “In twenty minutes!” Keela said firmly. “There will be a military transport that will pick you up, they will also drop you off at the end of your shift. There will be documents that need signing upon arrival to the facilty. Understand anything you see or hear is confidential on site when working for Dr. Kimbe! Any breach of contract will be swiftly punished!” Again Keela sounded happy. “Yes I understand.” Sarah replied submissively. Keela hung up the phone without even saying a proper goodbye leaving Sarah to her thoughts. “Wow, working with dad…” Her mind trailed off in positive thought. With both her and her father working for the kind of pay she was making and he was making? Life just got a little better. Her older brother Tony had a few points on his green card and it was difficult to get a decent paying job. As soon as employers saw his C one rating they didn’t even give him a chance. But now things would be better. Her good thoughts were interrupted by a forceful knock at the front door. She slipped off the edge of the bed walking though the small two bedroom apartment that she shared with her father and bother. Her father would sleep on the pull out couch in the living room, while her brother got the other room that was across the hall from hers. It was a tiny apartment, but it was home. She heard another forceful knock as she walked up to the front door, looking on a small monitor that was on the front door she saw two men dressed in army uniforms standing impatiently. Opening the door she smiled uneasily just now recalling that she was only wearing a tee shirt and panties. Her hair was a mess and it was obvious she had just got up from her bed. She was met with hateful eyes from the officer standing there. He glanced down looking at her legs and panties before frowning in disgust. His arms were crossed behind his back. “Are you Sarah Emara?” The officer said firmly. Sarah tried adjusting her hair while correcting her posture, she grabbed the tip of the shirt pulling it down in an attempt to cover the front of her panties. “Yes I am Sarah, Emara.” She said getting a whiff of her morning breath. She wanted to kick herself in the stomach right now. This moment was so awkward. The soldier kept his eyes on Sarah’s, he was not tempted to look at the naked skin of a white woman. “Emara? That’s an Egyptian name is it not? I know an Egyptian soldier with this name!” The officer asked disgruntled. Sarah knew it was coming, she always got asked that question, people would always say it didn’t sound like a white name. In most cases she’d just ignore the question but this time she couldn’t. “My grandfather was Egyptian.” She said with a tired look, she knew what reaction the officer would have after her answer. He stepped closer rudely looking her face over with a frown, Sarah lowered her eyes. “You have African blood? That is illegal you know!” He angrily replied. “My grandfather said he thought my grandmother was North African. The court allowed him to keep my father but my grandmother was sentenced to life in prison.” Sarah said. “They should have aborted the half breed! But it makes sense. Only a greasy white worshiping Egyptian would claim that a white woman was African!” The officer stepped right in front of Sarah’s face his eyes extremely close to hers glaring. “North Africans should’ve all been kicked out of Mother Africa or exterminated, the lot of them!” He waited for a negative response or even the slightest glare back from her, but he got none. “Dr. Kimbe must be fucking you if he’s requesting you to work for the Alpha! Or maybe he wants you to be a sex slave the the Alpha! Either way I don’t care be ready in five minutes or I will leave your Lilly white ass and then you’ll be looking for another job!” The officer stormed off back to the jeep with the other officer in tow.