She stood looking out over the beach, the waves crashing below the cliffs. This was a peaceful moment, something that she had never felt until now, she’d always been in doors. Closing her eyes she tried holding onto this moment in an attempt to store it away in her memory, something to look back on in a positive sense. She knew that this moment of peace may not revisit for some time. Her eyes remained closed while she took in the ocean scented air, tilting her head back she let the rays of the sun caress her face. Her dark skin shimmered in the sun looking beautiful and healthy, the gusts of wind that came from below would slightly shift her hair that resembled a frizzy halo of an afro on her scalp. The only clothes that she wore was an overlarge shirt that she swiped from a laundry line, she was bare foot. She was tall for a woman standing an even six feet, her body was thin yet strongly built, her shoulders broad. To look upon her was to look at human art, she was that beautiful. Days ago she escaped a West African caring center, the name itself implied that there was caring involved. The center itself was something far more diabolical. X808 was the only name that she knew in the care center. And since she could not recall anything before the care center or her life outside it she found herself frustrated. X808 was the tag that was on her uniform that she discarded upon her escape, and that was what the guards and facility workers called her, and so did Dr. Poll, he was the one in charge. She didn’t even know how old she was, she looked to be a woman of at least in her early twenties perhaps. She lived at the care center for four years, but couldn’t recall ever being taken there. The care center was stationed in Margibi Liberia to forcibly house those that were stricken with or suspected of carrying the Ebola virus.
But what truly went on inside was testing done by a private company called ARC. ARC made the promise to quickly find a cure for Ebola with the use of their care centers that were placed in various areas of West Africa, but instead of a cure those that were sent to the care centers were tested on with various drugs and medications that weren’t even related to curing Ebola. None would ever be allowed to leave alive. The people didn’t even know that they were just being used as test subjects, and by the time they did know it was too late for them. The largest test being performed at the facility was a drug that could augment the human senses, it was believed that it could make a human being into a super weapon. Many had died from the testing but a few had survived it, X808 was one of them. But upon seeing another survivor of the drug being beaten then killed because they did not comply with following orders X808 thought it best that she escape the compound. She was very strong, very agile and fast, and most importantly, incredibly intelligent. The drug was called Evlife that she was given. The name was made up of two words, evolve, and life. The staff was fully aware of X808’s strength and speed, but she played off how smart she really was. That was how she was able to escape. Her super sensitive hearing picked up the whirr of helicopter blades disrupting her moment of peace, opening her eyes she caught sight of a black chopper in the distance speeding toward her. The machine gun below the front tip of the helicopter began to spin, bullets began whipping out toward her. This wasn’t a retrieval, ARC didn’t want X808 back they wanted her dead. Without hesitating she dove off the cliff, her arms pointing down into a perfect dive into the water below. When she was submerged little gill slits appeared on both sides of her neck allowing her to breath. Her pupils flickered before becoming more enlarged and fish like so her vision could be enhanced and clear under water. The webbing between her fingers and toes reached up filing the gap between. All in the blink of an eye these changes occurred to her body as if it was a natural occurrence. To her it was.
The helicopter lowered raining down a hail of bullets that penetrated the ocean surface trying to desperately reach the intended target. X808 had already swiftly swam downward moving like a dolphin her arms pointed back close to her body. As the bullets neared her they lost their speed and effectiveness, the helicopter hovered over the spot X808 had entered the water. The back door of the helicopter opened and a small squad of soldiers wearing black scuba gear jumped into the water. ARC had anticipated this. They felt that she would try to reach open water to hide in the ocean then resurface in another area of Africa. They had already posted on the news that a female Ebola patient had fled the care facility. ARC even said that she was highly contagious and that she needed to be put down because she was in the final stages of the disease and was beyond saving, this was the cause of her fleeing. A desperate Ebola patient on the loose. There was so much widespread fear of Ebola X808 knew that anyone who saw the photo of her face on television would surely run from her, or shoot her on sight. Before she even escaped the care center she had already formulated a plan, but it required her getting into a facility that had all the necessary tools to create a cure for Ebola. ARC didn’t even know that this was her intention, to cure the disease that was ravaging West Africa but even if they had known they would’ve still wanted her dead. A cure would mean there would be no need for care centers, and if there were no care centers ARC wouldn’t be able to continue their tests under the radar of the threat of Ebola, not to mention all the lost profits of a free Ebola cure. But how would she know how to cure this disease to begin with? The Evlife serum that she was given gave her super intelligence, in the first few days of having the serum run through her veins she almost went completely mad from the knowledge that her mind was taking in. Faculty workers thought it was merely that her body wasn’t adapting to the serum, after all many others had died painful deaths when their bodies didn’t adjust to the serums affects.
