I ain’t never let life keep me down. And I was always dern proud of bein a southern boy. Truth is life ain’t never dealt me a good deck, she’s a bitch that likes ta flaunt her ass in front of ya, but don’t like ta give it up the pussy. That’s why I said fuck life n let the chips fall where they gonna fall. Take fer instance that colored boy Tarik. I dun followed n trekked workin at school after fuckin grade school till I done found him. Yaw think I was dumb fer doin that? Well yaw don’t know what I know. Tha Gifted might be nomads n shit, but they still wanna make sher their kids got an education. I came cross my first Gifted wen I was a young’un myself. He was a grown man though see, and he dun kicked and skinned my ass good when I tried to kill him fer his power. Thas when I got my thinkin cap on see? Don’t go after them when they done growed up all strong n shit, it’s best ta git em while they young! Ya see, my power is that of a Soul Stealer , I can steal souls. It’s more than that, I can retain thoughts of the souls I done stole, and also receive the power they once had. And tha only way I can do that is by trappin the soul inside me. I can also smell if you will if one is gifted, even if their gift hasn’t taken fruit yet. That’s pretty damn convenient, or so I thought. I realized after a few years that me doin wut I’m doin takes too damn long ta find what I’m lookin fer. Then I came cross that boy Tarik, when I smell em I can also tell wut type a power they got, n that boys was perfect! It was similar to my own in tha respect he can steal gifts, me I steal souls but tha outcome is tha same! I originally came cross that boy while he were in school, I wuz so dern excited I thought fer sher I’d keel over cuz of a heart attack! But as usual Lady Life threw it out there shakin her damn ass. I come ta school tha next day ta find that they done moved on. I was desperate fer that gift, so I tracked him. A few times I lost the trail but thanks to bein as persistent as a blood hound I done found him a state away in Colorado. Boy I ain’t never worked so hard like I did so I could find that boy. Was mighty proud of myself too! You prolly wonderin how I got hired so quick as tha janitor at Tarik’s school? Well let’s jus say I acquired a gift that helps me have sway over people sometimes. It’s useless against Gifted folk but it does ok over humans, if they are weak minded enough, hehe most humans are. I introduced myself to tha boy but he got spooked, I could tell he knew I wasn’t up ta no good so he left school n went home n told his pappy. But they didn’t leave fer a few days, his pappy was tryin ta make some money before they split. That gave me enough time ta track the boy to where they was livin. I didn’t want a fight with a grown man, I learned first time real good, but that boy, I needed his power. His pappy n I tussled n shit n tha boy done got away. I know all about him now thanks to his pappy’s soul that be inside me. I know his birthday n the times they done had, n I know bout his mamma too. Now that there is some fucked up shit. His daddy ain’t really his daddy! But his real daddy? Whoa daddy is all I’m gonna say! Hahaha. Now jus hold on a minute, yaw be thinkin I’m an animal of the lowest kind. But hey… I ain’t choose this way. I didn’t ask fer this power that makes me crave ta killin and stealin! I didn’t ask fer that shit life growin up in an orphanage! Didn’t ask ta be raped by the fuckin janitor at the orphanage neither! I didn’t ask fer any of tha gal dern shit that done happened in my life growin up. Now see, that was Lady Life dealin me a bad one, ain’t have nuthin ta do with me. N look at me now sulkin bout lettin that boy slip through my fingers too many damn times! He had the gift of Guardian, I know there ain’t but one maybe two Guardians in a lifetime. It’ll be like searchin fer a needle n a damn haystack. If there’s a Guardian out there he could be on tha other side of the fuckin globe fer all I know. Yea, fuckin needle in a haystack! But maybe not so hard if n I can find another power that could help me find a Guardian quicker, if such a power exists. I know, I’m soundin desperate, I’m a desperate man wut can I say? I jus have ta stay below tha radar of tha Shroud, I ain’t tryin ta serve no fuckin body! But if I can find another Guardian? I ain’t got no problem walkin up on tha Shrouds porch n knockin on tha door cuz I’ll be the new Sovereign! Heh… Yea I got ideas, jus need tha power to see em through! If that means I gotta kill a few kids to git er done so be it! Don’t blame me fer wut I am, blame Lady Life.