She stumbled about confused not knowing which direction she should go. Maria cursed herself for being so hot headed, had she not ran off without thinking she wouldn’t be lost now. Adding to the chaos was the heavy down pour of rain, she huddled under a large branch not even getting minor protection from the storm. The rain wasn’t falling downward, the strong winds pushed the rainfall right into her face her clothes were drenched, her hair stuck to her face flat and wet, she shivered terribly never thinking a rainfall could cause such a numbing cold during summer months, but this wasn’t the city it was the forest. A strong shiver shot through her body causing her to bring her arms close just to get whatever body heat that she could muster. She knew this wasn’t good, in fact she knew that quite possibly she might not survive the night if this kept up. She’d seen more docile winters than this nights summer rain storm. She closed her eyes leaning against the tree her bottom lip shivering. “Please…” She said under her breath while closing her eyes. Almost instantly the rainfall softened, the wind blew more gently. She opened her eyes surprised. “Hmm…” She said amused by the sudden calmness of the storm, it was still raining but at a soft drizzle now, the clouds had separated to show the partial display of stars in the night sky. She turned seeing someone stepping out of the bushes but couldn’t really make out who it was due to the darkness. “Dad?” She said standing up coming off the side of the tree trying to peer into the darkness at the form that came towards her. She could see somewhat that it wasn’t her father now, the shadow was taller, more muscular looking with silent steps. “Tarik?” She said feeling a bit uneasy as the shadow made it’s way toward her moving faster now. Something told her to turn around, when she did she saw a man standing there, it wasn’t her father or Tarik it was a Seeker. A small group of three that had been ordered to help Commander Garland hunt down Jeni, they had been called off from the hunt and had been warned that a Judge was near and had slain many of their brothers, they were making their way back when they crossed paths with Maria by sheer accident. The Seeker stepped forward stabbing Maria in the stomach eager to kill, he quickly pulled his dagger back as her blood spilled onto the ground. The Seeker smiled before being distracted by motion from above. Tarik’s heel crashed into his face sending him to the ground. Tarik landed spinning around seeing Maria clutching her stomach, she was in shock, she started to fall backwards, Tarik ran up catching her gently placing her on her back. He barely had time to react from the Seeker who Maria initially saw, his dagger darted forward at Tarik’s face, it ended up in Tarik’s shoulder. Tarik grimaced forcing out a short grunt from the pain, he’d never seen someone move so fast, if he hadn’t listened to his instincts he’d be dead for sure. With the dagger still in his shoulder Tarik stepped forward punching the Seeker in the stomach as his fist lit up shooting a blast of reddish yellow energy through the Seekers body. The Seeker shuddered before falling to the ground. Another Seeker jumped quickly out of the brush executing with incredible speed punches and kicks, all of which made their mark. Tarik was tossed back from the barrage of attacks fighting to keep his balance before falling onto his back. The Seeker was already on him before he had a chance to blink grabbing Tarik by the throat with one hand while grabbing his dagger unsheathing it instantaneously. Tarik looked at the Seeker in a daze, since crossing the Seekers he’d been trying to steal their gifts with no such luck. He gasped fighting to breath, confused that he wasn’t able to absorb the Seekers power. As the Seekers dagger came down Tarik raised his arm arm to stop it’s decent. The wind violently picked up charging behind Tarik, it was odd that the wind was only swirling so aggressively in that one area. The wind shifted toward the Seeker lifting him off of Tarik yet Tarik didn’t get pulled upward along with him. The Seeker struggled as he spun around in dizzying circles as the wind increased, a lighting bolt shot down from the clouds striking the Seeker killing him instantly. His body stopped swirling, he was dropped to the ground like a stone. Tarik slowly sat up staring at the Seekers body then glanced over seeing that Maria was standing, she showed no signs of pain, in fact her face was calm. He stood up almost slipping on the muddy ground. “Are you ok?” He asked as he made his way to her. She lifted her blood stained shirt revealing no puncture wound, it had been there moments before now it was gone. Tarik had seen Maria get stabbed, he stared in amazement. “But how…?” He said confused. “You’re father said that you didn’t have a gift!” He scratched his head looking like a confused child. Maria smiles, her eyes twinkling as her grift flowed through her body. “A late bloomer I guess” She said. She wasn’t far from the truth, her gift was that of an Elemental, she could control water and held sway over rain storms controlling lighting as well. Water could heal her wounds, the rainfall had done just that to the injuries she’d inflicted from the Seeker. Some Elementals gifts didn’t blossom until adulthood, it was rare but it did happen. Tarik kept his eyes on her wet skin before feeling ashamed, he tried to turn away but she reached out grabbing his hand placing it on her stomach. Maria kept her eyes on Tarik waiting for him to look back at her, he kept his head low trying to pull away but not fighting that hard to do so. His eyes traced from her stomach up to her breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra and they were easily seen through her shirt as the cloth clung to her. Maria saw his struggle, the conflict that was going on in his mind. She took his hand that was on her stomach placing it aggressively on her breast, it was at that point that Tarik looked up at her their eyes locking. “I can’t” He stuttered. “I’ve never done this before!” He said nervously. She stepped close to him her body pressing against his, she kept her eyes on his. “Neither have I…” She said softly. She looked at his shoulder touching where he had been stabbed, there was no sign of injury. “You heal fast too!” She said. “Yea…” Tarik said his nerves calming being replaced with passion burning through his body. He kept looking at her eyes, then taking in the entirety of her face. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman!” He said, he didn’t expect to say it, his words just found their own way to escape him. He leaned in kissing her, it was something that he’d never done before yet it felt so natural to do. He felt her hands slide down the side of his body stoping at his belt buckle, she undid his belt followed by his pants being unbuttoned. The entire time they remained kissing. From the clouds above came soft rumbles as the rain gently fell on the two lovers, it was their time now, at least for the moment. Sometimes it’s those type of moments that gets you through life, those moments that sweep you away from it all. A memory being created for them both that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.