Gryphon was awakened by his alarm. He lay looking up at the high ceiling in a bedroom that was larger than most average American homes. As the alarm continued to buzz he just lay there thinking about his life as a young boy in Australia in his small sea side village. It was a hard life but he recalled many good times there. Gryphons father would always talk about how before the white man came there was no knowledge of the so called good things in life. The white man always said that the aborigines didn’t know the good things in life such as Money, and ambition or the owning of land. That wasn’t true, the wealth of the village was in the strong relationships they all shared, ambition was a unified goal for all to take care of one another, and who really cared about owning land when it was for all to share? Gryphons father talked about how before the white man his people would sit around the fire late into the night. Now everyone was sleeping because they had to work for a living. Working for someone else was more like it. His father loathed the white man so it was ironic that he chose to name his son Gryphon instead of a traditional tribal name. Gryphon was close to his father, and they bonded even more once Gryphons gift awakened at age ten. For his father it was a sign that God was looking over them. Neither of Gryphons parents were gifted nor anyone in the tribe so when Gryphon started to display his tracking skills, and incredible speed and strength it was something truly mystical to everyone. Gryphon was elevated to legendary status by the time he was thirteen years old. He’d saved many in the village from certain deaths, and he always brought back more food from hunting than anyone else. The only thing that bothered him was that his vision changed. Initially he went blind, but over time his vision had evolved into something better. He saw the world in various colors, each living creature had a different variance of color that seemed to represent their life force. Before when his gift first started he had a high sense of smell and hearing. His vision elevated his skills to even higher levels. One day he came across a Shroud science facility out in the middle of nowhere. He accidentally trespassed and found himself having to defend against Shroud soldiers who guarded the grounds. They were just human guards with no gift but they had weapons. Gryphon was forced to defend himself, three guards were killed. That’s when two Shroud soldiers that were gifted came, they both had a difficult time subduing Gryphon, when they finally did, they offered him a place among them. He declined and left only to have several Shroud agents visit his tribe to seek him out. Before they didn’t tempt him with the right things, this time they offered protection from the white mans government, and that his family and village would be well looked after. Gryphons father did not trust the Shroud but the temptation was too great for Gryphon. He wanted to learn more about what he was, and how to learn the full extent of his gift. And once he left his village to the disappointment of his father Gryphon did learn how to be a skilled warrior, and he also learned about the good things in life that the white man had talked about. He was beyond wealthy, something he didn’t know or care about back in Australia. The riches and all of his acquired properties and materials was something that could not have been imagined when he was a boy. Somewhere along the way he lost who he was. He visited his father awhile back, but all he saw was disappointment in his fathers eyes. He decided to never go back home anymore, his life was the Shroud now. It was only about the hunt and the kill. This was his life. How did he ever change so dramatically? Rubbing his eyes he sat up at the edge of the bed. It was too much for him to think about, so he directed his thoughts to his ambition to one day be Lord Gryphon. To do that he had to keep proving Lord Apex wrong and making him look stupid. Eventually he would challenge him to a fight, a battle to the death. Gryphon knew that it was his destiny to be Lord over the Shroud. The cloning of his DNA was proof of that. He just had to wait for the right time. He stood up completely naked grabbing only a pair of loose black pants. When it came to the hunt he only wore pants, but no shoes or shirt. It made him feel more in touch with his home land. Walking up to the large window he placed his hand on it leaning against the glass staring outside. The sun was setting. He had been visited by Z this morning, and upon hearing his new orders he though it best to sleep during the day then head out at night. His mind started thinking deeply as his eyes focused. “The deaths of every single Shroud agent has been in Colorado” He thought to himself. Z said that the half light could be anywhere in the United States but he disagreed. The attacks never left Colorado. To Gryphon it seemed like it was a vendetta, every single killing was done in a fashion to humiliate the Shroud. Every Shroud agent found was always naked, nothing was done to the body but it didn’t make since why the half light would strip them naked until Grypon really thought about it. His mind stayed heavily focused for several minutes until his eyes lit up with a realization. “An agent killed someone special to this half light! A wife, or child, or parent!” Gryphon thought. “This half light is looking for the killer thinking the killer would still be in Colorado. Leaving the agents naked was a way to humiliate and bate the Shroud to come look for him!” He turned walking away from the window, he knew that his hunch had to be correct it just made too much sense. It was time to gather his brothers and head to Colorado. The half light would still be there somewhere. Gryphon felt no need to alert Z, if she was any good she would be guessing this. If she wasn’t any good? Gryphon smiled wickedly. She would have to play catch up to find him. “Let the games begin I reckon” Gryphon laughed out loud. It was time to start the hunt.