None of the other subjects had shown signs of heightened intelligence or at least openly, everyone had different reactions. While one subject would only display incredible strength, another might exhibit agility in motion, and another the ability to adapt to outside environments. X808 was the star subject showing an eclectic ability of all the other test subjects abilities. ARC science praised X808 and they initially were suspicious that she held higher intelligence by the show of her brainwave patterns and scans. She was able to control those patterns making it look as if her mind was only capable of average thought. Over time ARC scientists thought maybe the initial brain scan was a glitch and after further study that spanned over a year it was concluded that she was of average human intelligence. ARC hated to put down such a specimen as X808 but after concluding that since they had a sample of her blood it could be possible to create a clone of X808. She was now no longer needed. The small group of soldiers swam incredibly fast and well, their bodies were connected to a thin cybernetic exoskeleton that gave them enhanced strength and speed. They wore underwater goggles that tracked body heat, and motion sensors and helped them see quite easily in the ocean. They were holding special guns that were able to shoot an electrical charge with the intention of killing X808 with it. The squad was spread out in a pyramid formation, the squad leader stopped swimming bringing up one arm causing them all to halt. He kept his gaze in the lower depths slowly searching through the murky water. “I’m not detecting her heat signature, or motion anymore. It’s like she just disappeared.” The squad leader said over the communication link. When the others heard this they held a defensive posture glancing around for any motion. “Can she do that? Nothing was said about that in briefing!” Said the soldier beside the squad leader. “If you ask me ARC really doesn’t know what she’s fully capable of, which means stay so sharp!” The squad leader replied. “I’m detecting motion and heat signature coming straight at us at six o’clock!” said one of the soldiers who was looking downward. Everyone pointed their guns at the heat and motion they all were now detecting. “Weapons free!” The Squad leader ordered. The weapons that the squad members held shot out an amazingly fast pulse of electricity into the murky water striking with precision at their target. Bubbles came up from the gasping below. “Hold position!” The squad leader ordered. He was waiting for the body to slowly rise. After a few moments the squad leader caught sight of the target. “Dammit Carter, you just got a dolphin killed!” Another squad member commented noticing what the squad leader caught sight of. The burnt carcass of an electrified dolphin slowly drifted upward. “Well it looked like how she was swimming!” Said the squad member that had called out where he thought he’d seen X808. There was laughter heard over the communication link. “I want radio silence n…” The squad leaders’ last word was cut short as X808 appeared in front of him striking him in the throat. He gurgled from the strike before going into convulsions. X808 pushed his body forward using it as a shield from the electric blasts that came at her from the other squad member’s weapons, she quickly grabbed the squad leaders’ gun before disappearing into the murky depths.
The helicopter hovered close to the top of the water causing the water to violently splash about from the strong winds that pushed down upon it from the chopper blades. The pilot waited watching his screen. He could hear the chaos that took place below and he thought about rising to a higher elevation until the soldiers had things under control. He felt a tap on the shoulder, quickly glancing over his shoulder he saw X808 standing there. She was soaking wet, her light brown eyes seemed to twinkle when he looked at them. He was taken by surprise but quickly regained his senses when he saw that she was holding the squad leaders gun. Reaching down for his own gun X808 raised her weapon shooting the pilot in the face, he began to shudder violently from the electrical charge. She grabbed him by the shoulder ripping him out of this pilot’s seat, he fell to the ground as she sat down in his seat. She glanced over the controls before grabbing the handle taking in how to fly the helicopter. The helicopter began to rise titling backward as it did so. The body of the pilot slowly slid to the back of the chopper falling out into the ocean before it took off flying away.


He was a short fat little man breathing heavily while taking small yet quick strides down the hall. His skin was pale, his hair, well he didn’t really have much hair just a u shaped pattern of blond hair that has already left the top of his head. He didn’t even try to cover the bald spot up with a bad comb over. His eyes were blue, and his round face at the moment was red, he was furious. He just received the news that X808 had successfully taken out an ARC Squad team and stole a very expensive warbird helicopter. He was also angry and a tad bit anxious, he knew that the ARC board members would be calling for an update over this new failure. He wasn’t worried that ARC would shut down the facility but he was concerned that they might pull him out. He had a very large ego and he’d be damned if someone else was running the facility that he successfully made what he called his creations. He turned opening his office door, his watch began to ring sounding much like a phone ringing. It rang several times as he shut the door casually walking over to his desk. Sitting down he turned facing a large darkly tinted window that was the length of the wall, pushing a button on the side of his arm chair the window went from very dark tint to clear revealing a mountainside view of the valley far below. The ringing persisted until finally he reached over touching the center of the small screen on his watch. He leaned back in his chair looking out into the sky. “Yea…” he replied irritated speaking to whoever was on the other end of the communication device from his wrist. There was silence for a moment before a voice spoke. “X808 seems to be making a fool of you Dr. Poll” Dr. Poll nodded his head insulted by the man’s words. “I digress Anthony, if anything she is showing what a pure genius I am! Just look at her, she is my creation, and she has been fighting ARC weaponry and soldiers defeating them!” Dr. Poll said it proudly and he truly was. X808 was a shining example of his greatness. “Don’t forget that all of your efforts have been funded by ARC Industries, this means that X808 is also a part of ARC weaponry! And please, call me Mr. Lewis!” Mr. Lewis was firm in his words, but it didn’t seem to shake Dr. Poll. “She is yours when you get her back.” Dr. Poll scoffed. “That is the meaning of this call actually, you see we think it’s time that you implement your other creations to assist in eliminating X808” Mr. Lewis responded. Dr. Poll’s eyes squinted, he fought down the urge to be combative. “If you’re referring to the others in the Evlife project good luck on getting them to follow orders to kill one of their own! I ordered one of them executed because he wouldn’t kill a fellow test subject. I realize now that I want to test them further on their abilities.” Dr. Poll said it in a way the made it known that he had no regard for the Evlife project test subjects lives. When he was finished with them he would discard them all and start over with clones that could be controlled much easier.
“ARC has new tech, a tiny chip that would be implanted inside the brain. This chip was created by Dr. Lance Marlowe, he runs project Puppet Master.” Mr. Lewis replied.
“Like hell you’re putting anything inside my children!” Dr. Poll angrily protested.
“Just a minute ago you were speaking like they were trash to be easily discarded!”
“Regardless they are my creations, I do with them as I please!”
“You speak as if you’re God, but you’re delusional. You didn’t create the people, you used their bodies for the drug Evlife which you created.” Mr. Lewis said. Dr. Poll was about to interject, Mr. Lewis decided to nip the argument in the bud quickly. “Bottom line Dr. Poll is that Evlife, and all of the test subjects belong to ARC! We can terminate your employment if you’d like and hire someone else to take over project Evlife, that won’t be a problem!” Mr. Lewis’ tone was firm and cold, Dr. Poll could tell by the way he said terminate that Mr. Lewis was talking about more than just his job. He started to cool down upon realizing that his life was just as insignificant as his test subjects. He eased back into his seat.
“When should I expect Dr. Marlowe?”
“He’s already there with your creations. ARC shareholders gave the greenlight to implant the chip days ago. He was flown in from Greece to your facility twenty four hours ago.”
“What?” Dr. Poll was alarmed sitting up in his seat. “But she…” Dr. Poll caught himself.
“She’s what?” Mr. Lewis asked. Dr. Poll calmed himself before speaking, then sat back in his chair.
“She’s a threat that needs to be ended!” Dr. Poll said, but that’s not what he was thinking. He knew that X808 was special and far more superior to the others from the Evlife project, he just didn’t know to what level. This would be interesting, he didn’t like how ARC went behind his back and brought another scientist into the mix on his turf, but this was what he wanted anyway. He wanted the subjects to fight and kill each other, to see how well they faired against one another. What better place than out there in real time environment?
“If there are no more disruptions I’d say we are in agreement on this matter? And I trust Dr. Marlowe will have your full cooperation?” Mr. Lewis said.
Dr. Poll smiled to aid in his voice sounding genuine. “Of course Mr. Lewis. He will have my full assistance!”
“Good…” Mr. Lewis said before ending transmission.